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Summer Bay High (by Skykat) - comments

bay girl

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Glad you are continuing ILM! I always read the latest chapters, but sometimes don't have much time to reply. Like everyone else has said - You're a great writer, and I know that there are a few people out there who are inspired by your writing! Can't wait to see the next chapter!

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Oh that was just beautiful, It took my breath away.

I totally agree. That was beautifully written. Your characterization of little Irene is superb and I can see her in my head when I read so clearly because of how you have written her. The emotion and the relationships which you describe is also beautifully described and I felt every bit of it. I am all anticipation about Barry telling Kim. I shall be biting my nails before I even start to read I am sure.

Well done, yet another fantastic chapter.

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I looked in here on the off chance that you had written another chapter and was not disappointed. As ever this was very mature and excellent writing. I live every moment with them and it draws me in; and I adore 11 year old Irene. You understand emotions and human failings so well, not just the ordinary ones, but the complicated ones which screw up lives, such insight is a rare gift. I am looking forward to the next installment very much indeed, but I always do.

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I have been away over the holidays, and only just seen this. I like it. :D

I always liked Dani, even though she was a spoiled little madam. I think I liked to dislike her if that makes any sense at all, and I liked the relationship with Rhys who was always so over protective it was a cliche. Poor Will, he does have the worst luck with women, and you have captured his emabrassment extremely well , and Dani's disdain at the end. It was always Gypsy with Will and I am glad you have kept it that way.

I hope you had a good christmas. I look forward to reading some more as I always do.

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Happy Holidays ILM :D

Will is one of the guys where the Y chromosome shows why guys are so deficient in so many ways :P sending a poem you wrote to the love of your life to the new girl, just to **** of the said love of your life, doh and double doh. Rhys always did sneer at all of the boys, I know now why I never liked him. I love Kirsty and Danni being so rebelious, and Danni is sooo much a Princess. I looooooooved Will and Gypsy, so they have to get together by the end please.

Great Chapter , keep them coming. Please. :D :D

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LOL! I loved the ending, but poor Will.

Rhys always was quite protective of his family (and usually very over dramatic about it!) and you wrote him just as I remember him. I especially like the depth you are giving to Irene/Kim/Barry. The characters and their backgrounds are so intriguing and so emotional, and you truly write them with grace. It is starting to become my favourite part of the story. I literally gasped when Barry was like, "Right I'm going to tell him..." and Kim was in the doorway!

Can't wait to see what happens next.


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