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Summer Bay High (by Skykat) - comments

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Haha, Haley mkes me larrrfff! Great chapter!

But.. Can I just say, Why the hell is Gypsy STILL draped over Jack? Just shoo her! Shoo Shoo!

Sorry GypsyandWillFan (sorry don't know your name!) But I don't like Gypsy in this fic! :ph34r:

Update Soon Sky! :D

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Wooo! Go ILM & SKYKAT. That was a brilliant chapter. Drama and intrigue, and Hayley is still the number one person on my imaginary hit list! She's so evil, but naive at the same time. But I think Kane is going to bring her back to reality a little... because maybe she's in a little over her head. I loved the moments between Cassie and Martha, showing that they aren't exactly the most perfect of friends, or people, but still care about one another and don't want to see them get hurt. And I loved Cassie's moment of vulnerability, and her reasoning behind Kane... it made perfect sesne, and was so well written! Can't wait for more... but I would wait a month to read one update of this brilliant fic!

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Fantastic writing from you both! The chapter was well worth the wait and although i cant wait to read more its so good that you could take all the time in the world to update and i would still read it when you did! It truely is fantabulous! :) Keep up the good work! :)

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Great work both Skykat and ILM! Don't worry Kat, like Jade said you can take as long as you need. It's such a great and unique fic that you won't have people forgetting and coming back. I loved this chapter and agree with Jess about Martha and Cassie. I love how Martha sees Cass as young and in a way her little sister. And Cassie's moment about her uncle was done brilliantly. As for Hayley, I refrain to comment because no words can describe how vindictive I think she is! But great job on writing her that way. Hope your writing block is disappearing, can't wait to see where you go with it.

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I know...it's taken me forever to update this but I have had serious writers block. I still have it, just can't seem to write anything at the moment. However I was concious that I'd neglected this a bit too long so I told I love music what I planned to happen and she wrote a bit for me. I have to say reading someone else writing my story was a huge inspiration and I managed to finish the chapter off. So I want to say a huge thank you to ILM who must be credited as my co-writer for this chapter because it never would have happened without her input.

Hope I've not lost too many readers with the long delay. Thanks for your comments, they're really appreciated, please keep them coming. Enjoy!

Kat, I introduced the wharf, copse and Hayley’s back story, you wrote Dani/Will, I wrote the Hayley/Kane scene (based on your idea) and you added the cigarette scene (brilliant BTW! :D ), I suggested Cassie’s vulnerability and you wrote most of the scene, you wrote the Megan/Martha scene, I proofed and edited.

See, you did a lot, didn’t you? :) You don’t have writer’s block. What you do have is a total lack of confidence in yourself.

You’re much better than you think. Like all the previous reviewers have said, keep writing! :D


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