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Thurs 10 Feb 2011 – Episode # 5229

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Parents "

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 10 Feb 2011 – Episode # 5229 ]


Romeo is siting at et table – the room is pretty mush only lit by the candles on the table. Looks all romantic etc. Indi & Nic – and Romeo don’t look impressed ta Indi is “plastered”.


Sid isn’t impressed Dex is filming a chat he is having with Maz. Dex is doing so on the video camera Maz gave him before she died. After Dex deletes the footage, Sid DOES like an idea the Dex suggest – a pre-nup contract for the baby [top sort out what’s rally going on with Nic’s child].


The mushily drunk Indi tells Romeo that she’s not a member of all kinds of clubs at uni – like the chess club. He’s not that keen when he sees a stamp on his wrist – elflike she’s been to a nightclub.


When Xavier makes it clear he’s worried bout his ship with April, April tells him she isn’t worried at he told Bianca bout the time she spent way with her dad. Xavier is ken to know what April big enviro plans are – but she insists ta she want to speak to Rene bout all this 1st.


Indi is passed out at the table, so Romeo caries to the couch so she can sleep it off there. Nic bails – heading for the farm [after Maz & Sid want top talk top her]. Rubes arrives – for a study season with Romeo. When he offers, she eagerly have some of the dessert he prep’d for his dinner with Indi. .


When Maz & Sid put that idea to Nic bout the contract, she isn’t impressed. Nic gets quite vocal, eg “isn’t my word good enough for you?”


Romeo talks to Rubes – commenting on how Indi tonight reminds him of his mum. Broth feel like little kids as they are still at school whilst Indi & Nic are at uni. Ruby bails – whilst Romeo phones Sid [to tell him the Indi sitch]

NEXT DAY - Romeo makes it clear that he’s not impressed with Indi, who insist she got drunk because of both the alcohiol and not drink mush water. Romeo bails for school.


Xavier talk to Romeo bout the April sitch, but Romeo isn’t rally listening. Romeo is further distracted when he sees Rubes. Romeo suggests to Xavier he should “man up” and seal with the April sitch. After Xavier walks way, Ruby thanks Romeo for last night.


Nic is taking Alf on a tour of the campus when she vomits – in a place where no one can see her. She worries to Alf bout this happening in class. She also comments on how this bub is ruining her life.


April is NOT impressed Xavier contracted Rene – as that kind of things makes her look like a silly little kid.


April tells Xavier why she wants off at him in previous scene. She’s STILL trying to get her dad to take ANY kind notice of her [as he still doesn’t rally know she exists – Rene sends her birthday pressies that are labelled as being from her dad].


Alf & Nic talk bout the proposed baby contarct. Alf insist Nic isn’t signing as she NOT 100% sure tat its what she wants.


Indi apologies to Romeo for last night – insisting is won’t happen again. When she comments she doesn’t need to go to rehab, Romeo tells her NOT top bring Ruby into this. Indi tells him she DIDN"T. Indi bails – with things still V tense tween them.


Dex is filming Maz & Sid again – as they head for their car. Nic arrives in her car. She tells Sid etc she WILL sign the contact.


April tells Xavier her plans. There’s a nearby factory that is polluting the local rivers etc, and the local council hasn't got anywhere trying to stop the factory doing so. Xavier isn’t impressed when April shows him the chemicals she “borrowed” – with plans to trash the factory with them!!!!



Xavier thinks April’s plan is insane

Xavier is in hospital – fighting for his life

Wes see Ruby in a aqua bikini I’ve never seen her in before

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby : dark [purple floral] knee dress


Indi: brown [pink wavy horiz stripe] halter bikini


April: red scoop knee dress/dark belt/white hair bow


Alf: white [red check] shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

April: SBH uniform

Dex : blue jacket/brown t

Dex: grey [dark unmown morti9fs] t/light pink-ish shorts

Indi: white halter [toga like] knee length dress /multi colour belt

Marilyn: dark knee dress/white [dark bows] cardie

Marilyn: off white [African Savannah like motif] l/s top/dark knee skirt

Nic: dark [leopard print trim] low cut knee dress

Nic: white frilly top/ dark long pants

Nicole: white one shoulder [toga like] knee length dress

Romeo: SBH uniform

Romeo: white shirt/ dark long pants

Romeo: yellow & red lifeguard polo

Ruby: SBH uniform

Sid: dark jacket/dark button up shirt

Sid: dark jacket/purple shirt/denim jeans

Xavier: orange [“south beach” on blue background] t/denim shorts

Xavier: SBH uniform

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