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Tues 1 Feb 2011 – Episode # 5222

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ It’s Like I Never Lived Here “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 1 Feb 2011 – Episode # 5222 ]

Note – although the location isn't used in ep 5222, here's a link to a pic of Bianca & Liam’s new “abode”



As Robertson & Charlie interview Shandi, we discovers that the person presenting to be Shandi last yr is rally named Daria – who is a good find of Shandi when they were kids. Shandi aloe tells the cops Daria is a total con artist – who isn’t keen on doing any real work to get money [if she can scam it out on them]. Shandi also says she will tell the police if she can think of anything that will help them. Shandi bails.


John & Gina are stunned when Charlie tells them bout Daria. When Charlei9 bails, John tell Gina [when she ask] that he’s not ken to meet the real Shandi [after what occurred with the impostor].


Morag tell Alf that this new info [fake Shandi] is very good for his case. She also insists that, if she gets Daria in the witness stand in court, she’ll tear her to shreads legally.


Irene insists to Will [on phone] he should come bask & tell the truth. Will insist he can’t. When the cal ends, Lily is annoyed Will won’t let her talk to Irene.


Charlie arrives, and is surprised how much the place has changed since she & Rubes left – she tell Angelo it looks like she never lived here. Charlie asks Angelo to take her to the spot where he 1st encounters Daria.


Robertson speaks to John – about how relatively easy it should be able to find Daria [as there’s not that many ppl in OZ of that name, as it’s more an American thing]. When Robertson wonder, john tells him he's not interested in meeting the real Shandi. Robertson points out Shandi is nearby. As Robertson walks way, john is interrupted by a fellow lifeaguard, so when he looks to where Shandi was staining, she isn’t there anymore.


VJ tells Dex he didnt make any friends on his 1st day of high school, but Dex looks at the positives – VJ wasn't beaten up by anyone. Dex bails – to start of several of the assignments he’s already received. VJ gets a text message – he don’t see from whom or why.

Nearby, Robertson “goes off” at Irene for not contacts the police sooner.


Gina tells to John bout Shandi. He isn’t so ken to meet her – given what happened with the fake last year.


Leah has a go at Roberson for the way he behaves with Irene. Roberson tell him that he’s “thrown” – as his instincts [which are usually totally”on the money”] are wrong. He even quotes Margaret Thatcher in the middle of all of this – as you do. Leah tells Robertson that he likes this vulnerable side of him.


John arrives and is surprised that Shandi is here – after Gina contacted the police. Shandi tell him she’s always been kinda curious to meet him.

VAN PARK [not the SB one]

Angelo speaks to a groundsman - wonders if he’s seen Daria. Say he hasn’t – but changes that when ANgelo gives him some money. When groundsman asks, Angelo say to tell Daria tat Will Smith is looking for her.


John tells Gina, after his initial reluctance, that he is glad she got in constat with Shandi. John is ken to chat with Shandi for a while, but she inst at she has to be getting home [Newcastle a fair distance from here] soon. She agrees to chat over another cup of coffee though.

VAN PARK [not the SB one]

Daria is surprised tat its Angelo, not Will looking for her. Charlie tells Daria that she is under arrest. Daria try to run – but Charlie tackles her – and then handcuffs her. Daria insist she is innocent.


Shandi tell John although she is please to meet him, she won't keep in contact - as it will be like betraying the man he’s always called her father. After Shandi bails, John notes that Shandi & he are alike in that they “tell it like it is”. John & Gina hug.


Will nervously looks out the window before tells Lily they are bailing from this place. She is ken to stay her, just 1 more night [it’s nice here].


Daria, as Charlie & Angelo arrive with her, insist at she’s not done anything wrong. After another offer takes her to the interview room, Robertson comet on how Charlie & Anglo’s police partnership got briefly back together. Before Angelo bails, he tells Charlie ta he enjoyed being a cop for a day.

After Anglo bail, Leah & VJ enter. VJ tells Robertson he knows where Lily & Will are.


NIGHT – Charlie & Robertson arrive outside Will’s room. Charlie calls out “housekeeping” but get no response. She kicks the door open – but she & Robertson find NO ONE there.



April talks to someone [might be her dad, maybe] via webcam – saying “they won’t know what hit them”

We also see her with bottles of chemicals near April

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Leah : blue & white tie dye top/white jacket/dark long pants


Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants


Daria Hennessey : red shawl/green & white tie dye top/bone long pants/dark halter kini top


Alf: bleu [white check] shirt

Angelo: dark [white crest] top/denim jeans/dark cap

Dex: SBH uniform

Gina: red top/grey suit

Irene: dark [brown floral?] long sleeve top

John Palmer: yellow & red lifeguard polo/red shorts

John: orange & white vestry stripes shirt/dark long ants

Lifeguard: yellow & red lifeguard polo/red shorts

Lily: white l/s top

Morag: white jacket/dark top/dark long pants

Park Worker: blue & white check shirt

Robertson: dark suit/white shirt/dark waistcoats/dark [white diag] tie

Shandi [real]: white top/dark long pants

VJ: SBH uniform

Will: olive green shirt

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