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Glee UK speed

Guest Miranda

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I don't see a problem with this thread, if you want to keep yourselves spoiler free.

Incidentally, the other Glee thread is a combination of Australian pace and American pace (since most of us watch it online), so there are spoilers galore if you haven't watched the most recent episodes.

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Well, Zetti, looks like its just me and thee here LOL!

What did you think of the first episode? It was okay, just really an intro. to them all again. Coach Biest indeed LOL! I liked Will and Sue ganging up on her then was glad Will stopped doing it.

I hope they get the two new singers, Sunshine and Sam, back into the Glee club.

Rachel really annoyed me, how dare she send that girl to a crack house? Selfish. Rachel and Finn are annoying me, I hope they get less annoying.

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Coach Bieste and Sam are my two new favourites ^_^

So hot. Its not even funny :wub:

I like Rachel & Finn together not alone.

I love Sue tho. The fact that she gangs up on people makes me smile. Its too funny and hilarious!

Oh and I like the way its just the two of us (join us if you want. More people are always welcome!)


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