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The latest DRAHNRAE is wonderful and I’m sure that I’m not the only one enjoying all the great pics. I love the discussion about the girls finding themselves in the hammocks and it’s great that Em suggested that the girls make skirts out of leaves as were are only wearing their underwear. Gypsy’s comment about Colleen was so funny when she said that the old duck DIED when she first saw the girls as a foursome (he, he).

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I loved that Ronnie was in Chapter 3 and that he noticed that his beloved Cleo is not quite normal when he is swimming with her. It’s great that the girls had the sense to post sentries and hopefully they won’t be too scared by the aliens they encounter. I can’t wait for the next thrilling instalment of DRAHNRAE …

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I’m really looking forward to the clones causing all sorts of trouble and I loved Rachel’s comment to Gypsy that Gyps would have wanted to be treated if she was an injured puppy. I’m looking forward to when the girls DO meet an alien animal as that’s going to be very exciting and great that Ronnie will be back again. It was very funny when Joey commented that the girls are on a prudish planet – he, he! It’s great that you’ve used TWTWB and BHH to give you inspiration for your story.

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I love that Ronnie is able to tell that there’s something “wrong” with his beloved Cleo and I’m looking forward to seeing if his natural animal senses lead him to any other discoveries about the clones.

It’s certainly a good job that Ruby’s diabetes is well under control and even eating those alien fruits isn’t going to give her problems with her sugar levels – lucky Ruby!! I so wish my sugar levels behaved themselves!!!!!!

I’m interested to learn why Charlie is thinking about volcanoes.

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