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We've Been Here Before

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Story Title: We've Been Here Before

Type of Story: Long fic

Main Character - Liam, Bianca, April, Charlie, Romeo (and others)

BTTB rating - G/T

Genre - Romance, Angst, Comedy

Does Story Include Spoilers - No, just reference to episodes

Any warnings: Sexual content, maybe some language

Summary - Liam is back. Nina has just left as Liams 'heart isn't in it'. Bianca and Vittorio are planning the wedding and Vittorio is talking about buying a house together. April wants Liam and Bianca together and for their mother to stop interfering and let Bianca get on with her own life. April keeps on coming up with plans to get them together, and now Irene has noticed Bianca loves Liam. Romeo is Liams support whereas Charlie is Biancas.

The story began in June, and now many months had passed as it was November but his heart was still breaking.

Liam Murphy. 30 years of age and he was sat in the diner, alone, eating his dinner thinking about how he got here. As Liam looked across to the other side of the diner, his one true love was talking to her fiancée, well she wasn’t exactly speaking, more like listening to the over confident Italian ‘prince’ going on and on. To be honest it looked like she wasn’t really listening, too much on her mind, she wasn’t really concentrating. Liam never liked to get his hopes up, especially when it came to this woman, he could never really figure her out. At first they both pretended like they didn’t like each other , like they didn’t want each other, deep down they knew neither of them had felt this way before. When Bianca had told Liam that she still loved Vittorio, he wasn’t afraid to show Bianca that it hurt, but what got to him most was why it hurt him so bad, what was it with this strong minded blonde that made him feel this way. At that point, he knew he was in love with Bianca Scott.

Bianca Scott. 26 years of age, and she was sat in the diner eating a salad, she wanted to fit in the dress that she had purchased for the wedding. Vittorio was rambling on again about nothing, probably the house again. Couldn’t he tell when she wasn’t interested, Liam could always tell, he knew her so well. She got woken out of her daydream by Vittorio touching her hand. Nothing. It didn’t do anything for her. No electricity between them, no shivers down her spine. No, nothing like Liam. Bianca could only wish that Liam asked her the same question he asked her 3 months ago ‘are you still in love with your ex’, she could answer that now with the correct answer, it would be her most accurate answer she could ever give. No. No, she is no longer in love with the dark handsome European. He made her feel dirty when he touched her, like it was some sort of punishment. Even holding her hand she wanted to cry, but her mother wanted her to marry Vittorio, so she kept her true feelings inside and carried on as normal.

Bianca first knew when she was in love with Liam Murphy when he left. He just got on this motorbike and rode away, with no second thoughts. No goodbyes, no talking, no looks between the pair. Nothing. He just upped and left. She knew it was her fault. He saw her kissing Vittorio, but she didn't kiss him back. She tried to explain, he wouldn’t even open the door to her. That hurt. They had a screaming match between a window of glass. She didn’t think there was any point in trying to solve the argument then, they were both too angry. Liam, because the girl he felt so strongly about had had her tongue down an another mans throat, and Bianca, because she’d let Vittorio walk all over her again, after she promised never to let him treat her like that again after he’d cheated, but also, for hurting Liam, that’s the last thing she ever wanted to do.

Nina had left now, apparently she could tell that Liam’s heart wasn’t in it. How could it be when all he could think about was Bianca Scott! Many people say that the one they love is always on their mind, but sometimes it’s just a figure of speech, but Liam was serious, a second in the day didn’t go by without him thinking of her. It made it worse to see her in person, not only in his head. Her long blonde hair running smoothly off her smooth shoulders on to her back. Seeing Vittorio touch her made his skin crawl, he kept his head down so he didn’t have to look, and so his heart didn’t have to break…again.

Between both parties, Irene had just finished serving the lunchtime rush. Coleen wasn’t really helping. She was just fretting about a prince being the café. You’d think she would of got used to it by now, but no, not our Coleen. Even thought it was really busy, Irene couldn’t help looking at her lodger. When she first met Bianca, she was opinionated and wouldn’t let anything get in her way, she couldn’t be more different now. April told Irene about Bianca and Liam. Irene couldn’t say she that she hadn’t noticed the chemistry between them, but she never knew it was love, but now April had bought it to her attention, she feels stupid for not noticing how in love she was, just not with her fiancée. Irene saw Liam taking quick glances of the pair, each time looking up as if right on queue when Vittorio kisses Bianca and then his head slowly going down again. Irene wanted April and Bianca to be happy, and right now neither one of them was, Bianca for obvious reasons but April, because she knew Bianca didn’t really want this, and she was annoyed at how their mother was controlling their lives again. Irene didn’t mind Vittorio, but she preferred Liam, he was more down to earth. There was no denying that Vittorio loved Bianca, but it wasn’t the love that Liam and Bianca shared for each other, and plus, whats to say Vittorio wouldn't cheat on Bianca again.

Lunch was over for the two teachers, and they needed to start making their way back to the school grounds.

"I have to go, im sorry to leave you like this, it's just business" said Vittorio whilst standing up and dusting down his clothes.

"It's fine, don't worry about it, but you'll be back for tonight won't you?" Bianca replied whilst taking a sip of her drink

"Tonight?"with a questioning look on his face "Bianca, im so sorry, i totally forgot, this meeting it won't finish until late, i won't get to the formal on time, but you go, i'll see you afterwards"

"The only reason i told April i'd do this stupid thing was because you'd be there too, now its just me and a bunch of hormonal teenagers" came Bianca's agitated reply

"Don't worry, other teachers will be there too, and Liam and Nina, you'll be fine, i'm sorry, i'll make it up to you later" he said as he left the diner after leaving a kiss on Bianca's cheek

Bianca checked her watch one final time, and thought it was best to leave now, to make sure she got to school on time for the sex ed lesson. She really couldn't be bothered with a class of year 11's who wouldn't be able to be mature and take it seriously. She took one final gulp of her drink and left.

But, she fell into someone when she was on her way out.

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I really enjoyed reading this fiction. It's a good start and I can't wait to see where it goes!:)

I hope Liam and Bianca end up together! They are both pinning for each other!

Fantastic work, I really like reading both of their opinions on the situation. :D

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"I am so sorry, i wasn't looking where i w-wa" Bianca said sincerly and then noticed it was Liam "Liam"

Liam had caught her by the waist and even though she was fine now, he couldn't take his hands away from her. Bianca unconsciouly put her hands on his biceps and slowly moved them so they were on his chest. It was like a magnet pulled them there. Irene, who was still watching pair, felt stupid for not realising what those two had. It was love. April and Xavier walked through the diner.

"psstt April" Irene whispered

"You ok Irene" April answered worridley

"Look at your sister"

April did what she was told and turned around to find Bianca and Liam clung to each other.

"How?, what happened?" April said, with a smile from ear to ear

"Erm your sister and Liam were getting up to go back to the school and Bianca wasn't looking where she was going and banged into him and Liam caught her" answered Irene

"This is perfect"

"Well that could of been embarrassing, falling flat on my face, thanks" Bianca said staring up into Liams blue eyes

"It's fine honestly" Liam replied, whilst, with his thumb making circles on her soft skin

"Liam, i'm so sor-"


"Liam, don't be like this" Bianca pleaded

"Like what? You used me Bianca"

"No! It wasn't like that and you no it"

"Don't insult my intelligence, you used me till your knight in shining armour came and rescused you from the hell you had with me" Liam said, almost shouting

"Liam! Your just being stupid, do you really think i was using you!? Do you really think i'm the type of girl to make someone purposley hurt! After everything i went through!" Bianca replied

"and yet, your still with the jerk, he cheated on you! whats to say he won't do it again, you worth more than that"

Bianca didn't know what to say, did this mean Liam still cared for her? No of course not, she was with Vittorio because Liam didn't want her, even if he did cheat on her again, she knew he didn't mean it and plus, Liam only liked the chase, he's never not got what he wanted, this was new to him, it was just the adrenaline rush, as soon as he got wanted he wanted from Bianca he'd go to the next girl.

"see you know it's true! why are you with him!? Your so much better than him B!"

"I'm sorry for everything Liam" Bianca said with tears in her eyes

"Don't bother ok! Just stay away from me!" Liam replied angrily, letting go of her waist and pushing her back not hard, but so that she went back a distance quickly, making his way towards the diner exit

"you have to believe me!"Bianca said holding on to her waist, she missed his touch already

Liam turned around at the exit, looking like he was about to cry "I don't have to do anything you tell me to do!" And then he made his way to the school.

Bianca stood there in shock at Liams last word and then violently and suddenly turned around and slammed her fist agasint the table shouting somehting in Italian.

"Bianca!, Bianca calm down!" April said trying to calm her sister down, she's never seen her as worked up as this "Bianca, people are staring!"

"Do you think i care what people say!? Shut up and go save a whale or something!" Biancas harsh reply came

"Whats got you so worked up? AND! why do you always take this out on me!"

"Take what out on you?"

"Whenever you fall out with Liam"

"Liam has nothing to do with this!" came Biancas lie

"are you seroius? who are you fooling? we've just seen you!" April, nodding her head towards Irene and Xavier who were behind her. Bianca then realised she had an audience. She had never let herself get like this over a man before, what had changed? "Just end things with Vittorio and be with Liam"

"I love Vittorio"

"Bianca! Before mum came you were going to end things with Vittoria. What is it with our mother that makes you like this! Follow your heart, or would you rather be unhappy for the rest of your life!?"

"Mum said that my dad was exacly like Liam, and look how that ended, he cheated on her with so man different women, she's just saving me heartbreak for later one!"

"Bianca, that makes no sense, Vittorio is doing that to you now! Liam is the faithful one!" April was trying to make Bianca see sense, plus, she didn't like Vittorio, Liam was the right one for her sister.

Bianca knew she was right, but she was scared of admitting her feelings, what if Liam didn't feel the same, and left her, she'd be alone...again

"I'm going to school"

"Bianca, you have to face up to this, the weddings next week"

"Get out of my sight"


"I do not want to hear this!" At that point, April knew she wasn't doing any good, Bianca ran out of the diner, tears in her eyes, mascara all smudged. The old Bianca would never get like that, she'd never let her emotions out. April didn't no what to do. Was it her fault Bianca was like this? She had to go apologise.

"Let her go dahl" Irene said, looking over to saddened April

"I didn't want to upset her, i just want her to see sense! I'm going to have to live with both Bianca and Liam, i want home life to be happy" April said, a tear sliding down her cheek

"Just talk to her when she's calmed down" Xavier hugged April "We better get to school, we have those stupid sex ed lessons, and i need to get my homework done if were helping at the formal tonight"

"Oh yeh, the formal, i overheard Vittorio saying he couldn't go, and Ninas left" Irene said

"What? Nina left? when why!?" April said, her mood slighty happier

"Something about knowing Liams heart wasn't in it! Irene replied

"Thats it! Tonight, Bianca and Liam at the formal!" April said, her mood lifting again

"Is this your new plan april?" Xavier asked his girlfriend

"This one will work, lets get to school!" April said "I really need to apologise to Bianca though, i feel really bad"

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