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All I want for Christmas is....

Guest Lesley_Baker

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Starstruck DVD and soundtrack

Camp Rock 2 DVD and Soundtrack

Taylor Swift Speak Now


Justin Bieber Calendar

Alice in Wonderland

27 Dresses

Jason Derulo CD

Rihanna Loud

The Runaways


Good Charlotte Cardiology

Another DVD and CD shelf

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I'm not asking for much....just an orange....as long as it's of the Jason variety :lol::wink:

Phaa! That actually cracked me up! In that case, I have a list of people that I could ask for, but that would be greedy.

Todd Lasance, Robert Pattinson, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Danny O'Donoghue, Scott Maslen, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerholder ...

There are more but that'll do :wink:

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Mum and Dad started asking me a few months back what I wanted, and I literally have no clue. The only thing I have asked them for is a new purse, because I really need one. There's nothing else really. I'm a little behind the times with my mobile (I have some sort of Motorola), and mine's nothing fancy, but I rarely use it (yes, I'm very popular. :rolleyes: ) so it'd just be a waste.

The only thing I really, really want overall is a new computer, but I'm getting that for my birthday, which is only two weeks before Christmas, so come Christmas I'll (hopefully! If I find one!) have what I wanted and really wont mind. :)

What are you asking Santa for, Lesley?

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