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Fri 05 Nov 2010 – Episode # 5200

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Dex & Older Women “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 05 Nov 2010 – Episode # 5200 ]


Sid is ken to have a nice inviting family breakfast with Maz & his kids – but Dex is moping on the couch and Indi is mushily too busy studying.


Roo tells Alf she’s just taken a tour round the Bay. Noting seems to have change form when she left. Alf is surprised when Roo tell him she hates fishing – and that she just went fishing with him as a kid to be with her dad etc.


Charlie talks to Angelo bout the ‘ship chat she had with Ruby – and how “brilliantly” it went. Robert approaches and tells Charlie that he & Graves will be heading back to the city morrow. Charlie & Robert bail - to head back to the station so Robert can hand the case back to the local police.


Indi is suprised and kinda annoyed initially when Romeo arrives. He suggests at she needs a beak – but she thinks it’s a bad idea. Eventually Romeo convinces her and they kiss - whish Dex [still on couch] take offence to.


Will is taking to a customer when Roo makes a very good suggestion but where to fish. Alf agree with Roo. After Roo makes a commit, Alf tell her at he is surprised she came back to the Bay – given how mush she’s mocked the place since she returned.


Sid is still ken on creating a Maz friendly environment but Dex is still moping on couch and Indi is still frantic bout her studies/exams. Sid also insists Dex should get up and have a shower – whish he reluctantly does.


Roo & Angelo encounter each other whilst he is fishing. Angelo tells he doesn’t catch many fish her – but it’s a great for thinking etc. as they chat, Roo makes Angelo ware she is Martha’s mum.


When Graves goes to pay her bill, Irene tells her the meal is “on the house” sine Graves & Robert are leaving town. Dex & Sid arrives – and Dex wonders if Graves got his emails/text msg’. She has – all 30 of them. She “suggest” he never email etc her ever again – as there’s no chance of them to be together. Things get worse of Dex when Sid tells Graves he has every right to report her of misconduct – given she only went on date with Dex to get info from Romeo bout the Penn case.


As Angelo & Ro chat, she tells him because she has so many bad memoires of the Bay, it’s easy to forget all the god things that happened here. They then catch a fish together.


Sid talk to Dex bout his obsession with older women – and how he think Dex targets older woman as its easier to take if they reject him that if someone his own age does. Sid try to tell Dex at he too was a nerd at school but Dex counter this – Dex has seen pics/hared stores of many girls who loved etc Sid when he was Dex’s age.


Angelo serves Roo a meal that incl the fish they caught, she tell him when she was a kid they had to go to yabby creek for this kind of exquisite food. Roo also thank Angelo for what he did – letting Mirth &* Hugo go [and being kicked out of the police force cos of that].


Roo talk to Alf bout a camping trip they went on [that he doesn’t remember]. Roo aloe wishes she was “there for” Martha more – and how Alf is more a parent to Martha than Roo ever was.


Maz & Romeo arrive with pizza, but Sid’s dram of a happy family meal isn’t happening – with Dex & Indi in their own worlds [moping & studying].


Its night time and Roo meets up with Gina. Martha & Hugo need et money Hugo left in Xavier’s care – to ensure their safety. Gina insist she needs more time to think bout this – esp. as she has Xavier &* Brnden to think bout to.


Charlie speaks to Robert & Graves. Robert tell Charlie he is annoyed at Graves 1st ever case is still unsolved. He also tells Charlie that every fibre in his being tells him the someone in the bay is guilty of Penn’s murder – its just6 that they don’t have a body [to continue the investigation].


“Surprise” that there’s a body washed up on the beach …. And since Penn’s listed as guest cast for this ep, it must be him.



Robert focuses his murder investigation on Alf & Will

Will is angry and throws things about in the beach house

Gina digs into Roo’s [past & present] history

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Indi: dark [white leaf like motifs] mini dress


Dex: sky blue [yellow trim] t


Graves: purple blouse/dark jacket/dark skirt


Alf: white [red & blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Angelo: dark l/s shirt/dark long pants

Angelo: dark shorts/grey singlet

Bait shop customer [frank stead]: blue & white horiz striped t

Charlie: dark top

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark long pants

Dex: white [dark unknown motif] t

Gina: red [white floral] top

Irene: peach top

Marilyn: dark [yellow floral] low cut v neck l/s dress

Marilyn: dark floral low cut v neck l/s dress

Robert: dark suit/dark vest/ white long sleeve button up shirt/2 tone bleu tie

Romeo: blue & white horiz striped t/denim jeans

Romeo: red singlet/dark shorts

Roo: white [partly aqua] long sleeve top/dark long pants/dark jacket

Sid: blue l/s top/dark t/dark long pants

Will: dark t/olive green long pants

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