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Thurs 4 Nov 2010 – Episode # 5199

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Ruby, I Love You BUT …… “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 4 Nov 2010 – Episode # 5199 ]


Miles & Roo are chatting when Miles gets a phone call – sounds like bad news.


Miles talk to Leah. Elijah went to a remote village in Africa and got bashed.


Dex is quite broken hearted, and Indi doesn’t really like him moping like this.

Nic confronts Alex bout lying to Ruby. He insists ta he hasn’t found the right time to break up with the other girl.


Ruby talk to Charlie about what’s occurred. Charlie tells Ruby this isn’t her fault – and that Ruby should confront him/that he should be more respectful to women etc.


Leah insist she has to go back to Africa – and get Elijah into a big city hospital over there, as the rest are pretty hopeless. Miles & Leah both agree to get over there together.


When her latest driving lesson ends, Ruby confronts Alex bout what’s occurred. He counters this by seeing he’s just doing what she did to her b/f’s [cheat on them with another] AND because Ruby is “so easy”. Ruby gets out of tee car – and walks way in tears.


Leah talks to Charlie bout what’s happened to Elijah and how she is going back to Africa. Charlie isn’t so sure bout this idea.


Robert tells Miles that he will suggest that investigation into Penn’s death be scaled back [esp. with no body being found yet and all] IF Miles convinces Leah not to go to Africa.


Charlie in her police car pulls Alex over. She threatens to really “throws tee book” at him for being just over tee speed limit, not using his indicators etch AND for not providing duty of care to his students [namely Ruby] is he doesn’t “fix this”.


Miles talk to Leah bout the Elijah sitsh – and IS able to convince her not to go, i.e. Miles will still go and do everything they planned to do together over there [get Elijah to a better hospital etc].


Ruby is surprised when Alex arrives – and apologises for everything that occurred. After he is gone, Ruby is pale to tell Charlie & Angelo she is pleased this was all Alex’s fault AND that Ruby is still awesome.


Robert tells Leah tat the Peen case is being scaled back, but Robert will be in town for a few more days yet. They agree to have coffee later.


Roo leaves a msg on Gina’s phon – wondering if she has read the letter.

Roo then joins in with Alf, Miles, Inid, Romeo & Nic as they chat. The teens comments [in light of Miles going to Africa morrow] on how he’s been a great help with their exams etc.


Its late ait night and Charlie &* Angelo are talking bout Charlie’s “chat” with Alex. Ruby obverhe5rs – and is NOT happy with Charlie for doing what she did.


NEXT DAY – Ruby & cahrlie talk bout what’s occurred. Although rubes is annoyed at charley went behind her back, she tell Charlie she would have TLOVE to have bent her when Charlie “threw the book” at him.

Ruby isn’t so ken to hear it when Charlie tells her at Ruby HAS to think of the consequences when she goes into a ‘ship. Ruby is really annoyed with cahrlie for this “lecture}” – and storms off.

NOTE – I adore Ruby, but I agree with Charlie AND I would have that Alex calling her “easy” would have “woken” Rubes up, but no … and I still LOVE her.


Miles tell Roo bout how Robert is scaling back the investigation, and Ross is intrigued when Miles hints a Alf having more secrets etc. Miles gets in Alf’s Ute and Alf start the drive to the airport.



Graves rejects Dex – in the same [no email, no txt msg’s] way that Adrian did

Robert insist he knows someone in the Bay is guilty of Penn’s murder

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: tan top or dress


Roo: white [green floral?] long sleeve top/dark long pants


Leah: white jacket/green tank top/denim jeans


Alex [instructor]: light blue shirt

Alex: red & white horiz stripes t

Alex: yellow [leafy motifs] t

Alf: 2 tome blue check button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Alf: white [dark check] button up shirt

Angelo: white t/denim jeans

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark long pants/dark jacket

Charlie: orange top

Charlie: sliver nightgown

Dex: white [dark unknown motif] t

Indi: dark tank top

Indi: white jacket

Miles: black [suburban scope] t/denim jeans

Miles: dark button up shirt/ dark long pants/blue [dark blue shoes] t

Miles: dark button up shirt/yellow [dark tropic?] t

Nicole: purple [gold swirls] low cut v neck top/dark long pants

Nicole: white jacket

Robert: dark suit/dark vest/ white long sleeve button up shirt/dark [white diag stripes[tie

Romeo: white t

Roo: dark jacket/white [dark mosaics vert stripes down the ctr] top/dark long pants

Ruby: green knee length dress /tan boots/brown [dark unknown motif][jacket

Ruby: red jacket/white [red trim] knee length dress

Ruby: white [red floral motifs, pink trim] top

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