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Oh, I was hoping Rachel's new job would help her but it seems to have gone wrong.I was wondering if the patient would turn out to be someone she knew and...actually, I'm still wondering. Bit worried about what Angelo's up to this time, get the feeling it's not going to end well.

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Poor Elijah! How was he supposed to know Rachel would misunderstand what he said? Leah is right, he should think of all the other persons he's helped throughout the years. Sometimes people don't follow the advice they have been given or they just misunderstand it. It's not his fault. If he loves being a priest so much, he shouldn't give up.

I wonder how Lucas is ever going to get rid of all his anger. :unsure:

It was nice of Jack and Martha to go to the city with her for moral support. I'm sure Tony would have wanted someone to go with her.

What is Angelo up to? It doesn't sound good and I don't like the fact he is involving Charlie. <_<

Poor Rachel! :( I think she would have been fine if the patient's accident hadn't been similar to Tony's. She was so excited about it all. I hope she'll be okay. You wrote that last part so well.

More please.

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Another amazing update, yey :D

At first it seemd like Rachel was going to be fine and it seemed like a great opportunity for her to have something new to focus on - but now i think maybe she went back to work too soon. :unsure: She seemed really excited and positive but as soon as the doctor started talking about the patient they were treating she seemed to panic a little. I know it must have reminded her of Tony but i guess that's something she needs to try and overcome. It was sad she couldn't cope and ended up crying - i hope this doesn't set her back again. Again you captured her emotions really well, i like how she went from being a little nervous and excited, happy and then sad and just broken really.

I guess this patient they're talking about will bring back memories for her :( I'm a little intrigued as to who he is too. It was sweet she was trying so hard to be nice and sound all excited. And i like how she asked lots of questions, that's so like her :lol:

As for Angelo - it's all very interesting! I have no idea what he's up too but it doesn't sound good at all! I hope he gets into serious trouble :lol: for whatever it is he is doing. And brining Charlie into it, not very nice of him at all!

Can't wait for more.

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Wow, I really liked that chapter.What Bishop Pitt said to Elijah made a lot of sense, in fact I liked that whole conversation, it had spiritualism and it had humour which can be a difficult combination at times.I like that Mr.Walsh was sympathetic towards Rachel once he understood her reasons for reacting the way he did, it was probably right for him to give her a second chance despite his misgivings, hopefully they won't regret it...

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Loved the conversation with Elijah and the Bishop.

I liked that Mr Walsh understood Rachel's behaviour and that he gave her a second chance. Lets just hope it goes better for her this time.

Dont like the sounds of preview in regards to Charlie and Angelo....what is he doing.....oh man I have a bad feeling about this. :(

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Haha don't worry Carina, you don't have to apologise. I appreciate your enthusiam :lol: And thank you all for your lovely comments I really appreciate you picking out the bits you like the most; it helps when I'm writing it to know what works and what doesn't. Although the doctor's name was Mr Wallis :P I can call him Mr Walsh if you all prefer? :P I need to write the Charlie/Angelo scene so should have the next chapter up either tomorrow or Friday!

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