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Distance and Time (by charmed60) - comments


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I finally caught up.

I'm so glad Rachel is alright and that Lucas came when he did. Her reaction when she woke up was heartbreaking. :(

Aw she's pregnant. She'll always have a part of Tony with her. And of course, he would know and be happy about the news. I love the way Jack was so excited about his baby brother or sister. :)

I love the way you're describing how everyone is feeling and how they're all thinking.

Aw Charlie and Angelo are getting married! They're so excited about it. I know the town is still sad about Tony's death but hearing some good news could be a good way to make everyone feel a bit better. I think Angelo is right. Rachel would be happy for them, even though it'll probably remind her of Tony.

That was so sweet of Mattie to buy that bodysuit. I think Rachel's reaction was realistic and I'm sure the baby will never forget about its father even it never had the chance to meet him.

Even though it looks like Lucas is ignoring everyone, he seems to pay attention to some things. Hopefully, he'll remember what Mattie said and realise how much his father loved him.

More please.

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Laura those two chapters were brilliant, i loved them :D

I am actually really liking the Charlie/Angelo stuff even though in reality i can't stand them :lol: But there's something about the way you're writing them that makes me want them to be happy. It's sweet they're worried about Rachel; it's a difficult situation and i guess there's no right or wrong way for them to deal with it. Hopefully they'll be sensitive about the whole issue.

The scene in the hospital with everyone talking about the baby was funny. I loved how Martha said she wouldn't change dirty nappies and that she'd leave it to Jack :lol: You wrote Rachel's mixed emotions really well; her obvious joy at being pregnant but heartbreak at the fact Tony's not around to experience it with her :( I loved how Leah knew that Rachel was just putting on an act for the sake for everyone else and as soon as they'd left Rachel was able to open up to her. I really liked how Leah didn't tell Charlie and Angelo the reason for Rachel being in hospital. They must have been pretty embarrased about the whole thing. But i think it's good they've decided to keep it quiet for now, i think it'd be too cruel to parade their happinness in front of Rachel so soon after her own fiancee's death.

The little scene of Rachel reflecting was beautiful but so sad. Little things like that must be the things you miss the most :( I'm happy the baby seems to be helping Rachel though and i thought Matilda's gift was lovely, if a little risky! But i'm glad Rachel took it in the way it was supposed to be and i think it's another positive step for her.

Poor Lucas. Everyone is trying to help but he's just pushing everyone further and further away. I hope in time he realises how much Tony loved him and would hate seeing him acting the way he is.

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Aww Lucas. :(

And poor Elijah, he shouldnt blame himself for what happened with Rachel. Hopefully Leah will be able to talk him round.

I liked Jack and Martha going to the city with Rachel.

Preview sounds good. Whats Angelo doing.... :unsure:

Update soon :)

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Another amazing chapter :D

Poor Elijah blaming himself for what Rachel did. It must really be affecting him if he's decided to give up his job, well, i guess what he does is more a way of life than a job, so yeah, it must be devastating for him to think he's failed :( His outburst was brilliantly written and i am intrigued as to what will happen with him next. Hopefully Leah will help him understand he wasn't to blame in any way.

It's great Rachel is taking a step forward and going back to work but i'm slightly worried she's taking on too much. But i understand why she doesn't want to go back to her old job. Maybe a new place will be better for her and help her start to move on. I hope she's going to be ok. I loved the talk with Leah; you've written their friendship so well :) It's really sweet Leah was worried she'd forget about her, bless.

Oh God Lucas is really breaking dow :( It's so awful for him. I love how you've written it totally from his perspective though and how he is handling things so differently to everyone else. It's refreshing to see. I hope he reaches out to someone soon; before it's too late and he ends up regreting everything he's said and done.

It was lovely how Jack and Martha went to the city with Rachel :) It's good she has something to focus on and to keep her busy. It's sweet how you could tell they were worried about her without either of them actually saying it. Rachel seemed nervous which i guess is to be expected.

Can't wait for more!

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