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Ohhh.Yeah, I had a feeling she'd taken what Elijah said the wrong way.You captured everyone's emotions really well, not understanding why Rachel was behaving the way she was.I don't know what Rachel will make of the news she's pregnant, it should at least be enough to make her pause but I suspect she's going to have a lot of mixed feelings.

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Laura this is just amazing and you've managed to keep the writing high quality throughout every chapter.

It's so tragic for everyone involved. Poor Jack blaming himself for what happened to Rachel and also feeling a little angry at her. It must be horrific for him having just lost to his dad to now face the prospect of maybe losing someone who was pretty much family. :( And then Leah. I think it's the most realistic reaction though, especially from a best friend. I guess it's good Rachel had been pretty much straving herself since Tony's death; it seemed to actually save her. I love how you involved Martha in it too and Elijah, even though it was only in passing. I like how you mentioned he was reading his Bible and Jack's thoughts about it. Even though there was no communication betweet them it said a lot about what sort of mind set they are both in just now.

I loved Leah in this. She's been such an amazing support to Rachel even though it can't have been easy for her. I feel so sorry for her, especailly when she first ran into the hospital in a state. You wrote that brilliantly. I love how you manage to convey how people are feeling without actually saying much at all.

Rachel fluttered her eyes open groggily and smiled to herself as a brightness hit her immediately. “Tony?” she whispered with all the strength she could muster and she looked around eagerly, waiting for him to appear. Her heart fluttered with excitement as she anticipated seeing him again and she quickly wondered whether he’d look the same, would he be dressed in the clothes he died in?

“Rach!” She heard a muffled voice echo to her in the distance but knew immediately that it wasn’t her Tony, it sounded too high pitched. As she wondered who it could be, her vision began to focus and her heart suddenly hit the bottom of her chest with a force that made her feel violently sick.

“Noo, no, no, no, no, no” she screamed, her head shaking violently from side to side as she blinked furiously, unable to believe that she could still be alive. She’d done everything she could, cutting the right way with the sharpest knife she could find; why didn’t it work?

Laura those paragraphs were heartbreaking :( For Rachel to wake up and be devastated she's alive; it's just so awful. It must have been horrific for her friends to hear that from her :( I loved how you wrote it so sensitively but also with such impact. Her reaction was just so raw.

But oh God she's pregnant!! :o It's wonderful and i hope it helps her realise she has something to live for. Although i think it'll be sad for her to do without Tony as it's something they both wanted. It's bittersweet. And yay Derek got a mention.

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Aww Rachel. :( Once again, brilliantly written....I loved the Leah/Rachel stuff and loved how Leah knew that Rachel was keeping her real feeling's back with Jack and Martha were in the room.

I was pleased when Charlie decided she did want to share her engagment news as they still deserve to share their happiness with their friends. Kinda sad that she has decided not to again, but hopefully things start improving for everyone soon and they get to share their news with the rest of their friends.

Update soon :)

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The emotions were captured really well again.Martha seemed a bit too jovial given Rachel had just tried to commit suicide but I'm glad they're supporting her.At least the baby seems to have given her something positive to focus on.Had to smile at Angelo blurting out the news to Leah, inappropriate though it was.I can understood Charlie wanting to keep it quiet for the moment but, given that he seemed a bit unsympathetic about Leah's reaction, I'm worried Angelo will take it the wrong way.

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Nice update.Liked the chat between Matilda and Rachel and Rachel's reaction to the present.Good to catch up with how Lucas is doing, not very well sadly.I was hoping Matilda would get through to him or Rachel's suicide attempt would have some sort of impact on him but he's still completely withdrawn.

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