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Those last few chapters were so heartbreaking. :( You wrote everyone's feelings so well. I feel bad for all of them.

“You’re never going to be ready sweetie” Leah soothed, wishing she could say something to take her best friend’s pain away. “But you need to be strong today. Your strength is one of the things that made Tony fall in love with you remember? Although he did tell me once that sometimes you being so strong was a downside because it meant you were stubborn and he was never going to win an argument with you.” Leah giggled at the memory and her heart lifted when she noticed a smile creep onto Rachel’s face.

“He really said that to you?” she asked, turning her head away from the wall and facing her friend with a hopeful glint in her eye.

“Yes he did.” Leah nodded, handing her a tissue from the box on the dressing table in front of her. “This is your chance to do him proud, tell everyone what an amazing man he was and how much you loved him. Come on let’s go, everyone’s waiting.” She took her hand and breathed a silent sigh of relief as Rachel followed her timidly, grabbing a few more tissues and stashing them in her jacket pocket.

“Ill be with you in a second, there’s just something I need to do first” Rachel promised as she watched Leah walk out of the door and close it behind her. She walked over to the bedside unit on Tony’s side of the bed and flicked on the switch to the lamp, smiling as the light flickered on. He would always turn the light on before he left for work. It used to make Rachel mad because she would complain about the amount of electricity he was wasting but he always liked there to be a light on in the room when he came home from work. It was one of his little quirks that drove Rachel insane but now he was gone, it was one of his little quirks that she missed. “I love you so much” she whispered, running her thumb gently over the picture of him on the bedside table. Breathing deeply to stop the onset of tears she grabbed more tissues; just in case; and left the room, knowing she had no choice but to let him go.

I love that part. I love that little moment between Rachel and Leah. The one between Rachel and Martha was nice as well.

I liked the way Jack came to Rachel to support her during her speech. She shouldn't have felt humiliated for fleeing the church. Everyone knows a funeral can be hard, especially for the people who just lost a loved one.

I'm glad Mattie managed to come for the funeral. Tony was like a father to her. Too bad, she wasn't able to convince Lucas to go to the cemetery with her. I feel sorry for Lucas. I just hope he won't regret not going to his father's funeral. I know he's upset but he would have been a good way to say goodbye.

I can't believe Tony's old friends' attitude. You don't come to a funeral to gloat over your success. <_< I can understand why Jack and Rachel felt the need to hide out.

Please update soon.

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Aww Laura this is coming along brilliantly. It's so incredibly sad and you write it in such a way it makes you feel connected to all the characters involved, even the ones with smaller parts like Mattie and to an extent, Lucas.

Jack's speech was really moving and heartfelt. I love how he talked about his childhood and tried to make it a celebration of Tony's life :(

The little Martha/Rachel scene outside the church was beautifully written. It's so sad that Rachel is sort of pushing people away from her but at the same time she's kind of admitting she needs people close to her. Martha was incredibly understanding with her and it's so lovely she just sat with her; waiting for Rachel to be ready. You protrayed Rachel's feelings perfectly.

The little Matilda/Lucas scene on the beach was pretty powerful and i love how you're developing Lucas story. It's so sad that his anger is continuing to build up and he is lashing out at everyone close to him. I hope someone can get through to him eventually before things go too far and he says/does something he regrets.

My heart broke for Rachel at the funeral. It must have been awful for her to be in a room with people who didn't even mean anything to Tony. Although i don't think it's the best idea i completely understand why she wants to just sit and get drunk with Jack. They both seem so desperate to escape and i guess right now alcohol is the only way to do it. I understand Martha being so angry, it doesn't really look good to get drunk at your fiances/dad's funeral.

This part was so tragic though:

You have absolutely no idea what it feels like to lose the man you love. Martha I will do anything…” The mix of anger, shame and drunkenness brought tears to her eyes and her voice began to shake as she finally opened up about exactly how she felt. “Absolutely anything to get rid of the pain that I feel right here, every single moment of every single day.” Rachel moved her hand to her heart and ignored the tears cascading down her cheeks. “It hurts Martha, it hurts…so…much. Each day is a battle just to get through and I am trying to do the right thing but I’m going to make mistakes. It’s okay for you, you get to go to bed with your husband every night and have him hold you when you’re hurting and tell you that everything is going to be okay but I wont ever get that anymore. Not from the one person I want to hear it from so don’t you dare tell me that I am grieving in the wrong way or that Tony would be ashamed of me because he wouldn’t, I know he wouldn’t.

That was so beautifully written and nearly made me cry. Rachel's pain is so raw and it's so well written i can actually feel it. She is right, Martha has no idea and will never really understand what Rachel is going through. I hope Leah helps her as poor Rachel really needs someone right now. Her waking up and getting all worried she'd never be able to talk/see him again was heatbreaking.

And poor Lucas :( Rachel giving him the dirt from Tonys grave was so sad.

This is amazing and i can't wait for the next part.

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Rachel's outburst was so sad. I could almost feel her pain. You did a great job writing that part. I'm sure Tony will always be watching over her and his two sons.

I can understand why Martha was feeling jealous about Jack and Rachel talking and laughing together. He has been avoiding her ever since Tony died but maybe he's just having a hard time getting through it. I like the part where Martha said Tony was like a father to her and she was hurting too. Her pain may not be as strong as Rachel's, Jack's or Lucas' but it doesn't mean she isn't hurting as well. I'm looking forward to their heart to heart in the next chapter.

I feel so sorry for Lucas. It was a nice gesture from Rachel to bring him back some dirt from Tony's grave. Hopefully, he will find his way to his father's grave eventually.

More please.

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I thought Martha was wrong to lose her temper with Rachel and Jack and I was glad she realised that when Rachel snapped back at her.I loved Rachel's thoughts when she woke up, wondering whether Tony could hear her or not, it was really well written.I liked her little attempt to connect with Lucas and the way she backed off, you're writing his reaction well.

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I'm glad Jack finally opened up to Martha.

I felt so sad when Rachel told Mattie and Ric never to leave the house without making up after a fight. I can't even begin to imagine how guilty she must feel as if they hadn't had a fight, Tony might still have been alive.

I know Lucas just lost his dad and he's angry and lost but he didn't have the right to talk to Rachel like that. <_< They may not have been married but they were planning their wedding. His behaviour reminds me of the one he had when the Holdens moved in with Beth. Lucas had some trouble adjusting to that situation as well. If Rachel, Jack and Mattie can't get through to him, I wonder who could. :unsure: Maybe Martha could have a go as she's the only who was close to Tony who hasn't tried yet. I don't know if it would be helpful. Anyway Lucas needs someone to talk to.

Please update soon.

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Another amazing chapter :)

I'm happy that Jack finally opened up to Martha. He is lucky he has her to support him and she's been amazingly understanding. I hope she can help him deal with his grief. Although i love that he is spending time with Rachel i think it's great he has realised he needs to help himself too and sometimes two people going through the same thing together is just going to make it harder. You wrote that scene (Jack and Martha) so well; you really showed the closeness of their relationship and it was nice to get an insight into Martha's feelings.

The scene with Rachel on the beach was so sad :( I loved how she came acorss as being all over the place, like her mind was constantly wandering. She didn't really seem to be listening to Belle at all. What she said to Mattie and Ric was so heartbreaking. It's so sad she is still punishing herself for the arguement she had with Tony before he left. I like how you have Belle, Mattie and co all hanging around together and just living life while in contrast Rachel seems so stuck and desperate:(

“Good” Rachel choked, looking away as she felt more tears cascading from her eyes. She hated crying in public, it made her look weak and that was one thing she always tried to avoid doing. She was a professional figure in the community, she wanted people to think she was strong and independent and that they could always trust her to come to. The only person she would ever show her vulnerable side was Tony.

That's so like Rachel and i loved how you mentioned that.

I understand Lucas' anger and i really like how your developing his story. It was pretty horrible what he said to Rachel but i just think he's so overcome with loss and sadness he just doesn't know how to deal with that's happened.

Can't wait for more :)

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Okay, so somehow I mangaged to miss 4 updates.... :unsure:

They were utterly brilliant Laura, especially the funeral stuff. It actually brought tears to my eyes! Im glad that Jack finally opened up to Martha. And Lucas :( I just want to hug him. He is just so overcome with loss. Its so sad...I like that we are getting an insight into his thought now and I hope he can work through his pain and open up to someone soon.

Update soon :)

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