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Distance and Time (by charmed60) - comments


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Awww Laura that was just perfect!! :wub: This fic was incredible and i think that last chapter was a really fantastic way to end. You ended things for everyone involved beautifully and i really like how it wasn't all completely perfect. It was realistic, especially the Tony and Rachel part.

Belle and Aden were really sweet and i love that they're going to have a baby. :) I loved their easy banter and how Aden was making faces at Ella :lol: I thought the dialouge between all the characters was brilliantly written and it was a such a nice atmosphere - everyone happy and joking and realising how much Ella has changed things or given them a new perspective.

Tony was completely adorable and i love how protective he was of Rachel, bossing her around and telling her to sit down! It's really nice to see him like that after all the doubts he had about being able to look after her. It seems he's started to believe in himself and that's a really lovely thing to have come out of everything that's happened.

I think the most positive change was in Jack and i'm glad he realised he had to think of the future and not let what happened with Angelo dominate his life. And Martha and Jack babies! :D It was nice to see Lucas and Leah there as well, and i'm glad Lucas realised how much Tony loves him. I can't believe he offered to change a nappy though!! hahha.

The last scene of Tony and Rachel with their baby was so heartwarming. I loved Rachel's reaction to Tony repeating himself, it was perfect. And Tony definitely sounds like a super daddy!! All the stuff with him and Ella was just adorable :wub:

I have this say that this fic is really fantastic, from start to finish. The standard of writing is incredible and you've managed to deal with drama, emotional angst, humour, romance - all in the same story!! I thought the protrayal of every charatcer was realistic and you captured all their personalities perfectly. I can't wait for any more you write!!

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Wow thank you thank you thank you, your comments are all so complimentary and lovely thank you so much! I tried to give every one of my regular reviewers something they would enjoy so I hope I was able to do that for you all! Your comments all throughout have meant so much to me and been really encouraging to keep me writing.

JarliefanEver, Suzanne, Hannah-K, Crazylazy, Freckleface, Kitkat1992, Katie343, Callyha, Ashleyjane, Chipsferryroxmisox, Laura158, Charlene2009, Zetti

To all of you, whether you commented once, twice or a few times; just knowing that you were reading and enjoying and took the time to write a comment always made me smile. Reading a new name was always so nice to see as I felt that it meant new people were reading and enjoying it and I loved being able to see what parts people particularly enjoyed or what style of writing. So thank you to each and every one of you.

I wanted to write a personal message to the next few people as they consistently wrote comments on my story and kept encouraging me.


Little Brown! :lol: Even though you didn't comment on every chapter I've had PMs from you about how excited you were for the next update which always made me smile! I know it hasn't been the easiest fic for you but I hope you enjoyed it fellow Tachel fan!


Thank you so much for the support you gave to my story, particularly during the beginning few chapters when I was really nervous and worried that people wouldn't like it. I'm sorry I broke Changelo up :P But I hope you still enjoyed it all the same and thank you once again!


Thank you so much for your constant support Barbara and I hope there was enough J&M in there for you; us fans of departed loved couples have to stick together hehe! A special thank you for the amazing review you gave of about 12 of my chapters all in one post; I can't tell you how amazed I was that you would take the time to go back to each one and comment on it; it must have taken you so long. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy my next fic which will; of course; have J&M in!

Red Ranger

You've been a faithful reader right from the first post until the last and I can't tell you how grateful I am for the consistent support. You would always pick out the bits you most enjoyed and that was really helpful for me when writing future chapters. Thank you so much for taking the time to write something with each post, I really hope you enjoy my next one! If there's any particular characters you'd like to see let me know as I'd be happy to write them in as a thank you :)


I wanted to write a special thank you to you not just because of your amazing, consistent support but also because you reviewed each and every time even though it wasn't an Adelle centred fic which I know are of course your favourite! You were always so encouraging and enthusiastic and I hope you enjoyed the Adelle surprise I put in as a way of giving something back to you.


I've left you until last because you're super special hehe! Thank you so so so much to my most supportive reader; you always wrote such a huuuuuge review pointing out special quotes or paragraphs you enjoyed and it helped so much and made me feel like all the hours I put in writing the fic was worthwhile because it was being enjoyed by others. Your opinion is what matters the most to me when I'm writing these stories and you've been so supportive all the way through; encouraging me even when I thought what I'd written was utter rubbish. So thank you so so so much :) You're the best! :D

Edit: Oh and thank you to the mods for keeping my fic here just until I got a chance to thank everybody. I hope everyone will follow me to my next fic which I'll be posting shortly!

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