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Laura so sorry for commenting so late! I know I am useless.

The past two updates were amazing. Once again you captured their emotions just right and in such a way I felt complete empathy for both of them. I absolutely love how you’ve written Derek; he’s so wonderful and Rachel is exactly how I imagine she would have been in that situation! :lol: I love all the attention to detail regarding the baby and the medical stuff, it's not written in a patronising way and really helps to imagine things clearly. You're writing is very vivid and i really love that about all your stories.

Although I completely understand why she was so desperate to see her baby. Not being able to hold your child as soon as you’ve given birth must be pretty horrendous :( and I thought you conveyed that really well. Poor Tony, stuck in the middle kinda. On one hand he’s just as desperate as Rachel to see their daughter but obviously worried/concerned for his wife’s well-being at the same time. I did like how Rachel put herself in a position where it was pretty hard of Derek to say no. And Tony’s eye rolling was perfect. It was sad she was worried the baby wouldn’t like her thought, that’s a part of Rachel we rarely see and I love you included her insecurities in that way.

“Hey it’s okay sweetheart, Mummy and Daddy are here, don’t cry” Tony soothed, kissing the back of her tiny hand. She fluttered her eyes and began to let sleep overcome her as Rachel rocked her gently in her arms and Tony watched them in amazement; proud of the family he’d created.

“Oh and Tony” Rachel whispered, breaking the silence that had befallen over them for what seemed like ages as their little girl slept soundly in her arms. “I was right you know. You do look really hot in scrubs.”

Those lines were so beautiful and moving. Tony is a total sweetheart. And i loved Rachel's joke about him looking hot! :lol:

I think it's good that Jack has finally managed to move forward with the whole Angelo situation. I thought the conversation between him and Martha was really well written and captured both their personalities. Loved Martha's line about Rachel being bossy :lol: I'm glad Jack listened to her and realised what was important in life. Hopefully now he'll be able to put it all behind him and move forward with Martha.

The little chapter of Tony and the baby was just too adorable!! :wub: Love the Winne the Pooh hat, so cute!! His pride is so clear and it's lovely to see him so happy after everything. Him talking to her was so cute and i love he made fun of himself regarding the grey hairs, hahah. Can't wait for more!!

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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek ! That was beautiful & thank you very much :) I loved Aden & Belle in that chapter.

Belle's pregnant - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. Fluff or what ?

An amazing chapter. Well done. Loved Tony & Rachel in that chapter too - hormonal woman, that made me laugh.

Love Carina xxx :wub:

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Awww.That was utterly brilliant and incredibly sweet.I love how everyone ended up happy:Tony and Rachel, Jack, Lucas.Favourite bits:Leah's excitement at being a godmother, Rachel realising Belle was pregnant, Tony advising that pregnant women are always right...Simply excellent, all of it.

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Well that was a lovely and happy ending to a beautifully written fic. :wub:

“Got any tips on how to deal with a hormonal woman coach?”

“Don’t even answer that one…” Rachel jumped in, raising her eyebrow at her fiancé.

“A pregnant woman is always right. You remember that and you’ll get along just fine” Tony winked, picking his words carefully as the women in the room nodded enthusiastically in agreement. “Isn’t that right love?”

I love that bit. :lol: I also smiled at Leah's excitement about being a godmother. :)

Aw Belle and Aden are having a baby. And Jack and Martha are thinking about it. :wub:

I'm glad Lucas finally realised how much Tony loves him and that he loves his baby sister too. :)

I loved the chat between Rachel and Tony and Ella Grace is a lovely name.

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