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Distance and Time (by charmed60) - comments

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Firstly thank you sooo much to my lovely dedicated, regular reviewers. Your comments all mean so much to me and I'm so grateful to take the time to sit, read and actually comment on what you like/don't like. It's such an encouragement so thank you Red Ranger, Carina, Laura and Kirsty. Also a special thank you to Barbara; wow that must have taken you ages to review and I am really and truly grateful for the effort. To answer your questions; I work in maternity so in that respect I was able to use my own knowledge but I have had to do a bit more research on the other aspects so I'm pleased it came across realistically. And I didn't even think about including Ruby to be honest; I probably should have done. I think because I focused on having Jack, Lucas, Mattie, Belle etc in this fic my mind was on the old H&A cast so I forgot she existed. As a way of thanking you for your huge update I've included a little J&M scene in the chapter after this that I hope you'll like. For all of you I've also written a few chapters in advance so hopefully can update a bit quicker; sorry to keep you waiting so long. Sorry if it's a little mushy.

You're welcome. Now that you mention it, I guess it's not so weird you forgot about Ruby. I know Matilda and her were together on the show for a short while but I can't even remember if they've ever had a scene together and I usually think of the group Cassie/Mattie/Lucas/Ric and the group Annie/Ruby/Jai/Xavier as being separate even though some of them did interact with each other. :lol: You working in maternity explains why your hospital and medical scenes seem so realistic (not that other authors on this forum don't write about it realistically but it's just different, if that makes sense). Aw a JM scene! :wub: Thank you. And I don't mind chapters who are a bit mushy! :P

Aw they have a little girl. I wasn't expecting that. :) Tony seemed really excited, which is understandable as he already has two sons. And Rachel couldn't wait to hold her. I hope the baby will be alright. After all they've been through, they deserve some happiness. :)

More please.

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Aww Laura that was amazing! :D I absolutely loved it! It was so beautifully written with so much heartfelt emotion. I love how you write so vividly; it really helps to connect and emphasise with the characters. The conversation between Rachel and Tony during the birth was brilliant, touching and realistic. Rachel’s obvious fear was heart-breaking to read and I felt desperately sorry for her. After everything she’s been through it’s sad things ended up going the way they did. But again Tony was wonderful; so supportive and loving. The image of him trying to put his scrubs on really made me laugh! I could imagine him all hurried and then getting all stressed! :lol: The c-section was written very realistically and I kinda felt like I learned something! So well done on that! I liked Tony trying to distract himself by wondering what their baby would be like and at the same time trying to support Rachel. Reading about her crying was so sad. It must be a really horrible situation to be in and i think they both coped with it all really well. I'm glad Tony didn't faint or anything! Seeig Rachel be cut open can't have been nice for him at all!

“Rach” Tony spluttered; overwhelmed as he managed to find his voice. “Look at our son, that’s our little boy” he beamed, wiping tears away in an effort to protect his masculinity.

“That’s not a boy” Rachel gasped. “Tony we’ve got a daughter” she shrieked, stroking his face with the palm of his hand. His eyes widened with shock and he desperately rubbed them incase he was seeing things; but he wasn’t. Rachel was right.

That I was not expecting!! :o So brilliant!! It was really funny and I loved how Rachel just blurted out the obvious! Tony’s reaction was adorable, bless him. :wub: I love Tony has a little girl! It's so sweet and it was a nice twist!! Rachel's reaction was funny and i like how it took Tony a while before he finally realised the baby was definitely not a boy!

But the ending really worried. Poor Tony and Rachel must be on the verge of having breakdowns! It must have been devastating for them, especially Rachel, to not even be allowed to hold her. It was heart breaking for her at the end. After everything she's been through i just wanted her to hold her baby :( Her hormones must be going crazy. But Tony is just wonderful and his support is just fantastic.

I can't wait for more.

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Nice update.I liked Rachel's thoughts and the whole little scene of her and Tony seeing their daughter:The comment that Matthew wasn't a good name for her made me smile.Good that Jack realises he can't stay angry forever.

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Just read what I've missed.

WOW everything you have written has been amazing.

The emotions, the feelings... everything.

And the twist that Tony and Rachel had a baby girl not a boy was definately not seen by me.

Next time you update I will try and read as soon as I see it, I just haven't realised you've updated lol! so sorry.

Anyway, Fantastic couple of updates, I really enjoyed reading them.

More soon please :)

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Thankfully, Rachel and her daughter are both fine.

“Hey it’s okay sweetheart, Mummy and Daddy are here, don’t cry” Tony soothed, kissing the back of her tiny hand. She fluttered her eyes and began to let sleep overcome her as Rachel rocked her gently in her arms and Tony watched them in amazement; proud of the family he’d created.

That's the sweetest sentence in the whole chapter! Tony is so proud and excited. :D

“Oh and Tony” Rachel whispered, breaking the silence that had befallen over them for what seemed like ages as their little girl slept soundly in her arms. “I was right you know. You do look really hot in scrubs.”

I like how you added some humor in an emotional scene. :D

“Really, really weird” Jack emphasised, running his fingers down her back as they lay snuggled up together in bed. “We’ve never had a girl born into our family, the poor kid’s doomed to be a tomboy surrounded by all these blokes.”

“Oh I don’t know about that” Martha disagreed, “if she’s anything like her Mum she’ll be stubborn enough and strong enough to boss all you boys around.”

“Yeah you might be right about that” Jack chuckled, closing his eyes peacefully.

I think Martha could be right about that. I doubt the guys will be able to say no when she asks for something. :P

The talk between Jack and Martha was sweet. It's good that Jack decided to move on as well. And they're talking about babies. :wub:

Great and well-written chapter. Please update soon. :)

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