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Distance and Time (by charmed60) - comments

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Oh, really tense update.I could feel Tony's panic as he struggled with what to do and tried to remember the important things.Really hope he did the right thing giving her that medication, hopefully she'd know if it was wrong.At least he's managed to phone an ambulance.Looking forward to more.

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I’m so sorry I’m slow at responding, can’t believe I missed another update!

Those last two chapters were amazing. You always capture the emotion so well, I feel like I know Tony and Rachel personally by how you write them. They both seem to be on this emotional roller coaster. As soon as something positive happens they have another set-back. But I think it’s great that they don’t let things get on top of them anymore and work through their issues together. I love how their relationship is developing and growing.

I understand why Rachel didn’t want to tell Tony about what happened at the hospital but I feel if she had then what happened could have been prevented. It’s sad she is trying to be so strong and shield him from things when really at this stage in her pregnancy she should be leaning on him a lot more than she is. And Tony – my heart broke for him. :( It must have been horrific for him to be told there’s nothing they can do about his memory loss and he has to learn to live with it. Coming to terms with it must have been so hard and I think you articulated that really well. I like how he just suddenly lashed out and screamed; it was like he was finally releasing all the anger he’d build up.

“I know you’re not” Rachel insisted, grabbing his hand and squeezing it reassuringly. “And so does everyone else. You see yourself so differently to how we all do Tony, all your friends are just thankful that you’re still here with us. We felt what it was like to lose you and I know it doesn’t feel like it to you but to us it’s a small price to pay just to have you back.”

If only Tony could believe what Rachel Is saying because it’s true. She’s being so supportive, bless her, even though it must be killing her inside seeing Tony so devastated. I like how you showed her bossy side though!! Loved she pretty much demanded he run her a bath and then give her a massage. :lol:

Oh my God though the last chapter was so intense! :o You build up the tension so gradually I could hardly wait to find out what happened. I’m glad Tony managed to stay calm and I think under the circumstances he acted amazingly. Tony panicking would have made things so much worse. I loved how he didn’t get angry at her for not telling him about having to go back to the hospital and was just, well, incredible. I hope giving her the medication was the right thing to do. Poor Rachel. :( My heart breaks for her. She must be terrified. The description and attention to detail just made it even more brilliant and added so much to the story. You create this visual in my mind and so easy to map out every scene. Tony's panic really came across but i love he managed to stay calm for her. Can't wait for more.

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Well, I was relieved that Tony did the right thing in giving her the tablets but oh gosh, that end bit doesn't sound good.Really really hoping that Rachel and the baby are all right.Liked the way she made a point of stressing to Tony that he'd saved their lives and wasn't as useless as he thought. Looking forward to more!

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Great update :)

The situation with Rachel and the Baby doesn't sound too good :(

I hope they are both okay and nothing too bad happens to them... there families already gone through enough

But I guess It'll get get worse before it gets better...

Tony saved Rachel and the baby :)

Fantastic bit of writing :)

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I FINALLY had the time to catch up. I’m really sorry it took so long. You are a really good writer. I have a feeling you work in a hospital or at least in a medical environment. Either that or you must have spent some time researching everything. As I haven’t been reading all these chapters in one go but still commented on each chapter I missed, most of my questions will probably have been answered in later chapters. :wink:


I’m so glad Tony woke up and he wasn’t angry with Rachel for what she said before the accident.

I can’t believe Angelo didn’t want to do DNA tests because it was too expensive. How do you want to solve any cases without doing DNA tests? If the station is having financial difficulties, they should just cut costs on something else, not something as important as DNA tests. How stupid!


I’m not surprised with Jack’s reaction to Angelo’s news. After all, Angelo’s lies hurt all of Tony’s relatives and friends.

I love how worried Tony was when he thought there was something wrong with Rachel and then he got all excited when he heard about the baby.

I can’t blame Charlie for being furious with Angelo. And how could he put her name down as well? She could be in serious trouble too.


I love how Tony started fussing over Rachel. I’m glad everything is okay between Jack and Rachel. The most important thin is that Tony is alive and well. I wonder what is wrong with Tony’s memory. The talk between Lucas and Tony was nice. So Lucas was angry with him but it wasn’t his fault. At least, he knows the truth now.


I can’t believe Angelo was ready to blame everything on Charlie. He is supposed to love, you don’t do such thing to someone you love. I really like the talk between Lucas and Rachel. I understand Tony wants to be brave for his family but Rachel is a doctor and she would be able to reassure him and answer some of his questions.


Poor Charlie! Being arrested by your co-workers for something you haven’t even done and realizing your own fiancé set you up must be horrible. I love the teasing between Rachel and Tony. Oh Mattie and Ric came back to see Tony. He must be thrilled to see them, esp. Mattie. I wasn’t expecting Tony to react like that to Rachel’s attempted suicide. I feel sorry for Rachel but also for Tony when he realised he shouldn’t have yelled at her.


Poor Tony! He only just realised how much Rachel must have been suffering when she thought he was dead. Poor Rachel! She shouldn’t feel bad about hurting their baby as she wasn’t even aware that she was pregnant at the time. If she hadn’t known, she would probably not have acted that way. The baby kicking when it did was so sweet! How can Angelo expect Charlie to lie for him after what he did to her?


It must be so hard on both of them. It’s normal that Rachel gets frustrated every now and then when she has to repeat things over and over again. Obviously, she’s not doing it on purpose but it must upset Tony nevertheless even though he knows she can’t help it. The talk between Tony and Lucas was both serious and playful; it was very well-written. Oh God. Tony is going to be so upset when he finds out Rachel got seriously hurt because he forgot to pick her up.


I’m glad someone found Rachel and made sure she was alright. Jack thinks Charlie is responsible. I hope he soon realises what really happened. I think Derek made the right decision, Tony will find out soon enough anyway.


Poor Tony! He is going to feel guilty about what happened for a long time. Iwonder if they’ll press charges against Charlie. I think Jack knows deep down that she isn’t responsible.


Poor Rachel! At least, the baby is going to be okay. Oh it’s a little boy! Tony is so excited. I think Rachel should follow Tony and Leah’s advice about seeing someone. It could be helpful. Poor Charlie! I feel so sorry for her and she doesn’t have anyone to talk to. I’m glad Tony and Jack decided to go and talk to Charlie.


I know Rachel is terrified but she shouldn’t take it out on Tony like that. He’s blaming himself enough as it is. Plus, Tony didn’t leave her alone. She is the one who told Leah to leave. She is really hurting him. I’m glad Irene believed Charlie. She is right, Charlie has to confess. I know she loves Angelo but he should never have put her in this position in the first place. Does Ruby live in Summer Bay in this fic? I would have thought she’d be there for Charlie.


I’m glad Rachel realised it was a good thing to leave the house and how much her words hurt Tony. I’m sure they’ll figure it out eventually. The Holdens finally know the truth, which is great. At least, Charlie got her friends back. I have a feeling someone will have to stop Jack from hurting Angelo next time he sees him.


Its’ good to know Tony found someone with the same problems. At least, he knows he is not alone. I thought Rachel’s present was really thoughtful and it can only help Tony remember things.


Too bad, Tony’s diary didn’t let him know earlier about the obstetrician but a day with his son will be a good thing for him as well. Jack is going to buy Martha a special present. How thoughtful! Thankfully, Charlie came when she did and stopped Jack from hitting Angelo even though he would have deserved it. I’m glad Charlie doesn’t want to do anything with Angelo anymore. She deserves a better boyfriend.


Poor Tony! I can’t help feeling sorry for him. It must be awful but like Rachel said, they’ll work things out. And he won’t have forgotten about how to take care of a baby. He has a problem with his short-term memory and taking care of baby Jack and baby Lucas was ages ago so he can’t have forgotten about that. He may need some practice again though. I have a feeling Rachel isn’t going to go back to the hospital and that cannot be good.


I think it’s normal that Tony felt useless. If you’re not a nurse or a doctor and you don’t know much about that domain, everybody will ask themselves these same questions. I know I would. I hope Rachel and the baby will both be okay.


It looks like Tony made the right move and saved Rachel’s life. He definitely isn’t as useless as he thinks he is. I love how Rachel reassured Tony about him saving her life and not being useless. The start of that chapter was good, they were happy. Now there’s something wrong with the baby. I really hope the baby will be okay. It has to be. They’ve been through so much already.

I think this must be the longest review I've ever written. :D

Please update soon. :)

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Ohh this chapter was so exciting!! I loved it. There was so much tension but you wrote it brilliantly and really built it up. I felt sorry for Tony at the start. He must have been completely terrfied and i thought it was pretty sad he blamed himself for her not telling him she needed to go back to the hospital. I loved that you had Derek there, yey!! And i love how he told Tony he saved Rachel's life. That will obviously help him tremendously and i hope he takes a lot of confidence and reassurance from it. I really liked how you had him waiting outside and you wrote his frustration and anger so well. It must be tough to be stuck waiting around knowing there is absoloutly nothing you can do to help someone you love when they probably need you the most.

“Of course it does. You knew what to do to look after us, it just proves that you’re not as incapable as you thought you were. Nothing can hold my man back” Rachel giggled as Tony’s face broke into a smile.

Aww bless!! :lol: And Rachel thinks he would look 'amazing' in scrubs. Hehehe!

Poor Rachel though!! She has been so brave and now it looks as if the baby is going to come before anyone is ready!! :o I did like how you had her on the defensive on this and she was looking to Tony for support. They must be terrified and with everything happening so fast i'm glad Tony managed to remain somewhat calm and was there for Rachel.

Can't wait to see what happens next!!

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