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Distance and Time (by charmed60) - comments


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Great few updates! :)

I was shocked that Charlie came to Angelo's defense but after what she said to Jack about lowering to the same level as him it made sense and I could see it was the right thing to do. I wonder who phoned Tony to make him so irritated - maybe he got his results back and they found it wasn't short term??

I love the electronic reminder notebook! Such a good idea- I was thinking that Rachel needed to write him a list of everything he needed to do!

Fantastic Writing! :)

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That was amazing Laura! I loved it. You captured their emotions so perfectly as always, when i read it i feel like i am watching it on the television it's so realistic.

I loved the Rachel/Tony stuff. I'm glad the diary thing seems to be working out for them although i guess it's inevitable things are not always going to to go to plan. I do like that Rachel convinced him to go with Jack even though i suspect she really wanted him to go with her - that was sweet of her and Tony's guilt was well written. Even without saying anything you could tell how bad he felt. Jack trying to pick a gift for Martha was really funny - you write the humour really well. The Jennifer Aniston/Angelina Jolie stuff was brilliant - i could just imagine the look on Jack and Tony's faces! :lol:

“Did you understand any of that Dad” Jack whispered?

“Not a word mate, not a word” Tony admitted, shrugging.

“Men” Rachel teased, “did you want to get one she can wear on special occasions or every day?”

So funny! It really made me laugh. I like how Rachel was so flippant about the whole thing and knew exactly what to get her. Poor Jack and Tony, haha.

It's nice they are spending some together though and i guess Tony is worried about the whole Angelo situation. Rachel seems pretty uncomfortable and tired - i hope everything is going to be okay with her now it's getting so close to the arrival of baby Tachel!

I don't blame Jack for attacking Angelo. He must have had so much anger built up inside him. Maybe in a strange sort of way this will help him move on and learn to deal with what Angelo did. I am glad Charlie stopped him though - Jack could have ended up in jail if he'd carried on. I can't believe Angelo honestly thought Charlie had forgiven him!! :o He really is an awful person and i hope he gets what's coming to him!!

Really intrigued as to why Tony left early. I hope that phone call was not really bad news :( Him and Rachel have been through so much.

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Great update.

Poor Tony, feeling like he can't take care of his child before its even born :(

But I'm glad Rachel is there to support him thorugh all of what he's going to face, but I hope in doing so, she doesn't completely forget to take care of herself.

I love how Tony and Rachel are in this fic, :wub: you write it so well

More soon please :)

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Wow.... Ive just read the whole entire story..... I was crying so much... :( But then i was so overjoyed when it turns out that Tony was alive :D

Angelo is such a scum bag :angry: But im glad Charlie has come to her senses and got rid of him out her life, and that she told someone about it. :)

Looking forward to more.. this is def a story i will follow :P

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