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Distance and Time (by charmed60) - comments


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That was another fabulous chapter :)

I thought it was pretty heartbreaking that Tony went to the hospital two hours early to pick her up. It shows how much despair he is in and gives an insight into how he is coping with things. Sadly he seems to be struggling with the outcome of his accident but i guess that's to be expected given everything that's happend. I loved how going back to work seemed to really help Rachel; it didn't seem like a good idea at the time but that's always been her way of coping and i think this time it's really working well. You captured her true character really well there. The little scene with them in the hospital was really sweet and i did enjoy the little bits of mush :wub: I like how they're talking to each other a little more honestly now and it seems like Rachel is feeling a lot better about the situation which will hopefully help Tony too. I also liked the mention of Julie yey! It's sweet she is looking out for Rachel and i like how you did it in such a way that it didn't make Rachel seem pathetic or like she was over-reacting. On one hand she's trying to be strong but you can pick up on the ocassional moment of vunrability with her.

“I was…scared that I’d forget to pick you up” Tony admitted, his cheeks flushed with embarrassment. “So I came as soon as I remembered. It’s okay I don’t mind waiting.”

I felt quite sorry for Tony here :( But i am glad Rachel made it clear how much it meant to her he was there and she didn't make him feel like an idiot. And it's just like Tony to be so sweet.

I loved that Tony and Jack went to see Charlie and i'm relieved the truth is finally out!! I don't blame Jack at all for his anger though and i hope he confronts Angelo! Tony was as lovely as always with her - very understanding considering he had a right to be mad. I loved how they chit chatted about Rachel, it all felt very normal and it must have been nice for Charlie to have something else to think about. I'm happy she is going to visit her - hopefully seeing her friends again will lift poor Charlie. It must be awful for her - you don't stop loving someone just like that, despite what Angelo did i'm sure she finds it impossible to bury her feelings for him.

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That was brilliant as always :)

It's really sweet that Tony is trying so hard to find help and support and i loved him telling Rachel he was 'googling.' :lol: I'm glad Rachel understood why he felt he had to find someone other than her to talk too and didn't make a big deal out of it. It's sweet she got a little teary about it though; i guess her being heavily pregnant is also playing on her emotions. Loved the little mention of her swollen ankles too, poor Rach!! She seems to be getting pretty uncomfortable. Good to see she is still shopping with Leah though :lol:

The sound of a spoon hitting the bottom of a cup echoed in the house. She heard Tony curse under his breath and she winced, wishing she’d never asked.

You write Tony's frustration so well. It's sad that something as trivial as taking the rubbish out makes him feel so useless, when in every day life it's something that is easily forgotten. But i guess every little thing he forgets to do will be traced back to his illness. I feel so sorry for him. I understand why he feels like he can't look after his wife and her being pregnant must make him feel a lot worse. And for Rachel too as i don't think she means to make him feel like he's not remembering things. I guess it's going to take them a long time to adjust to things. It's good they don't seem to be taking things out on each other anymore though and i hope they continue to work together to get through it. It must be really difficult for her though to hear Tony go on about he's not being 'the man' etc becasue she clearly doesn't worry about that. And i hope Tony realises he can look after her and just becasue he forgets to take the rubbish out it doesn't mean he's letting her down in any way.

The gift was so lovely, bless Rachel :wub: I'm so glad Tony took it in the right way and i really hope it's going to be a positive thing for him. :D

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