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Wow, yeah, you captured everyone's feelings really well, Rachel simultaneously wanting Tony to comfort her and blaming him, Tony feeling guilty and being angry with himself for not protecting her. Glad Jack's beginning to realise Charlie might be innocent, hope they find out the truth.Looking forward to more!

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Another amazing update! The writing has been at such a high standard from the very first line.

I really liked the sudden change in Rachel's emotions when she saw Tony. At first she just seemed completely overwhelmed by the situation and just needed him to comfort her - but then it seemed to hit her than if only he'd been there she wouldn't have been attacked. I think she know she is being irrational to blame him but i think she's just genuinly scared and needs someone to take that out on. The anger seemed to disappear as quickly as it came though and she went back to being vunrable and needing him :( I feel so sorry for them both. I understand why Tony must feel so guilty - nothing can really take away from the fact that if only he'd picked her up then she wouldn't have walked and therefor she wouldn't be lying in a hospital bed :(

Tony wrapped his arms around her tentatively and tried forcing himself to say the comforting words he wanted her to hear; but he couldn’t speak. Guilt had plagued his body so ferociously and he felt physically sick, knowing that if he’d have remembered to pick her up then she would never have had to go through this. She wouldn’t have deep fingernail marks engrained in her arms or bruises in the shape of some lowlife’s fingers. Tony felt anger run straight through to his fingertips and he clenched his fists as he imagined tracking down the person who did this to her and hurting them so bad they never walked or slept again. He squeezed her tighter as if to comfort her and held his breath as a tear trickled down his cheek; just so Rachel wouldn’t see that he was crying. He hated himself so much and felt completely helpless; he should have remembered, this was all his fault.

That paragraph captured Tony's emotions perfectly. He seems like such a broken man :( It's like all the work that went into his recovery has been undone and now he has this huge uphill battle. His memory loss is something he's not going to be able to control and things that him forgetting to pick her up are going to happen, unfortunately. I did love how he got really protective of her and just sat by her as she slept. The little scene with Jack was lovely and it was nice to see him supporting his dad and trying to reassure him. It's really sad Rachel has gone from being a strong person to someone who is literally falling apart. You captured that really well, especially when she asked Tony not to leave her without having to utter a word.

The Jack and Martha stuff was really good - it's nice to see them supporting each other. The situation with Charlie is really terrible and i understand why Martha wants Jack to wait before pressing charges. I guess Jack is really desperate for someone to blame and to take punishment but i don't think they can ignore the fact that Charlie is a good friend and claims she's innoocent.

So can't wait for more.

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Great Update :)

I feel so sorry for Tony! It's not entirely his fault that Rachel went through all that so he shouldn't be blaming himself for it!

But like Jack said I would as well if I was in his position.

I really hope they decide to not press charges on Charlie! It wasn't her and Jack knows that!

Fantastic writing :) I love this story

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Great update! :D

I'm glad Leah is helping Rachel and I really hoped the Tony leaving her for a while helped a bit.

I feel sorry for Charlie because no one is listening to her when she is innocent - like Jack says.

I hope they talk to her and decide to not press charges, I would think the most important thing for them is to try to get back to the way they used to be. A happy, loving family :)

Wonderful chapter- I really enjoyed it (apart from Rachel's nightmare stories though!)

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