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Distance and Time (by charmed60) - comments


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Oh gosh.Liked the chat between Tony and Lucas, glad they sorted things out.Shame Rachel snapped at Tony like that but I can understand it being frustrating for her.And that ending...I was worried Tony would forget to pick up Rachel and when she started walking home I had a feeling something bad was going to happen.Hope she and the baby are all right.

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Sorry I didn't comment on the other update I didn't see it until now!

Great work I loved the little converstation between Tony and Rachel and I am so glad that Lucas has heard what he really needed to hear about hid relationship with Tony. It's so touching :) You write it beautifully

Oh no! I hope Rachel's okay and that nothing happens to the baby! Why did she decide to walk home? She could have rung Toy from inside the hospital - its late and it really isn't a very good idea to go walking around in the dark! :P

Tony always forgetting little things adds a bit of humour into it and always makes me smile! :D

Fantastic and I can't wait for more!

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I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to comment.

Those two chapters were just amazing. I loved the talk between Matilda and Tony and thought it was really fitting that she was the one who told Tony just how desperate and lost Rachel became after his 'death.' Although it must have been awful for Tony to hear what he was being told i think it's something he had too. I think it's important that Tony understands just how completely broken Rachel was.

“Leah said that when they brought her round in the hospital she begged the doctors to let her go so that she could be with you.” Tony moved his hand to his chest as he felt a physical pain radiating around his heart. Tears caught in his throat and he breathed heavily in order to fight them off; he hated to think that she went through that much pain. “I think that knowing about the baby was the only thing that got her through…”

It must have really devastated Tony to hear that. Those few lines were so powerful and i think started the shift in Tony's feelings.

The Tony/Rachel scene on the beach was so beautfully written. It was full of angusih and pain but it showed perfectly how much they are both hurting. Rachel's scars will always be a constant reminder of what happened but i hope one day she can look at them and not feel any hurt or regret over everything that's happened. It's so sad she's doubting herself as a mother and blaming herself for what happened - as Tony said how could she have know? I loved the end when they were wrapped up in each other and Tony felt the baby kicked - it seemed like such a symbolic moment! And the little Romeo and Juliet line was cute and i'm glad Rachel was able to make a little joke in what was such a serious moment. I don't think anyone can blame Tony for his outburst at her but i'm glad he realised that more than anything she needed him to reassure her and it was good she let him.

Angleo is nothing short of pathetic and i am shocked he's let things get this far. Poor Charlie being in prison becasue of a mistake he made!! I wonder if anything will make him realise that he's gone far too far and has ruined his relationship with Charlie beyond repair.

I liked the little 'domestic' scene between Tony and Rachel at the beginning of the last chapter. It all seemed very normal and i think it's realistic she'd get a little snappy with him about his memory loss. It's a huge thing to adjust to and it's only natural it'd take some time. Poor Tony though, it must get really frustrating for him.

I loved the chat between Lucas and Tony and i'm glad he asked him about the whole thing with Rachel. I don't think it's something he could have ignored and i feel it's better to havr things out in the open. Lucas reacted a lot better than i expected - i'm glad he didn't get angry and run away.

“You know you’re a lot like your mother” Tony smiled; “you get your creativity and your sensitivity from her and I love you for all the things you are that I’m not. But you get a lot from me to you know, mainly your good looks.”

I loved that line :lol: It's a lovely thing to say and i'm glad Lucas and Tony seem to be getting along. It's something really positive that has come out of this whole mess and i hope it continues.

But oh wow that ending!! I did not expect that. Poor Rachel. This is going to really set her back :( and i dread to see how Tony is going to react. It must be really hard for her not to worry about him when things like that happen especially when in the past she would have assumed he'd forogtten or something had turned up. But now she's going to worry something awful has happened and it must be so hard to think otherwise given what's happened. I hope she's going to be okay :o And God Tony is going to freak when he finds out and of course he'll blame himself.

Can't wait for more. :D

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Great Update :)

I'm glad someone found Rachel and she's okay, not seriously injured. But the baby situation doesn't sound very good I hope nothing bad happens to it.

It's good to see the Holden family interacting together they get along so well now! :D

I can imagine Tony being frantic with worry about Rachel!

I hope everything works out!

Fantastic work! I absolutely love this fic :)

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Laura yet again that was a beautifully written, amazing chapter.

I really enjoyed the opening scene. It was nice and light and gives such insight into Lucas's emotional state. It seems he has let go of all his anger completely and it's so nice to see him and Tony enjoying a normal father-son relationship. Lucas's little quips at Tony were funny and i'm glad he took them in the right way. :)

Im glad someone came to help Rachel pretty fast and got her to hospital. I like how she asked for Tony automatically although part of me thinks she was actually worried about him as opposed to simply needing him for herself. I thought the dialogue between Rachel and Derek was brilliant and so realistic and true to their characters. It's nice that Rachel had a friend to treat her and someone she is connected to on an emotional level (to an extenet). She seems pretty shaken up by everything and to have someone she considers a friend treating her can only be a good thing. I loved that you have brought out her vunrable side - her constant asking for Tony really emphasised this and also her fears about not feeling the baby move. Although she didn't really say much about it you could tell it terrified her. Poor Tony :( After everything that's happened he has to now be the strong one. I like the little role reversal. Maybe this will help him stop feeling like he's depending on her all the time. I just hope he doesn't blame himself for not picking her up.

I'm glad you wrote Tony finding out and i like how you included Jack and Lucas in that scene. It seems Jack is pretty determined to punish Charlie/Angelo for what happened. I only hope poor Charlie gets redemmed before things go too far. I don't blame Jack at all though.

“What’s happened, i,is she okay” Tony spluttered, his heart pounding as he heard the sound of sirens in the background and a bustle of voices. Visions of their car smashed up around a lamppost instantly created themselves in his mind which Tony tried desperately to get rid of.

Poor Tony. Of course he'd imagin the worse and that phone call must have been horrific for him. I did love the sudden swtich - one min he's with his sons and Lucas is joking around etc then he finds out Rachel has been involved in a serious accident.

I can't wait for more :)

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