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Distance and Time (by charmed60) - comments


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Oh gosh, I wasn't expecting Charlie to end up in that much trouble.Really can't see any way back for her and Angelo from that.Loved the little bit with Elijah and how it helped him come to terms with what happened.I could understand Tony's reaction, it's a shame Rachel ran out like that.Not sure about there being no physical explanation for his memory lapses, hoping it's something that'll sort itself out given time.

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Wow that was amazing as always!

Oh my poor Charlie!! Things are rapidly going downhill for her :( I can't believe Angelo let it go as far as her getting arrested!! :o That's disgusting behaviour for him. And to think just a few weeks ago they were so happy. It must have been embarrasing for her to be taken to the station by work colleagues. I like how you set that scene up; her reflecting on how wonderful her life had been and how quickly it changed.

It's lovely Tony's home :) And nice to see him have a little welcome home party! Loved this line:

“Hey” Rachel interrupted sternly, wrapping her arm around Tony’s back. “We all thought we’d lost you, this problem is nothing compared to that. What matters is that you’re here and you’re safe” she gushed, snuggling into his chest. “Plus you were never really normal were you my love.”

It's good Rachel is trying to make light of the situation and all things considering he got off pretty lightly. I hope it doesn't casue too many problems though. I loved that Tony and Rachel were able to reassure Elijah about his job/faith and i hope they helped him realise that he actually helped them more than they first thought. And yay Mattie came to see him, that was lovely :)

That last section was heartbreaking :( I was wondering when he was going to find out about her suicide attempt. I don't blame him for being angry, it must be horrific finding out someone you love was so desperate that they actually tried to end their own life. I thought it was really well writtien and Tony's outburst was really realistic. I like how you set it up, in a normal everyday situation where Rachel was probably unaware he'd even notice her scars. It's easy to see why she'd just want to forget about it. The little bit about the tv show too showed that Tony's memory loss is always going to be with them and no matter how frustrating it gets they're going to have to get used to it and not let it take over. Poor Rachel though. You can tell how ashamed she was and how hurt she was when Tony accused her of not thinking about the baby. I guess he got such a shock he wouldn't even consider the fact she didn't find out she was pregnant until after.

Can't wait for more.

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I loved that opening chat between Tony and Mattie.I felt really sorry for Rachel when she was alone on the beach and I'm glad Tony found her.Liked her comparing them to Romeo and Juliet.Angelo... god, I really hope Charlie drops him in it and I really hope they believe her.His remorse was purely token since he's still perfectly prepared to let her suffer to save his own skin.

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