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Laura that was a fantastic update. I loved it.

I don't blame Tony for being a little confused when he first woke up; it's only natural after spending so long in a coma. I love how he asked for Rachel though and i'm glad she wasn't angry at him. I felt sad that Lucas couldn't tell Tony exactly how he felt but in a way i think it's too soon for him to be spilling his heart out. Tony's initital reaction should be enough confirmation for him. I love how it was so subtle but it means so much.

“There you are” Tony croaked as he opened his eyes slightly to find her standing timidly by the door, the arms to her cardigan pulled over her hands. He stared at her, waiting for her to come towards him but she didn’t move, even when he weakly unclasped his fingers and held out his hand for her. “I thought you might have got bored of waiting for me to wake up, found yourself another bloke.”

That made me laugh. Bless Tony for cracking a joke after waking up from a major accident! It's still so sad how Rachel blames herself for all that happened and i'm glad Tony made her realise he wasn't angry at her. She's been carrying it around for so long it must be a huge relief for her to have it taken away. I love how she just blurted out that they buried him without really thinking about it. Tony just came across as being confused and i love how you wrote all that. It all worked really well. I think them having to sit down and explain what happened wouldn't have had the same affect. The end scene with them was lovely and it was so nice they were just alone together and Rachel finally relaxed for possibly the first time since the accident. And bless Tony for trying to make her see he wasn't ever mad at her.

Eeek all the stuff with Charlie and Angelo :o I can't believe Angelo has been so stupid! He's completely messed up and i don't think he realises how serious it is. I loved Charlie's anger towards him - she must be a little mixed up about everything given her position and also her relationship with Angelo. Plus she's friends with Jack, Rachel etc. I feel kinda bad for her - she must feel guilty even though it's not actually her fault. I'm excited to see where all this is going. I have a feeling Jack, Rachel etc are going to be furious. :o

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Wow, that was a great chapter.I loved Rachel's little overprotective moment and I'd completely forgotten that Tony didn't know about the baby, that was a nice moment as well.I was glad that Tony seemed to have forgiven Angelo but then that last scene...Oh dear.Given that Angelo still seems to be trying to duck responsibility, I'm very worried he's going to end up doing something unforgivable and hurting Charlie.

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Aww so glad Tony was happy about the baby and Rachel was so sweet and protective. :D Tony is really super dad for forgiving Angelo. I don't think he deserves it though.. 'I didn't think anyone would ever find out' lame excuse Angelo. It's not obvious I don't trust him is it. :P Can't wait to read more!


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It's nice to read that Rachel is pregnant, and that the news was told at the right time.

I'm not really sure what to make of your preview, however I am looking forward to seeing what direction you take with this fic since Tony is alive and well + with Rachel being pregnant.

Looking forward to the next update :) xx

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Aww great update! :)

Tony's reation to the baby was soo sweet I can just imagine him being all fragile and recovering then bursting out with joy! :P

So Angelo's even more guilty now... :(

I think it's nice Tony's forgiven Angelo I'm not sure how forgiving I would be in that situation.. Tony probably just wants to get on with his life.

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