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Distance and Time (by charmed60) - comments


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Yes!I'm glad that the trial seems to have worked and Tony's awake, I thought for a moment there it was going to have no effect.It was nice that Lucas was the first person he asked for, maybe now he knows that his father loves him, shame that Rachel's left feeling out in the cold.I'm sure Tony won't hold any sort of grudge against her at all.Looking forward to more!

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I'm so glad Tony opened his eyes and came out of his coma. :)

Poor Rachel! She's an emotional wreck. :( But things can only get better from now on. At least, I hope so. Well, Tony is alive, that's what matters most. :)

Martha is probably right. Tony just didn't look at Rachel because he just got out of his coma and must have been too confused. I don't think he'd hold a grudge against her as he was on his way home to make up when the accident happened, wasn't he? Other possibility:

he has some kind of amnesia and doesn't remember her


More please.

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Omg Laura this is so amazing!

I think Jack and Rachel were in a terrible position regarding the trial and i understand both their reactions. Of course Rachel being a doctor would want to try it becasue as she said he's been in a coma for a long time and it's unlikely he'd wake up considering . But i also get where Jack is coming from. Having a new drug tested on your immediate family is a scary prospect especially when there's no guarantee.

“You’re just sticking up for your own kind; to hell with the consequences it could have on Dad right?” Jack breathed heavily as the anger caused him to say something he instantly regretted. He saw the horror flash across Rachel’s eyes as soon as he’d said it and felt sickeningly guilty.

I loved that line. It was like there was a sudden switch in Jack and he just released all this anger but felt immediately guilty. I'm glad Rachel didn't take it to heart though. It was nice to see Lucas being emotional and actually confronting his feelings. I think that talk with Alf helped an awful lot. I'm glad he agreed with Rachel although i hope Jack doesn't feel too angry at being pushed out. The opening paragraph of the last chapter was so serious and sad. I like how you made it free of medical jargon! :lol: But Rachel just holding his hand and realising it had been over 6 hours was so incredibly sad; after everything they've been through it must have been just heartbreaking for everyone.

But even more heartbreaking was him waking up and not asking for Rachel :( Just when she must have been celebrating inside her heart gets broken again.

"Stand here sweetheart, where he can see you” she whispered, trying desperately to conceal the disappointment she felt that Tony had made no gesture towards her. She watched as he also squeezed Jack’s fingers and forced himself to open his eyes and look blearily at his two boys. Feeling like she was intruding on a private fatherly son moment, Rachel slipped quietly out of the room and shakily lowered herself into a nearby chair where she could finally let her emotions show.

I loved that even though she must have been falling apart inside she still managed to stay strong for Lucas and Jack. I don't know where she get's the strength from. It's just so sad she still feels guilty about their fight. I just hope Tony is a bit confused and he'll ask for her soon. I don't want to believe he doesn't recognise her or something awful like that.

So amazing though. Can't wait for more.

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Aww Tony is awake! Thats great. I loved how it was Lucas he asked for first, surely that will show Lucas how much he does love him. I do feel a bit sorry for Rachel and hopefully Tony does eventually ask for her. Brilliant update, Laura! :)

Preview sounds good!

Cant wait for more, update soon :)

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Ohhh fantastic update!!!! :D

Tony's awake! Thank goodness I was starting to get a bit worried about whether the trial was a good thing to do or not....

Rachel, rachel, rachel..... how heartbreaking for her that Tony didn't even acknowledge that she was there when he woke up- but I'm sure he would have if he hadn't just woken up from a coma. He was probably was "feeling woozy and confused and didn’t know where he was or what he was even looking at." Sorry can't work out how to quote :P) Martha's right... at least I hope she is... :unsure:

Lucas and Jack have their father back

Great work! (You didn't make me cry this time! :lol: but you really do write the emotions beautifully...)

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Fantastic 2 updates! I pretty much had tears in my eyes cos I was smiling so much. :P I'm so glad Tony woke up and remembered her and wasn't angry at her. I love how you write, everything is so amazingly emotional great job!

Charlie is angered by Angelo's actions but is about to learn something even more horrifying.

Ohh I don't think I like the sound of that. :unsure: Can't wait to read more! :)


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