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Fri 29 Oct 2010 – Episode # 5195

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Kanga “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 29 Oct 2010 – Episode # 5195 ]

NOTE – I’ve now included a scene that I missed the 1st time around into the ep guide for #5194. The new inclusion is in purple.


DAY AFTER THE EVENTS OF #5194 – Sid notes that Maz is very distracted. She tells him she had another dream - bout soon coming to the Bay who will change all their life. She’s also stressed bout telling Robert bout Alf kill Penn in her dram. She asks Sid if she can stay here tonight. He tells her [with irony so in his voice] that that would be such a burden. She takes what he said literally [a burden] and bails.


Nic & Romeo are studying for their exams. Nic is stressed bout her exams – as is Romeo [but cos his he’s not in the right headspace with Indi being jealous of Annie.


Sid phones and Alf answers. Maz arirevs but doesn’t want to talk to Sid. Alf insist that Maz sorts this out – so Maz hangs up the phone.


Sid talks to Indi bout Maz. She tells him about how girls are wired differently – which is whey Maz reacted the way she did. Sid tries t talk to Indi bout her ‘ship issues. She insists that she can’t change what Romeo thinks.


Romeo talks to Indi. He tells Indi that he fell in love with the free spirited girl Indi was when she 1st met – not the jealous girl that she is now.


Ruby & Romeo talk about their ‘ships [Ruby/Alex and Romeo/Indi]. Sid arrives, and Maz quickly bails upstairs.


Miles goes after Maz. She is hiding behind the bar – but she says she was looking for something for the juice bar. She tells Miles that she isn’t ken t see Alf or Sid atm – esp. cos of the dram she told Robert about. Miles insist that they will understand.


Alf tells Maz that he totally understands, she so bails. Alf then however tells Miles he is really concerned – esp. Ta Maz telling Robert bout that comes on top of Robert knowing e Alf lie t him bout Penn.

Nearby, Ruby and Romeo talk bout his ‘ship with Indi. He tells her he’d choose Indi over Annie if both were here right now – but Ruby insist that Romeo has to find a way of proving that to Indi.


Romeo UBER kisses Indi – proving his love for her. He then bails – leaving her speechless.


Ruby’s driving lesson is going badly – and she gets out f the car. When she comments that Alex probably has no time for her, Alex sees that she is overawed atm. He tells her he’s broken up with his g/f – and Ruby perks up immediately [which was the point of him saying it.]


Colleen & Nic way note Ruby is “slighky” happy. She wonder to them if they believe in fate – given what Mitzy told her bout finding new love within 2 months. Rubes excitedly tells Nic she has a date with Alex


Sid arrives with flowers for Maz. They both apologise for what occurred – his joke about her being a burden, and Maz over reacting to it all. He asks her to move in with him – and Maz eagerly agrees.

NEXT DAY – Maz tell Alf she is so happy about things atm. She also tells him about her latest dream – and how she thinks it’s to do with him.


A yellow Audi TT pulls up, and Roo [Alf’s daughter now played by Georgie Parker, rather than Justin Clarke] gets out if the car.



Alex tells Ruby he thinks she is “easy”

Alf is surprised to see Roo

Roo gives Gina an envelope – saying Martha & Hugo need help

Liam returns t the Bay – with a new g/f

Robert is keeping an eye on Roo

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Indi: hot pink low cut mid thngh dress/olive green halter kini


Miles: red [pink & black old style street lamp] t/dark shorts


Nic: denim like scoop top


Alex [instructor]: light blue shirt

Alf: olive green [yellow check] shirt/bone long pants

Alf: orange [green check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Colleen: red top

Indi: red [white check] dress

Marilyn: dark knee dress/white [Dalmatian spots] jacket

Marilyn: dark scoop knee dress/red [several white hearts] jacket

Romeo: grey & white singlet/blue shorts

Roo: dark suit/dark top/dark framed sunglasses

Ruby: white [red floral] knee dress/dark belt/tan boots

Sid: dark l/s top/dark long pants


Current IADL Award Front Runners

Best Dressed Female – Ruby Buckton [Top 5 – Ruby, Nicole, Rachel, Leah, Indigo]

Best Dressed Male – Miles Copeland [Top 5 – Miles, Dexter, Aden, Romeo, Reverend Elijah]

Best Dressed Guest – Rabbit [Top 5 – Rabbit, Mink, Annie, Mitzy, Adrian]

Best Dressed New Talent – Bianca Scott [Top 5 – Bianca, Rabbit, Marilyn, April, Mink]

Most Consistently Well Dressed Female – Nicole Franklin [Top 5 – Nicole, Ruby, Leah, Charlie, Rachel]

Most Consistently Well Dressed Male – Alf Stewart [Top 5 – Alf, Miles, Romeo, Xavier, Angelo]

Most Consistently Well Dressed Guest – Rabbit [Top 5 – Rabbit, John Palmer, Elijah, Mink, Annie]

Most Consistently Well Dressed New Talent – Marilyn Chambers [Top 5 – Marilyn, Bianca, April, Rabbit, Elijah]

Most Silver Medals – Leah Patterson-Baker [Top 3 – Leah, Ruby, Nicole]

Most Bronze Medals – Charlie Buckton [Top 3 – Charlie, Ruby, Leah]

Most Honourable Mentions – Alf Stewart [Top 3 – Alf, Miles, Romeo]

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