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How to delete membership

Guest haaxhaa

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Lately i've fallen out of love with home and away, and since i'm joined up to many websites i thought i'd take it upon myself to delete bit by bit some of the memberships i've signed up to. However, although BTTB is really "user friendly" it gives no indication or ANY help on how to delete your account/membership/registration... trust me i've searched... so if it does, then it is not very user friendly there.... :ph34r: So thats one suggestion i can put forth!

Anyway i've sent "PMs" or whatever they're called but no one has come back to me... so i'm sorry if this topic is a complete and utter waste... because I know for a fact it will be closed down and someone probably by the name of Foxy will give me a cyber telling off.

So yeah, if anyone could be of much assistance on how to delete this account i'd much appreciate it. Sorry to waste anyone's time!

Ciao. :rolleyes:

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It's fair enough to ask,don't worry! :) It's easier to just leave your account unused,rather than delete it,because it would mean having to delete any posts you've made and it would look a bit of a mess on the boards.

So,if you really want to leave,it's easier to just log out and leave your account dormant.

I hope that helps? :)

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Your question was answered both by members and by a moderator in the 'Are You Unsure' thread when you asked it nearly 3 months ago. Even though you're still here after all this time, I can only presume you didn't read the replies.

As Jack and the others have said, we don't delete accounts as it can cause problems with the posts that the member has made - it we leave them then it makes the forum look a mess, and if we delete them it can make things confusing with the flow of conversations.

If you want to leave the forum then you can do just that - log out and forget about it, leaving your account dormant.

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