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Alison Patterson's Journey


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  • 2 months later...

Episode 86

Leon is out in the backyard with Hayley when Mrs Longbottom comes outside.

Mrs Longbottom: Leon.

Leon: Has she gone yet?

Mrs Longbottom: She’s still in the living room.

Leon: Then, Hayley and I will remain outside until SHE leaves!

Mrs Longbottom: Hayley?

Hayley: I’m agreeing with Leon on that one Mrs Longbottom.

Mrs Longbottom: Would you go inside for a second so I can talk some sense into Leon?

*Hayley looks at Leon*

Leon: Go.

*Hayley walks inside*

Mrs Longbottom: Leon, I need you to listen to me very carefully. Your sister is trying her hardest to apologise to you and tell you and Hayley that she has changed, but you keep pushing her away.

Leon: You’d push her away too if she was horrible to you.

Mrs Longbottom: That’s hardly the point. She’s trying to make an effort.

Leon: Why are you on her side all of a sudden? Last month it was “How dare you treat your brother like that” and now it’s “You make peace with your sister!”. I will tell you this for the final time. I am never going to talk to that woman for as long as I live. And if it’s any business of them out there, I’ll hate her till the day I die. *walks off*

Mrs Longbottom: Leon! *sighs*

*Hayley comes outside*

Hayley: Where did he go Mrs Longbottom?

Mrs Longbottom: He stormed down the street.

*Hayley runs after Leon*

Hayley: Wait up babe. *catches up to Leon* Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Leon: I don’t want to forgive her my beautiful girl.

Hayley: I know you don’t. But I have a feeling Lowana is truly sorry.

Leon: I really don’t care. She brought it on herself to break us up!

Hayley: Come here babe.

*Leon hugs her*

Hayley: I know it’s hard, but you must find it in your heart. Let the heart tell you what you think is best.

Leon: I’m just so frustrated with her!

Hayley: It’s okay.

That night, Sylvia is driving Wayne to the airport. He is going back home to Texas.

Sylvia: I’m sorry your friendly date with Lowana didn’t go so smoothly.

Wayne: Don’t worry about little sis. I never knew she had such a temper.

Sylvia: Trust me. She can be as bad as Alexis when she wants to. In Year 8, her and Kristen Harwell got into this massive punch-up and she ended up breaking Kristen’s jaw!

Wayne: What we’re they fighting about?

Sylvia: It was over something stupid.

Wayne: Are they friends now?

Sylvia: They’re like best friends now which is funny because from Year 7 and Year 9, they hated each other.

Wayne: People change over time.

*Sylvia parks her car in the airport’s parking lot before going inside and waiting for Wayne’s plane to arrive*

Sylvia: Say hi to Gloria and the kids for me won’t you?

Wayne: I will do that for you.

*Sylvia hugs Wayne*

Sylvia: I’ll be down for Christmas.

Wayne: Okay. See you then. Bye little sis. *goes to the departure gate*

*Sylvia wipes away a tear*

The next day (Saturday), Vicki is in her bedroom going through some of her clothes to give away when she hears a knock at the door.

Vicki: I’ll be right there. *comes downstairs and opens the door to find Tevita standing there*

Tevita: Can I talk to you?

Vicki: If it’s about Cameron, I’m not interested. *goes to close the door, but Tevita blocks it with his foot*

Tevita: Just hear me out Vic.

Vicki: *coolly* Fine. Come in.

*Tevita goes inside*

Tevita: I just want to say that I’m against you adopting Cameron.

Vicki: I’m NOT adopting him! I’m only looking after him for Suzie’s sake!

Tevita: It’s not your fault Suzie is a junkie! She’s only dumping Cameron on you just so she can do more drugs!

Vicki: Don’t you ever say that to me again!

Tevita: Why? Because I’m telling you the truth and you don’t like it?


Tevita: Look Vicki. I don’t want to fight with you anymore. Can’t we just hug it out?

Vicki: Fine. *hugs Tevita, but doesn’t actually mean it*

Tevita: Thanks. I’m going out tonight. Wanna come?

Vicki: No. I’m expecting Dina and Nina over for coffee.

Tevita: Okay then. I’ll see you later. *leaves the house*

*Vicki sighs*

*(Suddenly, the door knocks again)*

Vicki: What now? I‘ve already made up my mind and I‘m NOT GOING!!! *opens the door to find Lowana standing there* Oh hi Lowana.

Lowana: Relationship troubles I presume?

Vicki: Come in. You’re always welcome here.

Lowana: I’ve got a problem.

Vicki: So do I.

Lowana: Tell me your problem first.

Vicki: It’s Tevita. He’s mad at me because my friend’s son is living with me until she beats the drug addiction.

Lowana: Why?

Vicki: I don’t think it’s Cameron in general, but more like he won’t live with someone that has a disability.

Lowana: What’s Cam’s disability?

Vicki: He was born deaf. He doesn’t talk at all because he has a speech impediment.

Lowana: Poor kid.

Vicki: So what’s your problem?

Lowana: Leon and Hayley won’t forgive me because of what I did.

Vicki: Well sometimes things are just too broken to fix. I know that you’re sorry and everything, but people take a long time to forgive others who hurt them.

Lowana: I know.

Vicki: Why do us women have so many problems in our lives?

Lowana: Men are just as bad. At least we don’t burp while in the toilet.

Vicki: *laughs* That’s true.

Lowana: Will Leon and Hayley ever forgive me?

Vicki: I’m sure they will. *puts arm around Lowana*

That night, Alison and Rachael drive to the Hillsong Church in Baulkham Hills.

Alison: This church is so awesome!

Rachael: I knew you’d like it sis. *dances with the other churchgoers*

*A few minutes later, Alison and Rachael sing Kate Spence’s Save The People*

Alison/Rachael: We will save the people! We will save the people!

*When the service ends, Alison and Rachael walk outside*

Rachael: I’m going to talk to some people sis. Wait for me.

Alison: Will do. *gets into her car and waits for Rachael to finish saying goodbye to her Hillsong friends*

Meanwhile, Donna is at her house watching TV when she hears something drop in the kitchen..

Donna: What was that? *goes over to the kitchen and sees that a letter has been left on the floor* I wonder who sent this? *opens the letter*


*Donna looks shocked*


- A distressed Donna refuses to leave her home

- Alison decides to go back to Hillsong which pleases Rachael

- Will Melissa ever find her biological parents?

- Alex asks Carina out on a date


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Episode 87

Having received a phone call from a distressed Donna, Alexis and Mareta immediately go to her house.

Alexis: What’s wrong Donna? You seemed very upset on the phone.

Donna: This. *hands Alexis the letter she received earlier*

*Alexis reads it*

Alexis: That bitch!

Donna: You know who did it?

Alexis: Oh I know who did it all right! I’m going to confront her first thing tomorrow!

*Donna starts to cry*

Mareta: Don’t cry bestie. *hugs Donna*

Donna: I just don’t like being picked on.

Mareta: I know sis.

Donna: I just feel so worthless.

Mareta: You aren’t worthless.

Alexis: Mareta’s right. Can I use your phone? I need to call this person.

Donna: Go ahead.

*Alexis goes over to the phone and dials the number. After three rings, a woman answers the phone*

Woman: Hello?

Alexis: Is Jacki Peters there please?

Woman: May I ask who’s calling?

Alexis: Oh it’s Alexis Thorpe.

Woman: I’ll go get her for you.

*A few seconds later, Jacki answers the phone*

Jacki: Alexis! How are you?

Alexis: Come over to Donna’s house and we can talk.

Jacki: Why?


Jacki: *to herself* S***! You know about the note don’t you?


Jacki: Natalie put me up to it.

*Alexis just slams the phone down*

Alexis: *to herself* SOME PEOPLE THESE DAYS!!!!

Mareta: Breathe.

*Alexis takes a few deep breaths before calming down*

Alexis: Never did that before.

Mareta: Losing your temper?

Alexis: No. Breathing deep. It’s very relaxing.

Mareta: It helps you calm down easily.
*Alexis manages to smile*

At Alison‘s house, her and Rachael are in the kitchen drinking coffee.

Rachael: So what did you think of Hillsong?
Alison: I actually enjoyed it.

Rachael: I thought you would.

Alison: I enjoyed it so much that I’m thinking of going every Friday night.

Rachael: That’s awesome news sis.

Alison: I just thought I wanted to meet new people and enjoy life at the church. *smiles*

*Amy enters through the front door*

Amy: What a day!

Alison: So, how’d the interview go?

Amy: They said they were going to ring me in a couple of days.

Rachael: What’s the interview for?

Amy: A job at McDonalds on George Street. I know the pay isn’t much, but I could use the extra cash.

Alison: Sounds like a plan.

Amy: What’s for dinner?

Alison: How about that leftover chicken?

Amy: Yum!

Alison: Want to join us Rachael?

Rachael: Sure. *smiles
*Alison goes to the freezer and puts the chicken on the sink to thaw out*

The next morning (Sunday), Alex arrives at Carina’s house to visit her.

*Alex knocks on the door*

Alex: You home Carina?

*Kat opens the door instead*

Kat: Hi Alex. You looking for Carina?

Alex: Yes.

Kat: She’s in the kitchen. I’ll get her for you. *walks to the kitchen* Carina! Alex is here.
*Carina walks over to where Alex is*

Carina: Hey Alex.

Alex: Hey. I just wanted to ask you something.

Carina: What’s that?

Alex: Would you like to go out on a date with me?

Carina: A date?

*Alex nods*

Carina: Sure.

Alex: Really?

Carina: Of course I’m sure. *smiles*

Alex: Then it’s settled. See you at 7?

Carina: I’ll be there.

*Alex and Carina high-five*

(That afternoon, Melissa is going through some papers when Dina comes downstairs)

Dina: You’ve been going through those papers all day. What are they for?

Melissa: To see who my biological parents are.

*Melissa looks after the final two papers and when finished, scrunches them up into a ball*

Melissa: DARN IT!!!

Dina: What?

Melissa: I can’t find my biological parents! None of them are in these papers! *starts to cry*

*Dina hugs Melissa*

Dina: It’s okay. I’m sure you’ll find them.

Melissa: What if I don’t? What if they’re already dead?

Dina: I’ll help you.

Melissa: You sure?

Dina: Of course I will. *smiles*

*Melissa wipes away her tears*

Melissa: Thanks Dina. I’m so honoured. *gives Dina a huge hug*


- Alison gets into a minor car accident

- While out on the town, Alexis and Sumara befriend a girl on the bus

- Alex and Carina’s date. Will it go bad or good?

- A phone call could change Vicki’s life forever


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