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Adrian Hall - Phoebe Tonkin

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I liked her in the 1st ep that she was in, then ADORED her in the 2nd .... when I realised its Phoebe under all that emo make up etc.

LOVE Phobe, and its great that whilst Dex is still quirky, they've toned him down a bit [so it doesn't look/sound like he's in his own little sitcom anymore]

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They were great in last nights episode. I don't think Dexter should of ran out on their date to go ask Indi for advice. He would of been better of pretending to go the bathroom and calling Indi on his mobile. I havent seen Tomorrow When the War Began yet with Pheobe in it. I think I'm going to wait until it comes out on DVD.

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She reminds me alot of Belle for some readon. I hope she sticks around for longer.

True. Early Belle in particular was also fashion challenged. Perhaps if Adrian becomes more than guest cast, Nicole will teach her a thing or two about how to not combine 5 different 'looks' into one outfit. Not that Nicole always looks good but the various elements of her outfits go together, making one overall look. But I suppose characters that mix it all up are needed to stop the show becoming Americanised (ie, everyone looking too perfect). Hey, that would make for a funny sub-plot, Nicole the wannabe fashion designer trying to give nanna Marilyn fashion advice but Marilyn not taking it at all well and trying to give Nicole advice in return. It could make a few cute scenes and bring out Marilyn's quirky side again.

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