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The Underscore Thread


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I really liked the underscore for that scene, there was a version of it used when Diana broke down on the beach talking about Lachie a few months earlier. But it wasn't piano based, it was strings - the same style as the 1995-2000 underscores.

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They can be used in the current show - but aren't used because those who make the derision has decided on the current style of music (which is emotionless and boring). Just re-introducing the tunes and melodies in the current style would be better than nothing.

I think H&A's underscores from 2012-2013 (so far) have been the worst I've ever heard. It's a shame because H&A used to have some of the best I'd heard on TV. Even a lot of the scores during 05-11 were great because they had some character and depth.

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After a bit of googling I have just stumbled across a beautiful and clean version of Bobby's Theme.


That is really nice!! I like how it's a mix of the classic theme and the reworked 2008 version (with the strings). I was just about to do Bobby's theme but I guess I'll have to find another one to try out! :D

Question: In

clip, there's a piano piece that I recognized instantly, but I have no recollection of where else it was used... It almost sounds like it's from a different show altogether.

and.. what I came here to do. I've messed around with that Donald/ Maz wedding theme I did a few months back and included some missing notes and the climax at the end (a bit of a dodgy one).

* This theme and others are available to download here :)

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I don't recognise that piece of music Andrew - sounds like a one off to me. Also sounds a bit like some of the underscores from A Country Practice in it's later years (also composed by Mike Perjanik).

Sohpie's theme was heard for the first time in Episode 800! :)

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