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The Underscore Thread


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A thread to discuss the underscores used on the Early Years of the show, and also listen to clean copies of the music as created by talented fans!


Bobby's Theme

Sophie's Theme

Celia's Theme

Meg's Final Sunrise

Sad Theme (One of the show's longest used pieces. Tom's death, Dale's death and many other moments)

1995 Bittersweet

Early Years Underscore (hints of Bobby and Greg's Theme and Sophie's Theme)

Tense Cliffhanger Music

Marilyn and Donald's Wedding (kiss the bride, She Walks In Beauty)

There is a facebook page dedicated to Mike Perjanik's beautiful piano scores which can be found here:


It is also used to post links to rare or hard to find pieces of music played in the Diner and Surf Club.

It is also used for Neighbours early years scores.

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For anyone interested - I've composed a rendition of Sophie's Theme and uploaded it to Youtube.

A lot of us fans have wanted a clean copy of many Home and Away Underscores from the era of Mike Perjanik (Home and Away's music composer from the beginning up until 2003 for those who don't know. The instrumental music you hear in the Early Years for example). Unfortunately, there hasn't been any official release so I decided to finally sit down and compose as closely as I could, 'Sophie's Theme', which is one of the most popular underscores.

I've tried to emulate the original underscore, (a mix of Sophie's farewell scene and Tamara's birth scene) heard in the show during the early 90's. The original can be heard if searched on YT, under 'Home and Away 1030 part 2' from 4:54 and Sophie's departure.


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Thanks for the feedback. Bobby's Theme is next (though it might not be up for a while)!

cadyctslover - it's recorded digitally with my piano - the midi instruments are all sampled from real instruments, so if you play the keys as if you are playing a real instrument, it sounds quite authentic. I think the current early years music, (from the 90's) is a mix, I think the piano and bass are real, perhaps the guitar too, but all the accompanying instruments like the strings or woodwind, are done digitally. Certainly from 1995 onwards it was all, or mostly all, done digitally.

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