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Thurs 23 Sept 2010 – Episode # 5169

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Incurable “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 23 Sept 2010 – Episode # 5169 ]


Ruby & Charlie chat bout how tings are for Rubes atm – there’s a fair bit of gossip bout her at school, and annoyingly there is no music classes now that Liam has bailed.

Ruby is debating going to tee beach – a nearby verbal clash tween Pauline & angelic seals tee deal, i.e. Ruby bails to go beach.


Given how long Leah & VJ are going to9 Africa for, Leah talk to Miles bout home schooling

Nearby, Colleen suggests that Mitzy & Maz should go to an event at her church. Mitzy use the opportuinyt to have a go at colleen – i.e. Mitzy is keen on going as she doesn’t discriminatte [unlike some]. Mitzy feels unwell – asdn heads outside. Colleen comet to Maz that Mitzy should have seen that coming [being a psychic and all].


Maz is worry bout Mitzy, who assures her at this fresh air out her si all she needed. Maz tells Mitzy bout how tings have been of late – incl seeing visions of Byron as a young man [if he’s not died]. She also comets to Mitzy bout how she’s really living life to the fullest since she was told the exact day she’s die.


Angelo talk to Charlie bout what happening, i.e. it took him AGES on phon top convince his parents that it was Paulie who was in charge in restauasrtnt when in had THAT fire.


Leah is all confused bout what she should do bout Elijah. Miles vehemently suggest she should tell Elijah her plans [ie she should stop planing and start doing]

NIGHT – Charley & Ruby are chatting when they see Paulie. Ruby isn’t ken to get involve in this so she bails. She’s got the right idea – as Paulie & Charlie DO verbally clash. he blames her for convincing Angelo to tell the parents, bu6t Charlie fires back – telling him bout ho the fire was a defining moment in Angelo’s life and the reason he became a cop, i.e. he had to walks away fom what he loved cos of the fire.


With Mitzy nearby, Maz talk to Alf bout her. Maz wished Mitzy would open up to Maz bout what’s truly gong on.


Leah talk to colleen bout how she is worried bout phoning Elijah, but Leah reminds herself every other time tan she’s been stressed before she phoned, its always turned nout great and she’s wondered afterwards why she stressed.


Paulie is really annoyed with Angelo – as he doesn't rally like it that their parents will pay off paulie;s debts. Angelo & Paulie physically clash – as Paulie is annotydt hat ter parents are ashamed etc of him now. Alf break up the fight – suggesting he will call police if paulie doesn't bail. Paulie does bail – but not beevor commenting bout how the police is Angelo’s g/f.


NEXT DAY – Angelo is surprise that Charlie has arranged for Paulie to come her today so he & Angelo can sort things out twen them once an for all – whilst Charley make them all some breckie. It takes a while, but Paulie & Angelo DO sort through thri issues.


Mitzy remark to Ruby she knew that Ruby is trouble. Ruby suggest Mitzy either saw her face or is a psychic.

In kitchen, Leah talks to Miles. She & Elijah have arrange tae Leah & VJ will go there [Africa] for 3 moths, and that trio will spend in month in Oz and keep alternati8ng like that.

In main area, Ruby & Mitzy continue their chat. Ruby isn’t tat ken to face out to all her probelms, but mitzy makes it clear that Rubes isn't alone in that respect.


Angelo & Paulie are in a car – indeed, Angelo is driving Paulie home [to Melbourne?]. Paulie is soooo pleased he truly has all his family again. [as his rift with Angelo is now resolved].


Mizty tall Maz that she need to be totally honest with Maz. Mitzy has INCURABLE lung cancer !!!



Alf break up a fight tween Angelo & Paulie

Sound like we find out real reason Mitzy is in Bay

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: red [white double ended triangles] top


Charlie: dark [green leafy] low cut v neck knee length dress


Ruby: white [dark splotches] top/denim jeans


Alf: olive green [red check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: dark long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Angelo: white [faint horiz stripes] [ t

Charlie: royal blue top/denim jeans

Colleen: white [red & black flora][ blouse/grey t

Leah: off white tank top

Marilyn: dark [Dalmatian spots trim] scoop l/s dress

Marilyn: dark [white floral] low cut v neck elbow length sleeves dress

Miles: blue button up shirt/sky blue t

Miles: purple button up shirt/white [full moon on dark background] t

Mitzy: red [dark red trim] low cut v neck maxi dress

Mitzy: red low cut maxi dress

Paulie: denim button up shirt/dark long pants/dark jacket

Paulie: maroon vest/ light blue [white Marilyn Monroe silhouette] t/denim jeans

Ruby: SBH uniform

VJ: primary school uniform

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