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Mon 9 Aug 2010 – Episode # 5136

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” …. Something Bad – Like You’re Married Or You’re A Vampire Or ….. “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 9 Aug 2010 – Episode # 5136 ]


Rach is on phon with Lucas. She tells him that it’s WAY cool he will help her.

When of phone, Rachel tells Leah Lucas will be on a flight to Oz as soon as he can. Leah thinks its great tet6 Rachel has arranged this – and that she should tell Tony, but Rachel disagrees – thinking he’ll see right thru the idea.


As Indio, Sid & Dex talk bout their plans for tomorrw, Sid become VERY aware of how close of Indi & Romeo are. It too close for comfort for Indi he knows this – so she bails [taking her phone will her suggesting he is answering a call but Sid comments he didn't hear it ring].


NEXT DAY – Nic & Romeo are waking along and when Romeo bring up the subject, Nic tell him she doesn’t want to talk bout Penn.

Nic tease Romeo as bit – because Indi is eagerly waiting on beach for surfing lessons. Nic is intrigues by a comment form Romeo bout there being perhaps trouble in paradise. He ads he will tell her after he & Indi go surfing.


As Rach feeds Harry, she comments to Tony bout6 him being out rather late with Harry last night. He responds by seeing that he’s got to t6aken every opportunity he can get – given Rach want to take Harry with her. Tony also bluntly says NO when Rachel wonders if there is anything she can say to change his mind.


Alf, Colleen * Leah are all kinda jealous of Maz – as they are all working this w/e whereas she is off on a date with Sid. Maz then gets a phone call form Sid – postponing their date til a little later on today.


Rachel is surprise to see Sid, but he tells her is doing a favour for Dr Young. Sid can see Rachel isn’t all smiles etc – and she comet to him this is her last day. Sid gets a text/pager messages – extending the favour that Dr Young owes him [as Sid will be working more today in his place]. Sid & Rach agree to talk later bout her sitsh.


Sid phones Dex – asking him top met up with Marilyn and to start having lunch with her.


With Indi doing the surfing thing, Romeo EVENTUALLY tells Nic why he’s concerned bout his ‘ship with Indi – as Romeo is a virgin !!! and he’ sure Indi isn’t.


Dex metes up with Maz – and tells her that Sid wants that to start the piCNIC and he will join them soon.


As Nic & Romeo talk bout his sitch, Indi overhears Romeo comments bout sometime being issue some. He covers by telling her that he was talking bout her needing more surfing practise, so she needs back towards the water.


Leah talk top Tony bout what's going on – but NOT even Leah telling him she REALLY lost out [with her sitsh with Elijah] convinces him.


After they get out of the car, Dex is VERY pleased tat their’s no mobile reception wherever they are [out of the country I gather]. Marilyn seems to be pretty suspicious.


Romeo works up the courage and tells Indi he’s a virgin. She tells him – form the ways he was behaving – that something rally bad had occurred… like he had an affair with her mum [or what I’ve used as my ep title].

Both are please that they aren’t heeding for break up-ville.

Nearby, Penn soooo isnlt pleaed when Peen approaches – bus he does agre to talk to him eveyauly. He tells her that lying is a defence mechansim for him [for when he gets too close to ppl etc].


Maz continue to9 suspicious of what’s going on – Sid isn’t here yet, there's no mobile reception and Dex has bought ALL the foods she likes.


Tony is sooooooooooooooooo not impressed when Rachel tell him she invited Lucas out to Oz to help !!!!


Romeo doesn’t seem to have issue with Indi tell him she is MUCH more adventurous the Annie.

Romeo sess Nic & Peen talking. He is worried bout doesn’t intervene.

Meanwhile, Penn tell Nic that his dad was a no hoper druggie and Nic appears to be very understanding of how Peen turned out to way he did. When she put her hand on the sand, she squeals in pain. Her hand is sore – and Peen pick up a syringe from where her hand was!!!



When Peen takes Nic to the hospital, Sid is the doctor who treats her [of course]

Nic tell Peen that he’s the only good thing bout today

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Indi: olive green halter bikini/white [dark vert stripes] mid thigh dress


Marilyn: light blue framed sunglasses/hop pink headscarf/dark [pink splotches scoop dress/pink high heels


Rachel: dark low cut knee dress


Alf: brown & white check shirt/bone long pants

Colleen: red top/mustard floral blouse

Dex: grey shorts/white [blue horiz stripes] t/dark vets/wide brim [reed trim] hat

Dex: light bleu shorts/white [dark unknown motif] t

Dex: mauve shirt/yellow t/blue shorts

Harry: white [blue horiz stripes] jumpsuit

Indi: grey [dark unknown motifs & trim] singlet top/dark long pants

Leah: dark singlet top

Leah: dark thin strap top/dark long pants

Marilyn: 2 tone blue elbow sleeved top/light blue circle earrings

Nic: white [hot pink floral] mid thigh dress/white [red & green floral?] bandeau bikini

Penn: blue shirt/bone long pants

Rachel: dark [silver trim] elbow sleeved top/dark [silver trim] top

Rachel: green wide strap top/dark long pants

Romeo: dark shorts/dark aqua singlet

Sid: dark shirt

Sid: purple shirt/dark t/dark long pants

Tony: green t/olive green long pants

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