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Tues 3 Aug 2010 – Episode # 5132

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” I’ve Seen The Way You Look At Her. It’s The Way I Look At You “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 3 August 2010 – Episode # 5132 ]


Penn talk to Nic. She tells him that she’s been avoiding him lately because of the games he’s been playing. It takes a bit of convincing before she agrees to go swimming with hum.

Nearby, Sid is reluctant to accept an invite to diner [here at VPH] because of Peen. Marilyn in sit a he shouldn’t worry bout that – as Marilyn lives at tee VPH too [i.e. has just as mush rights as Nic etc].

Sid agrees but looks tense etc when he sees Nic [who now changed clothes] & Penn head of to go swimming.


Ruby is in a world of her own when Irene tri to talk to her. When Ruby does respond, Irene apologise for not asking Ruby for her opinion before she aske the Scott’s to move in. Ruby insists she is totally cool with the sitch.


Nic tells Peen that she doesn’t want a casual ‘ship after all - she wants to REALLY be only with him. They kiss.


Gina is concerned tat Xavier would rather be the Scott’s than being at his own houise. John is ken to take advantage of fact he & Gina are alone – but she insist it’s not happening til John talk to Xavier [and they call a truce],


Sid, Alf, Marilyn & Miles talk bout how to combat the whole Penn problem. This is after Miles finds Mr Oddly in the fridge.


Irene is surprised to see Ruby here at diner, but she insist a she is giving April &* Bianca some space – so they can get use to etc living at beach house. Ruby sarcastically agrees with Irene when the latter says Bianca is awesome – Irene doesn’t pick up on sarcasm though.

Ruby bails – when she notices that Liam is her at diner.


Miles & co confront Nic bout Penn – that sooooooooooooooooo doesn’t go well.


Liam talk to Irene who asks him if he known what’s bothering Ruby. He tells her he doesn’t know. When BiCNU & April arrive, Irene tells Liam they’ve moved in with Irene – Liam comment that Irene is brave that he is [for letting them move in].

After Liam bails, Bianca tri to give Iron a bottle of champagne. She declines – telling them she’s an alcoholic. Colleen gladly accepts the champagne – reminding all she was the one that gave Irene the idea in the 1st place.


Xavier enters, and john is keen to sort things out tween them [whilst Gina is in shower]. Xavier tells John he will think it over. They agree to have a ceasefire whilst Xavier thinks it over.


Miles & peen confront Peen – bout if he told Nic that Penn threatened Sid. They get nowhere.


Liam sees Ruby and talk to her. Whilst he’s not surprised she has issue with living with April, it’s her comment bout Liam & Bianca liking each other [incl my ep title] that does come as a surprise. Liam tells Rubes she has to stop thinking bout Liam the way she does [being in love with him], but Ruby insist it’s not that easy.

Nearby, April & Bianca are talking when the latter spots Liam & Ruby. Bianca tells April tan she is going to go for a walk on beach before heading for home. April bails.


After she is out of shoer, Gina wonders to Xavier & john if all is sorted. They tell her its not – but she takes some comfort that they are both watching an action movie together [and not verbally duelling for a change].


Bianca speck to Liam - insist she HAS to go to Gina because of what it looked like she saw tonight [Ruby & Liam]. Bianca insist tat she if looking out for Liam [even if he isn’t].


Nic doesn’t believe Alf & the others when they tell her that Penn said tat Nic must have lied to them.


NEXT DAY – Miles confronts Penn, giving him back the money payed in advance for rent AND telling him to be gone by the end of the day. As Miles walk way, Penn was a big smile on his face,


Penn breaks up with Nicole – telling her she’s rather shallow and that no wonder Aden broke up with her [too mush competition from Nic thinking constantly bout herself etc]. Penn dives into the pool – and Nic wonders what happened.

Note – I REALLY wish the ppl of the Bay would TRUST each other. It’s like the moment that Alf vehemently told Penn that Colleen wouldn’t steal things, Penn backed off etc.



Leah collapses at diner

Dex is ken to know all bout Marilyn

Romeo wants to sort things out with Indi

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: white lace vest/dark top/dark [white dots?] long skirt


Nic: pink halter neck bikini/white [pink flamingo] kinda maxi dress


Irene: grey &* white [like the sky on an overcast sky] top/dark long pants


Alf: orange [dark check] shirt

April: dark [white dots] hat/pink [dark unknow motif] top/red [pink buttons] knee skirt

Bianca: mostly white [shells near collar] top/dark knee skirt

Colleen: dark top/2 tone green blouse

Gina: red top

Gina: white dressing gown/white PJs

John: blue l/s shirt

Liam: red t/blue & white check l/s shirt/dark vest/dark long pants

Marilyn: red [pink trim] elbow sleeved top/dark knee skirt

Miles: blue t/ dark long pants

Miles: yellow [red & black tropic] t

Nic: SBH uniform

Nicole: dark [white trim] night gown/pink [dark trim] nightdress

Penn: dark long pants

Penn: dark v neck t/denim [whgote trim] shorts

Penn: denim [whgote trim] shorts

Penn: olive green shirt/dark t

Ruby: SBH uniform

Sid: dark l/s top/dark long pants

Xavier: grey [dark trim][ polo/denim jeans

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