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Ok i dont really know why im doing this because im not very good :P but the fact is i started making avatars and i found i really enjoy it, so hopefully through time i will get better, so please bear with me :)

I will start with some Simon Baker avs i made recently (what a shock) :wink:

simon1a.jpg simon2r.jpg simon3.jpg simon4r.jpg simon5.jpg

simon6.jpg simon7.jpg simon8.jpg simon9.jpg simon10.jpg

simon12.jpg simon13.jpg simon14.jpg simon15e.jpg simon16.jpg

simon17.jpg simon18.jpg simon19.jpg simon20.jpg simon22.jpg

Continued in next post....

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They're so wonderful as well. I love the contrast on the 1st B&W icon in the first post. That's amazing! The cropping on #18 in the second batch is perfect too.

I love the use of the lttle harts, too. So cute.

Seriously, they're great Lesley. I can't wait to see more from you!!! *huggles*. :wub:

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