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Play With Fire

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Story Title: Play with fire.

Type of story: Not Sure Yet

Main Characters: Nicole, Penn, Liam, Ruby, Bianca, Romeo, Indi.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama, Romance.

Spoilers: Yes (UK Spoilers)

Is this story being proof read: Nope

Warnings: This is a carry-on from the UK eps. But I dont know if they are spoliers or not.

Summary: Nicole has found out about Penn but what will she do? Ruby is embrassed after she kissed Liam, and to make matters worse he has told Bianca and finally Romeo is getting over Annie but what does he see Indi as- friend or lover? (I am picking up from where the UK has finished for the summer)

Chapter One: Wake Up Call.

Nicole was reeling from what Miles and Marilyn had just told her. They had to been lying, right? To keep her away from Penn because none of it made sense. She had to talk to him but not yet. She grabbed her phone and scroll down to the 'R' contacts but could she really bother Ruby with her problems when she has her own? Well, she can tell me to go away if I get too annoying, she thought. She press the call button.

"Rubes?" She said, but all she heard was crying.

"What's wrong?" Nicole then asked. She heard sniffles and a sigh.

"Liam has told Bianca about last night" Ruby replied. She sounded like she was about to start crying again. Of all the people he could tell, it had to be Bianca. Poor Ruby. First Xavier with April, now Liam is flirting with April's sisters. Whats with the boys in Ruby's life? Nicole thought.

"Where are you?" Nicole asked. She would have to help Ruby first.

"At the beach" Ruby replied. It was a whisper.

"I'll meet you there" Nicole replied and hung up.

She opened her bedroom door. She saw Miles and Marilyn waiting for her in the front room. "Listen guys, I am sorry for I just said but I have to go, I'll explain later, if I can" She told them, as she walked out of the door. In the caravan park, she prayed she would not bump into Penn. She could not deal with that now. As she headed towards the beach, Bianca was walking away and towards Nicole. She felt like she needed to say something. "Bianca, your not going to tell anyone, are you?" Nicole asked. Bianca was surpised by this. "Well, Mrs Austin needs to know, Nicole but Mr Murphy asked me not to, so no I am not" Bianca replied. Nicole felt like she was holding something back. "Thanks, Ruby has been through too much" Nicole said but the expression forming on Bianca's face was not a happy one. "What about Mr Murphy? Ruby has put him in a impossible position" Bianca asked her. Nicole did not have a reply for that. "Let me deal with Ruby" She just said and walked towards where she just notice Ruby sat on the beach. "Hey, she really is ice lady, Bianca" Nicole said to Ruby, once she had reached but all she got was a muffled laugh. "You know, I've just realised something" Ruby suddenly said, jumping up. "Rubes?" Nicole asked, surpised by this reaction. "Bianca. She is reacting all way over the top about this. She not just reacting because she works at the school or she happens to fancy Liam" Ruby replied, smiling for the first time in 24 hours. "So what you trying to say?" Nicole questioned but then she worked it out too. She muttered 'No'. "Yeah, I reckon Bianca has been in a similar situation as this. I thought she would judge me or scream, like she did, but not the way I thought" Ruby told her. Nicole did not like the way where this was going.

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