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Wed 14 July 2010 – Episode # 5118

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” The Kingdom Of Biancaland “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 14 July 2010 – Episode # 5118 ]


April suggest its bad having your sister as a teacher, but Xavier trumps her – as his mum is principal. April invites Xavier to diner to meet her sister. She sys her sister lives in the kingdom of Biancaland – she is oft abrupt and makes her own rules.

Gina & john invite April to diner tonight, but Xavier tells them bout having agreed to meet up with Bianca. When Gina & John walk away, John remarks things are still icy twen he & Xavier.


When Maz talk to Alf bout going out with Sid, Alf tells her he prefers Mr Oddly to Sid. They also talk bout the possiblilty of her revealing that she has cancer to Sid.


When Veronica wonders whet Sid is up to tonight, he tell her bout his date with Marilyn. its claar Veronica isn't shaken by that.


Liam talk to Ruby about the next step in their music journey - doing gigs. he is ken to talk bout it today - but she inists she is rather busy with schoolwork. Liam is prtety adament bout this tough - and they agree to meet up later today.


Maz & Sid arrive for their date. she insist she has something to tell hum.

Things [for Ruby] are going well tween Liam & Ruby as they chat bout muisc, but tings start going bad when Liam see Bianca enter the room.


As they approach the diner, April talks to Xavier further bout how in her own world Bianca is.


Xavier says he feels like he's at the kids table - after April & Bianca speak to each other in French & italian respectively.

Ruby isn't that impresed, and neither kinda are April & Xavier, when Bianca "suggets" they join tables with Ruby & Liam.

nearby, Sid & Marilyn are enjoying their date - but she inists she doesn't want to talk bout her cancer any further tonight - but she might awnt to on their 2nd date. Veronica approaches - wondering if she left her earrings at Sid's place. Veronica is annoyed Maz isn't furious in any way with Sid, so Veronica bails.


as they walk along, Maz insist she isn't interested in Sid's past, and is just interested in having fun with kind ppl etc. she wonder if Sid is ken ion that too - and he tells him he is.


Xavier can see Ruby rally isn't liking the rapour that Liam has with Binca. Ruby goes to bail - but she crashes into Irene, and the drinks Irene was carting get spilt on Ruby [who then REALLY quickly bails].


Marilyn tells Sid that he sholdn't just tell her he is flawed. he should try to fix that, and not wallow on it [like she has with her flaws in the past]. when Sid wonder if Maz is a Dr, she jokinlgly says she is – and ads to joke by telling him the big bill he just incurred.


April wonder what is concerning Xavier - and he tells her bout his concerns for Ruby.


Irene is glad when she finds Ruby - who hadn't gone home [or even changed out of the wet clothes she was in ealirer]. Ruby in tears makes several self loathing comments - inisting she's a just a silly schoolgirl who doesn'lt know anything. irene gives Rubes a comforting hug.

Note - i LOVED that Ruby made very similar self loathing comments as Maddie did in her burnt shoulder/bulimia etc period.


Maz & Sid entwr and Maz tells him tat its been a while since anyone walked her home. Sid doesn't say no when Maz invites him to stay the night.


NEXT DAY - Xavier talk to John & Gina. xavier comment on how all the boys are sure to never miss one of Bianca's classes. xavier also tell that the he is woried bout Rubes.


Alf is in kitchen when Sid & Maz enter the main room [from upstairs]. after Sid goes onto the bask patio, Maz says to Alf “not one word, Mr Stewart”


Xavier talk to Ruby - who vehemnetly denies what occurred last night is all bout her liking Liam. she tries to prove it - by ksising Xavier. he basks away - so she tries to kiss him agin, but he doesn't let her this time. Xavier bail - and its clear Ruby is "lost".



Angelo is struggling t get his restaurant ready for opening day

April is NOT impressed when Xavier her bout the Ruby kiss

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: black &silver headband /brown [kinda African tribal looking] singlet top/denim jeans


Bianca: dark [white & yellow floral] dress


Marilyn: maroon leopard like print knee length dress


Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants/cream wide brim hat

Alf: olive green [yellow cheek] button up shirt/bone long pants

April: grey [blask & white floral] knee length dress

April: white [red horiz stripes] t/dark shorts

Gina: dark [embossed lattice pattern] top/dark long pants

Gina: purple [green wavy trim] blouse/dark suit

Irene: dark [white leaves?] long sleeve top

Irene: red elbow length sleeves top/denim jeans

John Palmer: yellow & red lifeguard polo/red shorts

John: white button up shirt/khaki long pants

Liam: dark blue [dark unknown logo] t/white [brown check] button up shirt/

Marilyn: dark [pink shoes?] scoop knee length dress /red high heels

Marilyn: kinda leopard print long sleeve scoop top/dark knee length skirt

Nurse Veronica: dark [partly cleavage revealing] knee length dress

Nurse Veronica: mauve [work] blouse/dark long pants

Ruby: SBH uniform

Sid: dark button up shirt/dark long pants/dark jacket

Sid: dark t/dark button up shirt

Xavier: blue button up shirt/white [dark unknown motif] t

Xavier: light blue singlet/dark shorts

Xavier: SBH uniform

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