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Bianca Scott - Lisa Gormley

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Bianca's becoming over the top bitchy and unrealistically aggressive. They need to tone the character down a bit. No doubt they will and she'll soften but meanwhile her ice queen bitch routine is getting tiresome. When Charlie first arrived she was aggressive too but not in a far fetched way. If H&A are having another go at creating a bitchy turn nice character, they're going about it too strongly. Not that I completely dislike Bianca, there's definite potential there.

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Still liking the character. She is the Sister. The Girlfriend. I think what she needs is a Friend. What they have sort of created with 'Leah and Charlie'. So far they have had Bianca a bit 'removed' from everyone. What HAA doesn't seem to explore is adult-female-gal/pals, they do it with the males but not the females.

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