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My Very Own Little Ghost

Guest callyha

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Story Title: My very own little ghost

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Most of cast

BTTB rating: G

Genre: comedy/drama/romance

Does story include spoilers: None

Any warnings: Given before chapter starts

Summary: A ghost observes the lives of the residents of Summer Bay

I know what you're thinking.

'How did you end up dead'.

Well, the truth is, I'm not entirely sure. I know I'm dead, because I'm stood watching them lower me into the ground. I can see people wiping their faces as the tears fall down their faces.

But the one thing I don't know. Is how I died.

Oh, look at them. They all look so sad.

This is good. I'm standing right next to Leah and she doesn't know I'm there!

Wait a minute. I waved my hand across her face. She didn't even flinch.

I walked over to Miles. I put my hands on his face. He didn't flinch.

I tried again. This time I walked over to Colleen. I grabbed her tissue. She watched as it moved from her, but she never looked at me.

A sly grin crept across my face.

"Did you see that?" Colleen said to Alf as she stared at her tissue

"See what?" Alf replied, unimpressed that she was bothered about a tissue

"It moved. right in front of me. I wasn't touching it" Colleen said

"Maybe it wanted to get away from ya" Alf replied.

"It moved Alf"

"Colleen, for god sake. We're at a funeral. Show some respect and shut your hole" Alf said, then walking away.

I laughed as Colleen stood wide-mouthed.

I could have some fun with this.

No one knew i was there.

No one would know it was me.

I looked through the crowd.

I saw the love of my life.

He looked so sad.

I just wanted to give him a big hug.

I just wanted to reassure him. Tell him that everything would be alright.

I walked through the crowd.

That's the great thing about been a ghost. You don't have to go around people. You can go through them.

I stood beside him. His eyes were red from the tears he had cried for me.

I miss him.

I know i can still see him, but he can't see me, and that's what hurts. But i can't be choosy. I'm dead.

I reached my hand toward his face. i ran my hand down his face.

He turned his head towards me. He lifts his hand and places it on top of mine.

Oh god. He can sense me. I smile.

"Baby" He whispered.

I'm here. I whisper back.

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Chapter 2

Everyone walked away from my grave.

All of them sniffing as they wiped their faces.

In a way, I was happy.

Although they were crying, they were remembering me.

That was moment I wish i experienced when I was alive.

The diner.

Where Irene, Leah and Colleen ran things.

I remember the first time I walked in the diner.

Roman was there, telling me to give Morag a chance.

Food was layed out over some tables. It looked so good.

Great, I'm hungry.- Can ghosts eat?

I walk over to the table. Stretching my hand out I reach for a sandwich.

I have it in my hand. Wow! I can hold a sandwich.

Wonder what it tastes like.

As I place it to my mouth, the bread and filling turns to powder-guess I can't eat food.

So why do I feel hungry?

"I can't believe she's gone. My daughter. My Charlie" Ross said as he broke down.

I watched my father as he shed tears. One thing my dad always said was 'A child should bury a parent'.

Poor dad. He's burying his child.

His only child.

At least Ruby is there for him.

My Ruby. My little girl.

"Dad?" Ruby walked over to Ross.Dad looked up. He looked so lost.

"Rubes" Ross replied.

Ruby placed her arms around Ross, embracing in a hug.

I felt a tear roll down my face.

I watched on. Dad and Ruby just stood, holding each other. It was as if they were each others safety net.

I looked across the room.

Irene and Leah were stood at the kitchen.

I walked through the crowd to reach them.

Leah was a good friend. My sister, even. I could tell Leah anything.

I wish I could tell her right know ho much she means to me.

And Irene.

What can i say about Irene?

Only that she is an incredible woman.

She took Ruby in when she found out the truth.

Irene never once judged me or denied the chance to make things right with her.

Irene Roberts.

Mother. To all.

I sat down on a seat.

Didn't know if the seat was comfy. How could I?

I watched as Miles came over to the seat.

I watched as his bum stared me in the face.

Don't even think about it. I shouted.

Oh yea, that's right. He can't hear or see me.

He sat down.

What a weird feeling.

I'm siting here. But so is Miles.

Wait a minute. I wonder....

I use all my strength.

Pushing my hand against Miles' hand I grab his plate.

The plate waves in front of Miles.

"What the hell are you doing?" Paula asked

"Nothing" Miles replied. His hand still causing the plate to move irratically

"Looks like it!"

"It's not me!"

I laugh.

I could have some fun with this......

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Chapter 3

Charlie Buckton.

June 13th 1980- September 3rd 2010

Beloved daughter

Loving wife

Cherished mother

Greatly missed

This is what my tombstone read.

I never thought Cherished Mother would be something I would get called.

Especially from Ruby.

I remember the first time Ruby called me mum.

Angelo and I had got back together, her and Xavier had finally got things sorted.

I think she was just over-excited and the word 'mum' just came out.

We had sat for a few minutes, wondering what to say, but we couldn't think of anything.

it wasn't until thirty minutes later that Ruby said mum again.

I lit up. I was so happy she had called me mum.

At that moment, I didn't know how she felt, but for me, it didn't feel weird. It felt right.

Ruby looked at me.

"That didn't feel strange"

Her words echoed in my ears.

"The bell has gone, I'm sure you all know what that means" Miles said as he walked down the corridor.

Ruby closed her locker.

Ruby gazed at the students as they walked into the classroom.

What's the point?

Ruby thought to herself.

Slowly Ruby made her way into the classroom.

Ruby sat down at her desk.

Taking out her pencil case, a picture fell out on to the floor.

It was of Charlie, Angelo and Ruby.

One week before Charlie died.

A tear fell down Ruby's cheek.

Miles looked over at Ruby.

He saw her wipe the tears from her face.

"Change of plans for today" Miles said to the class.

The class cheered.

Ruby remained still.

"Lesson will continue outside. Go"

The students headed out the door.

"Ruby go home" Miles said as he knelt beside Ruby

Ruby shook her head

"Ruby, It's only been a few days"

"I know how long its been sir!" Ruby shouted "I just wish everyone would stop babying me. I don't need anyone. I just want my mum back!"

Ruby ran out of the classroom.

Miles looked up. Fighting his own tears.

Poor Miles.

I never knew he was struggling.

I'm grateful though, for the way he tried to help Ruby.

I have to help my baby girl get through this.

But how?

I really did pick a great time to die.

Just when I have my life sorted.

I had a perfect daughter.

Great friends

Great job

and I had Angelo.

Angelo- the love of my life.

How's he coping through this?

He's going to be difficult to help.

He's stubborn.

Come to think of it. So is Ruby.

Great. I have my work cut out for me.

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Chapter 4

I don't know why. But I always seem to start the day off in the same place.

On the road, looking up at the spot where Aden and Belle got married.

I remember that day.

Belle looked so beautiful.

And then to have all that snatched away.

I felt a tear roll down my face.


"Hi Charlie" Belle said as she walked over to me.

"Oh my god" I replied. I was gob smacked.

"Don't ask me how I got here. I have no idea. What I do know is that you need help figuring out why you are still here"

"I do need that" I smiled.

"I never stuck around because I knew why I died. And I knew that Aden would be ok"

"I know that Angelo will be ok"

"But not Ruby. Charlie, that's why you're still here. You have to find a way of helping Ruby cope with your death"

"How am I supposed to do that. I'm dead"

"You'll figure it out" Belle smiled at me. That smile that I hadn't seen for so long.

I looked back up to their wedding spot. and when I looked back, Belle had gone.

Ruby curled herself up on her bed.

In her hand was the photo of Charlie, Angelo and herself.

"Mum, why did you have to go. I need you" Ruby sobbed

"How's Ruby?" Rachel asked as she walked over to Angelo

"Not so good. She goes to school, comes home and locks herself in her room" Angelo replied

"How are you coping?"

"I've been better"

"Is there anything I can do for you?" Rachel asked

"Take me back to August" Angelo replied softly.

I stood back and watched.

All I wanted to do was give him a huge hug and tell him everything was going to be ok.

But how?

I watched as Rachel tried to console Angelo.

I watched as he cried for me.

I felt my heart break.

That's it!

I pushed the chair that was next to me.

I was so mad!

Angelo and Rachel stood quickly.

"Did you see that?" I heard Angelo say.

I smiled when he pointed to the chair.


I smiled again.

I headed up the stairs to Ruby;s room.

I heard her cries through the door.

My baby.

Ruby was still curled up with the photo.

I didn't have the heart to try and move it.

I layed on the bed next to her and rested my hand on hers.

"Mum" Ruby whispered.

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Thank you for the comments! x

Chapter 5

"Do you believe in ghosts?" Ruby asked as she sat at the table

"Why?" Annie asked

"I'm just wondering"

Annie looked at Ruby.

This wasn't a normal Ruby question.

"I'm open to the idea" Annie replied, not wanting to hurt her fragile friend.

"Really?" Ruby's eyes lit up.


"Good. Because, I know this sounds stupid, but last night, I felt mum"

"What?" Annie asked in disbelief.

"I was on my bed holding a picture of the three of us, and it was as if someone placed their hand on mine. I'm so sure it was mum"

"Why do you think that?"

"Well, mum is dead and I was holding a picture of her and thinking of her. So that was my reasoning"

"Look, I believe you. Its just, hard to get my head around"

"I know it sounds crazy. but I believe mum is still here. Watching over me" Ruby smiled.

I was there again.

Looking up at Belle and Aden's wedding spot.

Why did I always end up here first thing?

I had so many questions going through my head.

But I think I already know the answers.

I though about Angelo.

And what he was doing.

I was getting used to this kind of travel. It is so easy to do.

You just think of the place you want to go, and you're there! Its amazing!

I watched Angelo walk around the station.

He looked so lost.

He's the boos and he looks lost.

My former colleagues. They too look lost.

I never realized the impact on someones life you could have.

I miss them all so much.

The way they laughed.

They way they talked.

The way they worked- we were a family.

I walked into my old office.

There was a picture of me. In my uniform after my promotion.

I was placed next to Jack.

Angelo had the picture of the three of us on his desk.

I was so touched.

God I hate this!

I was so angry I pushed some paper work from the table.

Angelo rose to his feet. Watching as the paper floated to the floor.

"What the hell?" Angelo muttered.

I walked over to his desk.

I picked the picture of us up.

Angelo watched as the frame moved toward him.

"Charlie?" He whispered.

I moved the frame- so it looked like it was nodding.

A slight smile formed on Angelo's face.

I just took a shower with the cockroach from hell. He's in there now fixing his hair.- Marianne Graves

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Chapter 6

Leah walked into the kitchen in a daze.

The 8th time in a week.

"Darl? You ok?" Irene asked

"Hmm? Yea, I'm fine" Leah replied. Still in a world of her own.

"No you're not" Irene walked over to Leah "Talk to me"

Leah rested her head on Irene. she sobbed as she spoke.

"I miss her. She was like my sister, and now, she's gone" Leah cried. "I miss her"

Irene wasn't sure of what to do.

She just let Leah cry.

I looked on.

Watching Leah- the closest thing to a sister I had.

The blue sky turned to dark.

And the stars came out.

I never took much notice of the stars when I was alive.

I don't think anyone does.

I looked up at them sometimes, and wondered why they seemed to twinkle.

Now I know why.

Ever since I died, I seem to have figured out a lot of the things that drove me crazy when I was alive.

Ruby and Angelo seemed more at peace with my death.

They laughed more, smiled more, and didn't have to have a moment where they think 'Is it ok for me to be happy?'

That was nice- knowing that my husband and daughter were getting through.

I wonder if it has anything to do with knowing I'm around.

after all, Angelo said my name when i moved the paper.

And Ruby whispered my name when I placed my hand on hers.

"I will never forget her-how can I? she's my mum. She'll always be in my thoughts. When I look at a dress, I'll think about what mum would think. There's not a day goes by where mum doesn't cross my mind. Do i want to give her one last kiss? Yes. Do I want to have one last, warm, caring hug? Yes. But I know I can never have them"

Ruby stood at Charlie's grave.

Aunty Michelle, Uncle Gerry and some of Ross' friends were gathered around also.

"Charlie was my niece. I remember when Elise came to my house and told me she was pregnant. From then on, I knew that that baby would be one in a million. And I was right. Charlie is -was- one in a million. I love you baby" Michelle looked up.

She didn't need to. I was stood right beside her.

"Charlie Buckton. A fighter. Always. Even until her last day. Miss you kiddo" One of Ross' friends said.

I remember him. Mr. Grey. He was the father of the boy I used to play with when I was a kid.

I fell out of the tree house on a Sunday morning.

I remember not crying. Even though i had just broken my arm.

Mr. Grey was one of the nicest people I remembered meeting.

He was like a second father to me.

Ruby organized the memorial service as they weren't able to attend the original service.

It was lovely to see people from my past.

And Aunty Michelle.

I owed them all so much.

I will find a way how.

I will find out why and how I died.

I will see to it that Angelo moves on.

And I will see that Ruby never lets my death hold her back.


I just took a shower with the cockroach from hell. He's in there now fixing his hair.- Marianne Graves

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Chapter 7

"Do you Angelo Rosetta, take Charlie Buckton to be your lawfully wedded wife?" the vicar asked

He's watching it again- our wedding DVD. The eighth time today.

I will admit, it was a perfect day.

Dad walked me down the aisle-I had the same piece of music mum and dad had when they got married.

Ruby was my bridesmaid and Leah and Rachel were too.

Angelo looked so handsome in his black suit. And quite hot.

The day was gorgeous and the setting was perfect.

The beach.

Where Angelo and I had our first date.

I have to do something.

I couldn't sit here and watch Angelo drink himself into an early grave.

Placing my hand on the remote, I moved it from his hand.

Angelo spat his drink out and jumped out of the seat.

A remote floated passed his face.

I pressed stop.

Angelo swallowed hard.

I walked up to Angelo.

Grabbing the bottle in his hand, I through it against the wall.

"What do you want?" Angelo screeched

You want me to tell you? I'm dead.

"Huh? What the hell do you want from me? I can't do anything without you Charlie. I need you. I miss you.

I just want to hold you" Angelo fell to his knees.

A tear fell my cheek.

I want you to get over this. Stop this. It's not good.

I need you to take care of Ruby.

You're the only person who can help her through this.

Angelo looked up.

"Are you there?" He begged.

I placed my hand on his shoulder.

A chill went down Angelo's spine.

"You're here" He whispered.


Ruby layed awake in bed.

Looking up at here ceiling.

She sighed.

"Mum? I don't know if you can hear me, but if you can. Can you let me know that everything is going to be ok? I'm so lost.

Angelo isn't coping well and neither am I. Any sign to let me know you are there" A single tear rolled down Ruby's face.

Seeing that single tear made me cry.

I never knew ghosts could cry.- Learn something new everyday.

How to let you know I'm here. Let me think.

I walked over to the picture of Angelo, Ruby and me. I picked it up.

Ruby's eyes moved to the picture.

As the picture moved higher, Ruby sat up slowly, until she was sitting up-right and the picture had stopped moving.

"Mum?" Ruby smiled.

I put the picture back where it was.

I sat on the bed next to Ruby and ran my finger through her long hair.

Ruby moved slightly as she felt something at the back of her head.

"I'm sorry" Ruby whispered "It's my fault"

I just took a shower with the cockroach from hell. He's in there now fixing his hair- Marianne Graves

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Chapter 8

"Where are my keys?" Miles asked as he searched for them

I watched. With a smile on my face.

I jingle keys behind my back.

Miles looks over. He sees the keys suspended in the air.

Cautiously, he walks over to the keys.

Am I mean?

Miles reaches out for the keys. His hand shaking.

I laugh.

Knowing I am taller than Miles, I place the keys higher than he is.

"This isn't funny" Miles said as he lowered back down to the floor.

I smiled.

I lowered the keys into his hand.

"Thank you" Miles said. Not sure who he was thanking.

Miles slowly headed for the door.

Looking back in the house to see if anyone was there.

Miles walked into the diner.

"Hey Miles. Whats up? You look like you've seen a ghost" Leah said

"You have no idea" Miles said. Wide-eyed.

"That sound ominous" Leah replied

"My keys. I couldn't find my keys, and then I heard them jingle by them self. Then when I walked over to them, they got higher. I couldn't reach!"

Leah laughed

"It's not funny. I have a poltergeist attached to me" Miles replied.

"I'm sorry. It's just. I'm picturing you having a fight with your keys" Leah smiled.

Later that day, I thought to myself.

Angelo and Ruby felt my presence in the room.

So could others sense me?

I thought how I'd made Angelo and Ruby realize I was there.

All I had to do was show Leah and Miles I was there too.

And then maybe -just maybe- others would know.

I walked into the kitchen at the diner.

Leah, bless her, was still working.

I watched her chop some lettuce up.-Maybe now isn't a good time to let her know that I'm here. She might cut herself.

I waited until she had finished.

When she had, I followed her into the seating area.

Leah began to put the chairs on top of the tables.

I walked over to a chair.

I lifted the chair up and placed it on the table.

Leah looked at the chair in disbelief.

She rubbed her eyes.

Looking again to see if the chair moved.

"Oh my god" Leah said.

I lifted another chair up tot he table.

"Who's there?" Leah asked

I knew she couldn't hear me. So I didn't say a word.

"Hello?" Leah spoke.

She looked around the room.

Seeing if someone was playing a trick on her.

I laughed.

Leah walked over to her purse.

She took her phone out of her bag.

"Miles? I believe you"


Ruby sat upright in bed.

Sweat trickled down her face.

The tires screeching as the car sped away.

"Its my fault"

Ruby cried

I just took a shower with the cockroach from hell. He's in there now fixing his hair- Marianne Graves

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Thanks for the comments! :)

Chapter 9

"So then what happened?" Miles asked as he drank his juice

"Like I said, the chair just lifted its self on to the table. And then another one, and another" Leah replied.

"So you believe me about the keys?" Miles asked

"Like I said on the phone. Yes"

"Right then. We know someone is messing with us. But who? There wasn't anyone in the house with me. Aden and Nicole were at a fashion thing, and Alf was at Noah's"

"What about Romeo?" Leah asked

"With Annie" Miles replied.

"And I was on my own. Colleen had been whining all day about this gallery she just had to go to, so Irene told her to go. Then Irene had to pick something up from Yabbie Creek. Angelo was the last customer out of the diner, and I'm sure he would have gone straight home"

"Yea, poor Ruby. She's been having nightmares from the night it happened" Miles told Leah

"Oh god. Since when?" Leah asked

"A few days ago" Miles replied.

At the police station.

"Angelo" Georgina walked up to him. Carrying a file.

"Yea?" Angelo asked. Not really enthusiastic.

Georgina held the file up. Angelo looked at the code.

He fought his tears.


Angelo took the file.

Walking into his office he threw the file on the desk.

He put his head in his hands and sobbed.

"Don't do something you'll regret!" Charlie said to the man

"What do you know?" The man replied

"Look, put the knife down, and we'll forget this whole thing" Angelo said as he saw the fear in Ruby's eyes.

The man had hold of Ruby, he clutched a knife- placing it near to Rubyu's neck.

Charlie tried to hid her fear. All she thought about was her daughter.

The man move.

Charlie and Angelo took a step forward.

Georgina looked at the other hostages.

All stunned with fear.


Echo's of terrified voices rang through Angelo's ears.

The blood on the floor filled his eyes.

The tears that were sobbed fell down his cheek.

"Ruby!" Xavier shouted.

Ruby looked around. Forcing a smile on her face when Xavier took her hand

"You don't look so good" Xavier said

"Thanks" Ruby replied.

"Are you alright?"

"I had it again" Ruby said

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"I don't think talking will help Xave"

"Well, I'm here. If that helps" Xavier said, looking deep into Ruby's eyes.

"Thanks" Ruby replied. Her eyes glazed over.

I just took a shower with the cockroach from hell. He's in there now fixing his hair- Marianne Graves

It's alive. And it's beautiful- Helen Sharpe

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Thanks for the comments! :)

Chapter 10

"I think we should take you off this case" Watson told Angelo

"Why?" Angelo quizzed

I watched.

I knew what Georgie was meaning.

The case file he had in his hand was the report from the hostage situation where I died.

Georgie knew it would be hard for Angelo to cope.

"I need to do it. For Charlie"

"Angelo, no"

"You can't tell me what cases I can and can't do"

"Actually I can. I went straight to head office. They believe it's in your best interests if you have nothing to do with this case."

"You went behind my back?"

"Charlie was my friend. I don't think she'd want to see you like this!"

Georgie was right.

Angelo wouldn't cope well with the case at all.

Angelo looked at Georgie.

He was so mad.

Storming out of the office, he slammed the door behind him.

Poor Georgie. She broke down.

I've never seen her like this before.

Angelo walked along the beach.

I was ahead of him.

I could hear him mumble to himself.

I looked ahead.

I saw Alf.

He was stood with his fishing rod.

I walked up to Alf.

If anyone could get through to Angelo. It would be Alf.

Alf was like the granddad to everyone.

He helped where he could.

I walked out into the sea- following the line.

I took hold of the line and pulled.

"Strewth" Alf said as he took the strain.

I watched as Alf struggled.

"Come on!" Alf pulled the rod.

I thought about letting go, but then I realized, it would do any good.

It would make me laugh, but it would get Alf questioning what happened.

I let Alf reel in the line.

I walked, following the line as Alf smiled.

As I walked onto the beach, I could see Alf looking puzzled.

"What the?" Alf said as he scratched his head.

I took the hook off the line and kneeled down in the sand.

I wrote

Help Angelo

Alf looked at my message.

He swallowed hard.

I just took a shower with the cockroach from hell. He's in there now fixing his hair- Marianne Graves

It's alive. And it's beautiful- Helen Sharpe

Grow feather and s*** in a tree- Gwen Phillips

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