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In Good Times And In Bad

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Title: In good times and in bad,

Type of story: Long

Main characters: Jack Holden and Martha Mackenzie

Other characters: Tasha Andrews (she’s not married to Robbie yet in this fic!), Robbie Hunter, Lucas Holden, Tony Holden, Katie Holden (Jack and Lucas’s mum, Tony’s wife, she is still alive in this fic!), Matilda Hunter, Beth Hunter (she’s alive in this fic), Macca Mackenzie, Greg Mackenzie (another of Martha’s brothers), David Mackenzie (I don’t know the name of her third brother so I made it up!), Millie and Mathew Mackenzie (I don’t the name of her adoptive parents so I made them up, In this fic they are Martha’s biological parents!). Made up characters: Madeline Holden (Jack and Lucas’s sister, Katie and Tony’s daughter and youngest child,) Lexie Johnson (Martha and Jack’s friend,) Ami Johnson (Martha and Jack’s friend, Lexie and Ami are twins!), Tiffany Torry (Martha and Jacks friend), Tomas Rosewell (Martha and Jack’s friend), Jacob York (Martha and Jacks friend), Timothy Dudson (Martha and Jack’s friend, usually called Dudders!), Bobby Otter (Martha and Jack’s friend), Bettina Lawless (school bitch), Ellie Farley (school bitch), Chloe Armande (school bitch), Lewis Farley (Ellie Farley’s brother) and Melissa Mackenzie (Martha’s younger sister).

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama, Romance

Does this story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: May be some sexual content, not sure yet,

Summary: Martha, Jack, Tasha, Robbie, Lexie, Ami, Tiffany, Tomas, Jacob, Timothy and Bobby are all best friends and are still at high school, they are all 14. Bettina, Ellie and Chloe are another set of friends in the same year and are seen as the bitches of their year, they are again all 14 at the start of this fic. Jack has a brother called Lucas who is 9 and a sister called Madeline who is 5. Martha has 3 older brothers called Macca (Michael) who is 17, Greg who is 16 and David who is 18. She also has a younger sister called Melissa who is 9. Martha lives on a farm just outside the main town with her parents and siblings. This fic starts at the beginning of a new school year in September.

Matilda in also 9 in this fic, the same as age is Lucas and Melissa (as stated above). I think that’s all you need to know. Obviously this fic has nothing to do with any storylines in home and away that have happened.

When I talk about school it be the way schools are in England as I have no Idea about schools in Australia so if your not English and I talk about something that happens in English schools, like the name of tests of stuff, and you don’t know what they are please ask,

I think that all I need to say, now on with the first chapter,

Oh, yeah, there is 2 things I’ve forgotten, I will mention some dogs in this fic, I have called them Harry and Honey as that’s what my dogs are called and they are also going to be the same type as my dogs, which is Bichon frise cross toy poodle and Jack and Martha are not together at the beginning of this fic.

Anyways, sorry for rambling on,

This chapter is dedicated to my cute and gorgeous little sister Tara, love ya Tarz,

Chapter 1:

Martha was rushing around her room trying to find her uniform for school, if she didn’t hurry up she would be late, ‘mum’ Martha called down to her mum from her room, ‘do you know where my uniform is?’

‘Yes sweetie its right next to your bed,’ her mum called back up to her,

‘Thanks mum, found it,’

‘You better hurry up for school sweetie; you will be late otherwise,’

‘I’m going as fast as I can mum, I’m nearly ready,’ Martha finished putting her shirt on did up all the buttons, got her tie and put it. She then grabbed her tights and skirt and put them on. She finally picked up her hair brush and brushed her hair getting out all the knots and then put her hair up into a pony tail. ‘I’m done now,’

‘Good, go out to the car then I will be there in a minute,’

‘‘K mum,’ she grabbed her school bag and made her way out the front to where her mums car was parked, all her brothers and sisters were already out there,

‘Bout time slow couch’ Macca exclaimed as she came out of the door,

‘Very funny Macca,’ she said sarcastically, she wasn’t in the mood this morning for jokes, she was always in a bad mood on the first day back at school, as much as she would be happy to see her friends again, she would also have to see all her teachers again, do lots of work and come face to face with the stupid two-faced bitches in her year who always think that they are better than anyone else and can do what ever the hell they want just because they are them, what saddos, she thought to herself. At that moment her mum came out the door,

‘Ok, everyone in the car, we need to get you all to school on time,’ Martha opened the door she was nearest and jumped in,

‘Hey,’ Melissa shouted upset,

‘What’s the matter now Melissa?’ Martha shouted back,

‘I’m meant to get in first,’

‘Oh, stop whining Melissa, I got in first, end of,’ Melissa stuck her tongue out at her big sister,

‘Hey you two, stop arguing, we need to get you to school on time, I will drop Melissa of first as her schools closer, then I will drop David of at uni and then drop the rest of you off and then I will finally have peace for the first time in 6 weeks,’

‘It’s nice to know you love us so much, mum’ Martha said sarcastically, her mum just laughed at her daughters comment. Started the engine and headed to drop them of at school.

She arrived outside Martha’s school and Martha saw her friends standing out side the school gate, ‘Hey’ Jack said as Martha got out the car and made her way towards her friends. Every one gave her a hug one by one with jack giving her the biggest one, she had always has the biggest connection to Jack, for some reason they just had a bond, and Martha loved it. It made her feel closer to Jack, and therefore always feel like there is someone to talk to. They were all talking happily when they saw Bettina, Ellie and Chloe, or as they called them, the school bitches. They were the biggest bullies around, they would always pick on you and if you said one word to them that they didn’t like they would snitch on you, Ellie would always go running to her big brother Lewis, they never did know what Lewis could do about it, but there you go.

They walked passed them and Ellie purposely pushed past Martha shoving her out the way and carrying on walking. Martha had finally had enough of it, her anger grew and she said something she knew she would later regret, ‘What did you do that for bitch,’ Ellie turned around slowly to look at Martha. Martha looked at her friends faces, they were all gob smacked. Did Martha just call Ellie a bitch to her face? Ellie was so going to get Martha back for that.

‘What did you just call me?’ Ellie asked Martha stunned.

‘You heard, you bitch,’

‘You are so going to regret saying that you little tart,’

‘Really and how are you going to do that?’

‘Just wait and see Martha Mackenzie, just wait and see,’ Ellie then walked away, with Bettina and Chloe close behind. Martha looked back to her friends who were all speechless. Martha then did what she knew she would; regret it, and regret it badly.

Any comments? :D

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Chapter 2:

Martha and her friends all walked into their English class which Ellie, Bettina and Chloe were also in. Martha sat next to Jack in English, actually, she sat next to Jack in most lessons that she had. Martha and Jack both took their seats that were at the front of the classroom.

‘Martha?’ Jack whispered across to Martha


‘Why the hell did you say those things to Ellie? You know that she’ll make you pay for what you said,’

‘I know she will,’

‘Then why did you say it?’

‘Miss Mackenzie and Mr Holden, be quiet now, the lesson has started,’ Mr Till, their English teacher, ‘Actually the lesson started two minutes ago, so what was said Miss Mackenzie?’

‘Don’t know, sorry Mr Till,’

‘You will be if you fail your exams, so listen both of you,’

‘Yes sir’ they both replied at the same time. At that moment Ellie, Bettina and Chloe walked through the door.

‘Oh hello you three please take a seat, and would you like to explain why you’re so late?’

‘Sorry sir,’ Bettina replied to her teacher’s comment, ‘We just needed to sort something out as someone wasn’t very nice to Ellie this morning,’ she said and looked over at Martha and Martha turned her head as soon as she noticed Bettina’s eyes on her. Bettina turned back to the teacher,

‘Ok, just sit down,’ they passed Martha’s desk and leant over so they could whisper something without too many people knowing.

‘You will regret what you said, I promise,’ they then walked to their seats that were at the back of the classroom. Martha was pleased about this as she knew that they were as far away from her as they could possibly be.

Martha’s P.O.V

They walked passed me with Ellie whispering in my ear about regretting what I said. Little did she know was that I was already regretting, but I wasn’t going to tell her that now was I? I think Mr Till had guessed that when Bettina said someone had been mean to Ellie and looked over at me, that I was most properly the one they were talking about.

The Day seemed to drag on and on. All my friends keep asking me why I would say such a thing to Ellie of all people. The only answer that I could think of was how annoyed I was at her and I just lost it, which was actually the truth. Every time Ellie saw that day she would give me a look as if to say, you are going to pay for that, don’t you worry. But of course I’m not worrying that she won’t, I’m worried that she will. I have no idea what she will do, but she seems to have something planed. I bet she’s already told her brother everything, and more, just to make sure it sounded dramatic, because of course it wasn’t really that bad, I just called her a bitch, well to Ellie that’s really, really bad. According to her she was the best in the school, and any one who even called her a bad name, like bitch, would be punished one way or another.

It was finally the end of school, so I made my way to the front gate where my mum was going to pick me up in a few mins. My two brothers that went to high school with me had football practice, so they wouldn’t be home until later. Personally I don’t see how people can get so excited about how eleven players from each team, kicking a football about can be classed as fun, but that’s just my opinion.

After just a few seconds a boy came up behind me,

‘Hi,’ He said to me as he went and stood in front of me,

‘Hi,’ I replied back bluntly, I wasn’t really in the mood for this,

‘Are you Martha Mackenzie?’

‘Yeah, who wants to know?’

‘I’m Lewis Farley, Ellie Farley’s brother,’ I looked back at him shocked. Ellie’s brother was standing right in front of me, what the hell did he want? Surely he knew about what I said to Ellie earlier on, so surely he wasn’t talking to me to say well done for standing up for myself. So what did he want?

Any comments? :D

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Chapter 3:

Martha stood there looking at the young man that stood in front of her,

‘Oh, so you’re Ellie’s brother. Ellie always talks about you in lessons; she seems to think the world of you,’

‘Yeah, she does, and I think the world of her, which when I found out that you had called her a bitch and punched her, I knew I had to do something about you,’

‘Punched her, hang on a minute, yes I called her a bitch but I didn’t punch her, I would never do that to anyone,’

‘Oh, so now my sister’s a liar. The only liar I see around her is you, you hurt my baby sister both verbally and physically and now you’re trying to say that you did not hurt her physically. Don’t dare call her a liar, ok?’

‘Ok then,’ Martha looked for any sight of her mum, ‘Anyway, you better get going, I’m sure you have better things to do than talk to some stupid liar who bullies your baby sister,’

‘Yeah, but my sister means more to me than anything that I’ve got planed, and she wants pay back, so I’m going to give it to her,’ the next thing Martha knew was that Lewis grab her arm and started pulling her somewhere,

‘What are you doing? Where are you going?’

‘Where are we going more to the point? My car’s this way, cuz as I said my sister wants pay back, and she’s going to get it,’ Lewis kept on pulling Martha in the direction that his car was,

‘Let me go, you’re hurting my arm,’

‘Sorry, I can’t do that until my sister gets the revenge she wanted,’

A couple of minutes after Martha’s mum, Millie, had turned up to pick Martha up. Millie looked around but couldn’t see her,

‘Martha!’ Millie called as she stepped out the car, ‘Martha sweetie,’ where’s Martha Millie thought to herself. Millie got out her mobile a dialled Martha’s number. It went through to voice message. ‘Hey Martha, its mum, where are you? You’re meant to tell me or your father if you want to go somewhere, can you please call back so we can talk about it, if you have a reason to go we’ll understand a bit more, so can you call either me or your father, I will stay outside the school till the time that Greg and Macca come out, please call, love you lots sweetie, bye,’ she ended the call and quickly typed in another number. It was their home number, it rang for a few seconds and then Mathew, Martha’s father, picked up the phone,

‘Hello,’ he said down the phone,

‘Hey Mathew, its Millie,’

‘Oh, hey, what’s the matter?’

‘Well Martha isn’t waiting outside the school,’

‘What do you mean? She’s gone of somewhere or something,’

‘Yeah, she must have done, she’s not answering her phone either,’

‘That’s weird, do you want me to call her friends and find out if they’ve seen her or know where she is,’

‘Yeah that’s a good idea; I’ll stay here in case she comes back.’

‘Ok, call me if you hear anything,’

‘Yeah, will do, you call if you hear anything as well,’

‘Sure will,’

‘Ok, bye Mathew,’

‘Yeah, bye Millie,’ and with that Millie hung up and put her phone back in her pocket.

At Jack’s house the phone began to ring, ‘I’ll get it dad,’ Jack shouted to his dad who was watching the football on TV.


‘Hi Jack, its Mathew, Martha’s dad,’

‘Oh, hi Mr Mackenzie, what can I do for you?’

‘Have you seen Martha since the end of school?’

‘No, she was waiting outside for Mrs Mackenzie to pick her up.’

‘Yeah, that’s the thing. When Millie went to pick up Martha she wasn’t there.’

‘Really, she said she waiting for Mrs Mackenzie when we left,’

‘Thanks anyway Jack, see ya soon mate,’

‘Yeah, see ya soon Mr Mackenzie, bye,’

‘Bye, mate,’ Jack turned around to his father who was looking at him,

‘What was that about?’ Tony asked his son who know looked sort of worried.

‘Mr Mackenzie said that when Mrs Mackenzie went to pick up Martha, Martha wasn’t there.’

‘Really? That’s strange; Martha normally tells someone if she’s going to go of somewhere,’

‘I know, that’s why I’m worried.’

‘I’m sure she’s all right mate,’

‘Yeah, I hope,’ at that moment Lucas came downstairs and walked into the living room where his dad and Jack were. Matilda and Melissa were visiting. Melissa was Martha’s little sister and very closes friends with Lucas. Matilda was Robbie’s sister. They were all best friends.

‘Ahh, the girl who Jacky fancy’s is missing. Poor Jacky,’ Lucas stated as walked through the door. Lucas knew that Jack had always had a crush on Martha but just never admitted it.

‘Is Martha missing, Mr Holden?’ Melissa looked worriedly up at Tony.

‘We’re not sure yet Melissa. It might just be a misunderstanding.’

‘And Lucas, did you just say that Jack loves Martha? My sister Martha?’

‘Yeah, he does, he has loved her since, well, ages,’

‘He, Jack loves my sister,’ Melissa started laughing.

‘Lucas, I told you not to tell anyone,’

‘I know, but I don’t care,’ Lucas stuck his tongue out at Jack. Jack wasn’t in the mood for this. He was just worried about Martha. He knew that it could be just a simple misunderstanding, but he had a strange feeling in his gut saying that there was something wrong, something seriously wrong…

Any comments? :D

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I know, I can update fast, properly won't be as much updates on weekday cuz of school and stuff, but at weekends i will properly update a lot,

anyways, here's the next chapter:

Chapter 4:

Martha was put in the back of Lewis’s car, if she had a choice she wouldn’t have got in, but she had no choice, that was the problem.

‘Where are we going?’

‘Back to my place, I own a place of my own, without anyone, that way I can’t be interfered.’

‘Why are we going there?’

‘So I can get pay back for ay back for my sister,’

‘What are you going to do?’

‘Well… I would normally get straight to it, but seeming as you are a very pretty girl, I’ve decided that today I will give myself a little treat as well.’

‘What sort of a treat?’

‘Oh, you will find out soon gorgeous, you’ll find out soon,’ Martha looked out the car window which could only be seen through if you were inside the car, if you were out side you could not see anyone or anything that was inside the car.

Back at Jacks house, Jack was still worried. He knew that they didn’t know that anything bad had happened, but no one had heard anything from Martha, and that was very unusual for Martha.

‘Hey mate,’ Tony said as he stepped into the back garden where Jack was sitting thinking.

‘Hey dad,’

‘You look worried,’

‘I am,’

‘Why? I’m sure Martha will be ok,’

‘I don’t know dad, I just have a bad feeling,’

‘What sort of feeling?’

‘Like some thing’s wrong,’

‘You really do like Martha don’t you?

‘Yeah, we have always been the closest out of our group, and I think, if I’m not mistaken I’m getting feeling for her, but what would I know about love and feelings, I’m only 14, so I know nothing about it,’

‘Your correct about the fact that your only 14, but some people find love quicker than others, you may have already found yours, and I like Martha, she’s a lovely girl and you two would be so good together,’ Jack just nodded at his father’s words, ‘Anyways, stop worrying and come in for dinner,’

‘Ok dad, I’m coming in now,’

‘Good man lets go,’ and with that they both went inside.

Lewis pulled outside a house, there weren’t many people around. Damn Martha thought, if there were people around then she could have tried to make a run for it and people would know that she didn’t want to be there with him and help her out, but there wasn’t. Lewis pushed her out of the car, quickly opened the door and pushed her into his house.

‘Up stair now he shouted,’ she obliged, there was no way that she was going to disobey him, he had a scary look on his face, a look that showed that he wasn’t going to give up until he had what he wanted. When they reached the top of the stairs he pushed her into a room. It looked like it was his bedroom, either that or a spare room. He stepped out the room leaving Martha in there alone, shutting the door behind him and locking it.

‘Sorry gorgeous, I’ve just got to do something quickly and I can’t risk you running away,’ Martha heard as he went down the stairs. She didn’t know what was happening. She was getting quite scared now, what was he going to do to her? She went over to a corner of the room and sat down with her legs close to her chest with her arms wrapped around her legs hugging herself tightly. She started to cry, what the hell is going to happen to me? She thought to herself.

Any comments? :D

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Quite a short chapter, Enjoy :D

Warning: there may be some content unsuitable for younger readers!!!

Chapter 5:

Lewis entered the room again and saw Martha in the corner of the room. It was clear that she had been crying as her eyes were all red and puffy and tear stains marked her face.

‘Oh, you’ve been crying, what the hell is the matter?’ he said sarcastically as he shut the door behind him and locked it again, but this time with him in the room. He walked over to Martha and made her get up of the floor. He pushed her over to bed and made her sit on the edge. ‘Time for my treat,’ he exclaimed as he put his hand on the top of her thigh. Martha was too scared to say anything. He slid his hand further up and didn’t stop until he reached what he wanted to reach. Martha breathing got heavier, she was so scared, the most scared that she had ever, ever been. Once he had finished with that he made her stand up. Martha couldn’t do anything, she was scared stiff. He went to the top of her skirt and pulled it down, with her tights soon following. He then went for the buttons of her shirt, taking of her tie and then her shirt. He looked at the frightened young lady that stood in front of him in only her bra and underwear. He started sucking at her neck, again she was motionless. He sucked on it harder and harder until he finally bit into her tender skin. Martha let out a small, painful noise. He then removed her bra and underwear. He then removed his own clothes leaving them both naked. He pushed her down on the bed forcing him on top of her. She would have tried to do something but she had lost all her energy in being scared. He continued even when she found the energy to tell him to stop.

After a few hours he had finally stopped. He could here her heavy breathing. He through her clothes at her and told her to put them back on. Martha quickly got redressed and Lewis got his clothes back on. Once he could see that see was practically fully dressed again he took his cricket bat and as she turned to face him he swung the bat and sit her in the top of the head. Martha fell to the floor, she was still conscious until Lewis hit her again with the bat. He then kicked her in the stomach just to make sure. He checked that she still had a pulse, as he wanted to hurt her and make sure she felt the pain. If she died she would feel as much. She still had a pulse but it was very weak. He then dragged her back down stairs and out the door. He laid her on the pavement near his front door. He then went to his car and got her bag out the back which she had left there earlier. He put it down beside her and went back in his house.

PREVIEW: what will happen to Martha?

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Chapter 6:

Jack had gone over to the Mackenzie’s farm, they were about to go out and look for Martha. He could see how worried her family were getting. Millie kept pacing up and down saying to herself, ‘If I had been there on time, this never would have happened,’ Mathew kept on telling Millie that, ‘It’s not your fault, it could still be a easy misunderstanding and she could come through that door any second.’ But she never did come through the door. They were just about to head out when the phone rang, Millie answered it.

‘Hello’ she said as she picked up the phone.

‘Hello, is this Mrs Mackenzie’


‘Well, your daughter, Martha Mackenzie has been found down at the old estates on the edge of town unconscious.’

‘Oh my god,’

‘She’s alright Mrs Mackenzie, she is now conscious and in hospital. We are not sure how she’s got the injuries as she is still very weak.’

‘And it’s defiantly Martha?’ at this point everyone looked around to Millie who had just said her daughters name. Jack’s face began to have a smile on it.

‘Yes, when she woke up she confirmed it,’

‘Ok, thank you, we will go down straight away, bye,’

‘Bye Mrs Mackenzie,’ Millie put the phone back to its original space.

‘I take it that was about Martha,’

‘Yes, it was. She’s been in some kind of accident or something and she’s at the hospital now, I said we would go down there straight away.’

‘Yeah, we will, let’s go,’ Jack nearly ran to the front door.

‘Tony, can you still look after Melissa, I don’t want her seeing Martha in the state that she’s in now.’

‘Sure thing,’

‘But mummy, I want to see Martha,’ Melissa whined,

‘Not yet sweetie, you can later, let’s go people,’ and with that Millie, Mathew, Jack, Macca, Greg and David all left to go to the hospital.

At the hospital Martha was lying on her bed shutting her eyes. She had an oxygen mask on as she was still very weak. She had a drip that was connected on her hand. Her eyes opened as the door opened. She saw her mum, dad, brothers and Jack enter. She took of her oxygen mask so she could speak,

‘Mum?’ she said as she sat up,

‘Yes sweetie, I’m here, put the mask back on, I’m so sorry this happened to you,’ she put the mask back on her daughter. Everyone just sat around her, enjoying her company.

After a few hours she was allowed to take her oxygen mask off as her breathing was back to normal. Mathew had taken Jack home and picked up Melissa so she could see Martha. The police had come in to talk to Martha and she told them everything that happened with Lewis, except one small detail. She didn’t tell them about what Lewis stated as his ‘Treat’. She didn’t want to think about it. It was to upsetting to think about. She didn’t mind too much about him hitting her as she was sort of expecting that to happen, but she wasn’t expecting anything else, especially not being raped. She wanted Lewis to go to jail for something, but she never wanted anyone to know she was raped. She would just say about him hitting her with the bat, and say that the bruises that came from him forcing himself onto her were just where he kicked her so hard. She would just try and hide the mark on her neck from where he bit her.

As soon as Melissa entered the room where Martha was, she ran to Martha.

‘Martha, I was really worried about you and when the hospital rang I thought you were dead,’

‘Ahh, you can’t get rid of me that easily,’ Melissa hugged Martha tightly but forgot that Martha had some injuries and touched where her bruises on her side were, ‘Ouch,’ Martha squealed as Melissa quickly let go of her.

‘Sorry Martha,’

‘Don’t worry; try not touching that area, ok?’

‘Ok, can I still have a hug?’

‘Yeah, of course you can.’

Melissa hugged Martha again but this time avoided touching any where near her bruise. Martha held her sister tightly. She knew her little sister was annoying but now she also knew how much her sister cares for her. Melissa then pulled back with a smile on her face; Martha could tell she knew something she didn’t.

‘What is it Melissa?’

‘I know a secret which is no longer a secret and defiantly won’t be when I tell you,’

‘Tell me what?’

‘Jack loves you,

‘Me? And how do you know this?’

‘Yes you and Lucas told me when I was over there and then Jack said to Lucas about how he told him not to tell anyone and so on,’


‘Really,’ Martha’s mum was listening to their conversation, she could tell by the look on her daughters face that she had strong feelings for Jack, and she was happy to see that Martha was already falling in love, and with a really nice guy at that. A nurse then came through the door.

‘Ok Martha, we are going to take out your drip for you, it will be a lot more comfortable when it’s out. We are going to keep you in for a couple of days and then you can go home. Also, because of where he kicked you it has cause some damage so you will need a operation to sort it out, but other than that there’s nothing to worry about. We will arrange your operation for the end of next week so we can give your other injuries chance to heal. We would advise you not to go to school until after you heal from the operation next week.’

‘Ok, thanks nurse,’ the nurse removed her drip and left the room.

‘Well we better get going as well; leave you to get some rest,’

‘Ok mum, love you,’ Millie gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek and then everyone left, leaving Martha on her own to get some sleep.

PREVIEW: does Martha tell anyone about Lewis raping her? and if so, who?

Any comments? :D

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