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April Scott - Rhiannon Fish


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Having only seen one episode that she's in, I wouldn't say she's just like Ruby although I can see her going that way.Certainly her first meeting with Xavier was handled a lot better than Ruby's was. I guess in a sense she's what Ruby was when she first came in, confident and slightly oddball, and it could become wearing after a while if we don't see more depth to her but at the moment I'm really liking her.(On the other hand, given how bad some of the characters that came in as fun characters and then had depth added to them turned out, maybe she should stay as sweet as she is...)

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I know this is incredibly irrelevant, but I just have to express how gorgeous I find April - or Rihannon, if you wish.

On a more subject relevant note, I like her character - although I would be exhausted and annoyed with her in real life, I believe. I'm enjying her relationship with Bianca.

I haven't seen the last episode (5215),

does she really leave with her mother? If that's the case - God, I hope she'll come back.

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