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Birthday's Start Disasters

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Thank you for the comments! :)

Chapter 11

She looked around the small caravan, it was a mess, the bed wasn’t made, there was empty food cartons all over the place and clothes everywhere. Geoff sat back down on the bed, Nicole figured he had been sitting the a long time, there was a slight dent from where his body was. He looked at her and then looked away, looking down at the bed clothes. She could tell he was hurting, his eyes were red and puffy probably from crying or lack of sleep, maybe even both. There was no expression on his face, he looked up again, but it was as if he wasn’t there, he didn’t say anything or do anything, he just sat there.

“Are you ok?” she spoke, her voice was filled with concern, it was quiet and strained, she didn’t know what to say to him, how he would feel about any questions she asked, but she needed to find out what he was feeling

He didn’t say anything, he looked at her with pained eyes, he sighed as if he was about to speak, but nothing came from his mouth, he just looked at her and she looked back.

She took a step forward, closer to the bed “Geoff?” She said quietly, her voice shaky. “Talk to me please” she was worried about him now, from what Aden had said he had shut himself in here for the past two days.

“What do you want me to say?” he asked, his voice was pained too, it match his face. He looked away again “My sister’s gone, what am I suppose to say?” he asked “What am I supposed to feel?” he asked, pain aching in his voice and body

She looked at him, not knowing what to say “I’m sorry” she said “I don’t know” she looked at him, the same pained expression now on her face that was on


“Why does everyone say that?” he asked “They all say sorry as if it was their fault, as if saying sorry would bring her back! But it won’t!” he said angrily “She’s

gone, she’s gone!” he screamed with tears pouring out of his eyes

Nicole’s heart broke, she hated seeing anyone like this, But seeing Geoff the man she loved, the man she thought she would never see anything like this, it almost

killed her “Geoff, come here” she said jumping onto the bed beside her and cradling him in her arms . She shushed him, with her arms wrapped tightly around his

neck. She let out tears too, they both sat on the bed for what seemed like hours holding each other and crying.

“Sorry” he said sitting back up, “You don’t need this, especially not from me” he said, he sighed and looked at her “I don’t deserve your shoulder to cry on, I

treated you like crap Nic” he looked at her with an apology written all over his face “I’m so sorry”

She shook her head “Geoff, it’s ok, that’s all in the past, you need me right now and I’ll be here for however long you need me” she said with a small smile on her

face, but it was barely visible through all of the pain. “Have you have anything to eat?” she asked

He shook his head “I can’t eat, I can’t do anything” he said

“You have to eat Geoff. Annie wouldn’t want you to be like this, she loved you. She would want you to be getting on with everything, she would everyone to be

getting on with things and you know that”

“I can’t” he sighed sadly “I can’t get her out of my head, she asked me to go surfing with them that day, if I had of gone I could have saved her, what the hell was

Romeo doing? How could he have let her die!” he said coldly

“Geoff you can’t blame this on yourself or Romeo, it was an accident. Things like this happen every day, It was Annie’s turn, You believe in all that religious stuff

and so did Annie, she believe she was going to heaven when she died, I’d know she told me a lot” Nic laughed “Don’t you believe that to, she’s in a better place


“She would be in a better place if she was here with me” Geoff said looking at Nic “I can’t stop thinking that if I was there it would be different. I hate that I’m

blaming myself or even that I’m putting some of the blame on Romeo, I know Annie would hate me for doing this, but I can’t stop thinking all of this”

“You can, You have to think about what Annie would want, If she was here, she would tell you that she was in a better place, and it was neither of your faults, and

she would tell you to throw a party instead of a funeral because her entrance of heaven should be celebrated” Nic laughed a little “She told me that before, so this

is really me quoting her, I know it’s hard but it will get easier, I promise”

“I can’t do that Nic, I can’t even leave here, If I do I see something and it reminds me of her and my heart breaks again. Why did it have to happen, why couldn’t it

have been me?” Geoff said, anger in his tone.

“Don’t say that Geoff! Don’t ever say that!” Nicole snapped “Annie is gone, I know it sucks, but you have to get on with things! You have to organise her funeral and

you have to get yourself sorted out! You need to eat and you need to leave this caravan, there are other people hurting to! I know Annie is your sister and you’ve

been with her all her life, but you need to here this!”

“I’m sorry” he sighed “How is everyone else? I’ve been so selfish in here, I haven’t been thinking of anyone but myself, But it’s been hard to think of anyone, when

all I want to think about it her”

“I know it’s hard, but Irene and Romeo are taking it badly too. I haven’t seen them, but Aden told me, Belle is spending most of her time with Irene, and Romeo

barely talks to anyone, Marilyn is the only one to get through to him.”

“I can’t plan the funeral Nic” Geoff said a tear falling down his face “I can’t”

“I’ll help you, I knew Annie well, but you have to promise me you will eat and leave here”

“I promise, thank you” he smiled, but the pain was still in his face

“I’ll go get us some food, What do you want?” Nic asked

Geoff shrugged, “Fine were getting pizza” Nic said as she got up from the bed, she took hold of Geoff’s hand and give him a small smile before she left.

She opened the door and the cool air hit her, she sighed and let the tears fall from her eyes, there was no sobbing or anything, just tears coming from her eyes, she hated feeling like this, she loved Annie so much, but she needed to be strong for Geoff, to get him through this. She wiped the tears away and made her way to Aden’s to get her car to drive to the pizzeria.

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Thank your for the comments! :D Enjoy this chapter!! :D

Chapter 12...

She got the pizza and got into her car to drive back to Aden’s, she contemplated whether to drive straight to the van park or to leave her car off at Aden’s. She thought it would be best to drive straight to the van park, it would save her walking. She parked in the parking area and walked to the van, she balanced the pizza on her arm and she bought a bottle of wine that she balanced in the other arm, she knocked the door with a bit of difficulty. Geoff opened the door, a few seconds later, he took the pizza out of her hand and set it on the work top. Nicole entered the van, she noticed he had cleaned up, the bed was now made and the floor was clean from clothes. He had put all of the rubbish in the bin, and the small table was now free from anything and they were able to eat at it.

“Sorry, about the mess before, I just couldn’t be bothered doing anything” Geoff said, putting plates out on the table for the pizza

Nic laughed, she lifted the plates back and put them in the cupboard again “It’s fine, at least you cleaned it now, it was expected anyway, you were always awful at keeping your room tidy.”

Geoff looked at her and smiled “We don’t need plates?” he asked

She shook her head “We’ll do it the old fashioned way and just eat it from the box” she opened the lid and pizza filled the van “I bought wine too”

“Do you want glasses or are we just going to slug it from the bottle?” Geoff asked reaching to the cupboard but opening it just yet

She giggled a little “Glasses will do fine” she said

“The van doesn’t come with wine glasses, we’ll have to do with tumblers instead” he said placing two glasses on the table “Thanks Nic” he said looking at her with a

small smile, a bit of the pain from his face had gone. Nic smiled back at him.

“Wine and pizza won’t solve anything, but it will help you stay alive instead of starving yourself, or poisoning yourself with noodles” She said “I noticed all the

packets when I came in” she added

“They were getting to be a bit nasty” he laughed “The first genuine laugh she had seen in him since she arrived, all the pain left his face and he enjoyed the

laughter for a few seconds, before the pained expression came back “Annie loved the noodles” he sighed

“Annie also loved pizza” Nic grinned “A little too much, do you remember the time when she first met Romeo and we spent the night in, and she came back with two

pizzas and she had the big grin on her face and she ate the whole ham and pineapple by herself?”

Geoff laughed again “Yeah, and do you remember it coming back up that night?”

Nic nodded “And I remember her still grinning while she had her head over the toilet seat, she really fell for him that night”

“I know” Geoff said “I shouldn’t have blamed him for any of this, I knew how much he loved her, it wasn’t his fault”

“It wasn’t anyone’s fault” Nicole told him “It was just something that happened” she said

“How have you been?” Geoff asked, he’d been so wrapped up in his own self pity all night, he didn’t even realise she was here, She was back.

“Good” she said “How about you, are you seeing anyone?” she asked, she had also been avoiding the subject all night, she thought it would be awkward, but it was

like she had never left right now, but it could become awkward now that they were getting into conversation about that last months

“I’ve been okay, No” he said to her, “What about you?” he asked, but he knew the answer would be yes, Nic was beautiful and no matter where she went the guys

would be after her.

She nodded “I have a boyfriend yeah”

“That’s good” Geoff smiled “how long have you been dating?” Geoff asked trying to keep the conversation going with it getting weird

“About 6 months now”

“That’s good” he smiled, he looked at her “I’m sorry about how things ended with us, I never meant to hurt you” he said seriously looking her in the yes “I really

mean it, I don’t know what came over me, I never wanted to lose you”

“It’s ok, the past is over now, just work on the future, and getting through this, I’m here now and we’re friends again right?”

Geoff nodded “Yeah”

“And I’m here for you as long as you need me, seriously I love you Geoff, but we’ve moved on, but it’s a good thing”

Geoff nodded again “Yeah, it is” He sighed, it was killing him inside, ever since she left it killed him not having her around, he beat himself up every day, he treated

her so badly and he hated himself for it, but he was right, the past was the past and it was the present now, time to get over this.

“I hate to ask this, but what plans do you have for the funeral?” Nicole asked

Geoff sighed heavily and breathed in “I made arrangements for it to be held in the church the day after tomorrow, but I couldn’t do much else, I got a coffin and a

grave but that’s it. I have no other arrangements made, I couldn’t do anymore”

“Do you want me to do the rest?” Nic offered “I know how hard it would be for you”

“I couldn’t ask you to do that” Geoff said

“You can, And you didn’t ask I offered” She said “I’d be happy to help, I know it’s hard so I can take it off you, you just have to worry about showing up, and

saying something?” she asked “If you would want to that is”

“I do want to, I just don’t know what I’m going to say. I think we should ask Romeo if he wants to say something, and maybe Irene or Belle?”

Nic smiled “I think they’ll like that” she said “And don’t worry, they words will come to you”

They finished their pizza and continued the conversation until it got quite late, they were sitting on the bed now and had night time TV on, it was one of the quiz

programmes, they were both screaming at the TV “It’s getting late, done you have to go?” Geoff asked realising the time

She sighed “I really can’t be bothered leaving, this is too much fun” she laughed “And it’s so dark!” she said standing up and placing her jacket on

“Your still the same” he teased her with a small smile “I’ll walk you home if you want”

“It’s ok, I have my car”

“I’ll walk you to your car then? Or you can stay the night if you want?” he asked

“Would you mind?” she asked him, not knowing if he was only saying it to be nice or if he was serious

“Yeah, I can sleep on the sofa”

“Geoff your arm is bigger than that! We’ve shared a bed before, it’s not as if anything will happen”

“I just don’t want anything to get weird” he said, looking at the bed instead of at her.

“It won’t get weird, we are two friends comforting each other, come one” she said sitting on the bed “Do you have a shirt I can borrow? I don’t have anything to

sleep in”

“Um yeah” he said, he lifted a backpack of the ground and gave her one of his T-shirts

“Thanks” she said, he turned around and she put it on, she climbed into the bed, he did the same and the fell asleep pretty quickly.

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Thank you!! :) :)

Chapter 13

Nicole woke up first the next morning, she was lying in Geoff’s arm, for a minute she just lay there, but then she thought and found herself feeling a little uncomfortable, she carefully climbed out of the bed and filled up the small kettle and turned it on to boil. Geoff turned over and opened his eyes, he sat up in the bed and looked at her, “What are you doing?” he asked standing up to join where she was standing.

“Making breakfast” she said turning to look at him “Not that you have much, I doubt you want noodles” she let out a small laugh “How about we go to the diner?” she asked and watched as his face changed, she could tell her didn’t want to, but he nodded anyway. “You’ll be fine” she told him

“I know” he said “It’s just, it will be the first time I left here, and I don’t know what to say to anyone” he said looking to the ground and then up at him again, she gave him a reasuring smile

“I’ll be with you” she told him, placing her hand on his

“Thanks” he smiled “Seriously Nic, thank you for being here, I would never have expected you to do that, to stay with me after all we’ve been through” he said sincerely

She nodded “It’s all in the past, remember?” she crossed the room and picked up the clothes she took off from last night, she thought for a minute, ‘No’ she told

herself, ‘It doesn’t matter what I wear, I need to be there for Geoff’ she shook the clothes out and turned to Geoff with a look, he understood and he turned around

while she changed.

He crossed the room when she was finished and changed himself, he through on a pair of shorts and a tank top “Ready” he declared

She nodded and opened the door of the van, shielding her eyes from the sunlight, she rummaged in her bag telling herself she did have a pair of shade, she

couldn't find them and gave up. Her phone buzzed in her bag and she lifted it out, it stopped just when she was about to answer, she swore and looked at the

number, it was Christian, she now had 14 missed calls. She dialled back and walked in front a little, Geoff let her have the space.

“Hello Nic!” he answered, “Where were you! I phoned you last night and I called Aden’s and there was no answer!” he said “I was about to drive down and search for you”

“Sorry” she said sighing and mentally kicking herself for forgetting to text or call him, or to even check her phone “I was a little busy” she said

“I called Aden’s a load of times, he said you were out, but he didn’t give specifics” he said “And when I called even later no one answered”

“Sorry, I stayed with Geoff last night, he needed some comfort” she whispered a little, just so he didn’t hear, although she was pretty sure he wasn’t listening, he

seemed a little sidetracked.

“Geoff, your ex?”

“Yes” she said, “He’s really upset and I’m just being a good friend and being there for him”

“Right” he said with a sigh in his voice “Where are you now?” he asked

“Were going to get something to eat from the diner, he doesn’t have any food in the van”

“Ok, so you didn’t even stay in a house? Where did you sleep?”

“Chris, please don’t get like this! I stayed in the bed along with Geoff, were not together anymore and I was there as a friend to him, don’t make this more than it

is!” she quietly said, keeping her tone calm, she looked round at Geoff, but he was paying her no attention and looking more interested in his feet and his footsteps

than anything else.

“I’m not making any more than it is, I think you sleeping with your ex is enough” he said, with a slight hint of harshness in his voice

“Don’t you dare get like this! You know I am completely over Geoff and I would never hurt you! If one of your exes was in this much pain wouldn’t you try to help

them? And want to be there to comfort them?” she asked matter of factly

“I wouldn’t think spending the night with them to be comforting Nic”

“Chris! We slept in the same bed, just like friends, are you going to tell me you haven’t just went to sleep beside some one? Nothing sinister Christian! I was

helping a friend and if your going to be this childish about it I don’t want to discuss it with you!” she hissed, still using the whispered tone “I can’t believe you don’t

trust me! I don’t even want to talk to right now!” she said and closed the phone, sliding it back down and placing it in her pocket, it buzzed again, but ignored it and

let Geoff catch up with her

“Everything ok?” he asked

She nodded and linked her arm through his and quickened the pace towards the diner.

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Thanks for the comments! :)

Chapter 14

“Geoff” Leah said, it was one of those ‘Geoff’s’ with the sigh at the end and the said expression on her face, this is the kind of thing Geoff was dreading, Nicole squeezed his hand.

“Hi Leah” he said, he used a tone of voice which wasn’t happy, but not entirely sad either, he had a small smile on his face, hoping that if he showed that he was okay the pity in her eyes would stop.

“How are you?” she asked placing her hand on the top of his arm, something people do when they think the other person needs sympathy.

Geoff nodded “I’m okay, thanks. I guess I just have to get on with things don’t I?” he shrugged and smiled a little again

Leah nodded “Yeah, you do” she sighed again “I know it’s hard to lose someone, but you’ll be okay again soon” she smiled and Geoff nodded “Nic!” She said noticing Nicole for the first time when her attention was off Geoff “Your back?” she asked

Nicole nodded “Yeah, I couldn’t not be here, it wouldn’t be right on Annie” she said, Leah nodded in understanding. “Can we get to breakfasts and two ice teas please?” she asked Leah before any other conversation was started, Leah nodded and entered the kitchen

Nicole and Geoff moved across the diner and took a seat at a table, they sat facing each other. “I hope today isn’t all like this, I hate when people ask how I am”

Geoff said sighing a little “I just wish they would leave me alone” he said

“It will get better, but people just want to show they are concerned, it was the same when Dad went to jail, well not really the same, but you get what I mean” She said confusing herself a little

Geoff nodded “Yeah, it’s annoying that’s all” Nic nodded and smiled at him, Leah brought over their food and they both ate.

After they had finished the paid and left the diner, not before Colleen grabbed Geoff to talk to him, as soon as they walked outside they bumped into Tony and

Rachel, who both asked Geoff the same thing, Nicole could tell her was getting a bit agitated, but he still remained pleasant, they made their way quickly to Irene’s,

Geoff wanted to see her.

When they entered Irene was alone on the sofa, watching some soap on the TV, it was clear she had been crying and by the looks of her for a long while “Irene”

Geoff spoke, she turned her head and smiled, she jumped from the sofa and placed her arms around him sobbing into his shoulder, “It’s okay” he said soothing her

“Are you okay?” she said stepping back to look at him

He nodded “I’m fine, Nic had helped me a lot” he said “How are you doing?” he asked

Irene looked at Nic and smiled “Your back?” she said “I’ve been a mess to be honest, I don’t know what to do with myself, I can come to terms with this” she said

honestly more tears spilling for her eyes

Nic nodded at her “I came back last night, I couldn’t stay away” she said “Irene you will be fine, I know it must be so hard right now, And I have no right to come

into your house and tell you this, but I really do want to help, and you will get over this, Annie loved us all and we need to show her now how strong we can be, it

will be extremely difficult, but we can get through this” she said “Together” she added

Geoff nodded “She’s right, She showed me a whole different side to this, Annie wouldn’t want us to be moping around, it’s so easy to do and it feels like it is all we

can do right now, but we can put a brave face on, for Annie” Geoff said

“I just miss her so much” Irene said

“I know, we all do” Geoff said embracing her once more.

“But you’re right, Annie would kill us if she knew we were getting on like this, we need to be strong and have faith in wherever she is, because she always had faith in everyone and she was never afraid of anything, and no matter what she was going through, that girly always had a smile” she said smiling at the thought of the beaming smile that Annie always wore on her face.

Nic nodded “I never knew how she did it” she giggled a little “I was almost in tears if I even broke a nail, she was an inspiration sometimes” she laughed

“She sure was, it’s good to have you back Nicole” Irene said “I know Annie really missed you, and so did someone else” Irene said looked at Geoff, he blushed a

little “You were always so good to Annie” Irene said with a smile on her face

“She was always so good to me” Nicole said a single tear falling down her cheek “She was my amazing little sister”

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Sorry it has been a while since my last update... got sidetracked every time I tried to update!

Thank you for the wonderful comments! And I hope you enjoy this!

Chapter 15

Nicole left Geoff and Irene to talk, deciding to take a walk down to the beach, something she hadn’t done in a long time. She walked slowly towards the beach not knowing what to think of it now, this was the place she had her heart broken, as she looked out into the waves her heart broke again, thinking of it this was the last place Annie was, in the water she was looking out over, she smiled a little bit knowing how much Annie enjoyed being in the water, she didn’t know exactly where the surfing incident had happened, but she knew it was close to here.

She looked down the beach and saw a familiar blonde boy sitting in the sand, his knees curled up, he was hugging them tightly and his head was laying on the top. He looked broken. She walked slowly towards him not knowing how he would react. “Hi” she said quietly looking down at him, he looked up at her with an expressionless face. She sat down beside him, “Sorry” she said

“For what?” he asked turning to look at her, but only for a second, his gaze moved back down to the sand below him

She shrugged “Everything, and for bothering you now” she said feeling a little unsure what to say, trying not to hurt him anymore than he already was

“Your not bothering me” he said “I guess you heard” He mumbled a little.

She nodded sadly “That’s why I’m back” she shrugged “It’s one way to bring me back here I guess, I thought I’d never be back, It’s not a good way though, how are you?” she asked him, not wanting to, but needing to find out, she probably knew the answer, she thought and cursed herself for asking such a stupid question.

He hugged “I honestly don’t know, I just feel numb. I loved her and I let that happen” he said, he lifted sand in his hand and let it fall back down “I hate myself!”

“Don’t” Nic said “It wasn’t anyone’s fault and it definitely wasn’t yours, it was an accident a horrible one, but Annie wouldn’t want you sitting here mopping, she

would want you to be happy and celebrate her life, Romeo everyone knew you loved her and would never let anything happen to her, please don’t blame yourself”

Nic said placing her hand on his shoulder.

“I can’t help it, I was out there in the water with her and I couldn’t do anything to save her” He said tears escaping his eyes

“We all know that, there was nothing you can do, please just stop beating yourself up, Annie will be looking down on you right now wanting to kill you” she let out a

small laugh “Just try and be strong, for Annie, I know how hard it is, but we can do” she said

He smiled, for what was probably the first since it happened “I really do love her” he said

“I know” Nic smiled and hugged him “How about we go for a swim? To clear our head? Or to just float and think?” she offered

He shook his head immediately “No” he said

“You haven’t been in since?” she asked

He shook his head again, “I get to here and freeze, I want to go in and let the water swallow me and take me to her, but I can’t, my feet won’t let me”

Nic looked at him shock on her face “You want to drown yourself?” she said “Romeo!” she scolded him “Don’t ever talk like that again! Do you know how much

more pain you would cause everyone!” she said her voice full of anger “We all love you! To lose Annie was enough, and believe me if you did get to her, she would

not be happy” She said

Romeo sighed “I know, I’m sorry , I don’t know what I was thinking. It was stupid” he sighed sadly “I couldn’t do it anyway”

“Come on, just come for a swim, Annie will be looking down at you, and smiling for moving on, even if it’s just a tiny step” Nic said standing up offering her hand to


He took it and stood to his feet to join her, she removed her dress and he removed his top, they walked slowly to the water, He stopped at the foot of the water,

she took hold of his hand and they walked in together.

They floated in silence for a bit before Romeo broke it “Have you seen Geoff?” he asked her

“Yeah” she replied

“How is he?”

“Not too bad, well now he isn’t, he’s at Irene’s” she said “I got through to him, like I did with you and let him see a different side to all of this”

“You’ve changed, when did you become so wise?” he asked a tiny laugh in his voice

“When I grew up and learned the world didn’t revolve around me” she said “You have a lot of thinking to do when you have a broken heart”

“I know” he sighed sadly, and they returned to silence.

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So sorry... I haven't been using my own laptop lately... But I have an update now!

So sorry for the wait.. I hope you enjoy this!

This is also the last chapter... Thank you to everyone who had read this and to everyone who has commented... Thank you very much! :)

Chapter 16

The funeral took place in a small local church that Annie and Geoff attended with their grandfather when they were younger, it was just a small service with people who were close to Annie and a few other locals, Nicole had arranged most of it, Geoff only being able to book the church and the Minister as he was too upset at the time to think of any of the rest of the things to do.

The service began and almost everyone in the room was sobbing, the Minister invited Geoff up to say a few words, he looked nervous, but he obliged, Nicole squeezed his hand for a second just as he left his seat.

“Hi” he began not knowing how to start “Annie was loved by many” he said and looked down into the pews the ones who loved her the most were seated here, each one of them smiled a little as they thought of the cheery girl “To some she was just a friend, to others she was family, to one person in particular she was his soulmate, but she was taken away from all of us. Annie was always happy and smiling and she was always there to help anyone who needed her, me included. I loved Annie she was practically the only family I had, and when Irene took us in out family grew, we got a mother and a sister” he looked to Belle and Irene who both smiled.

“Annie loved Irene and Belle, she would always refer to them as he family and to others they would not be able to see we were not all tied by blood, just love” he continued with his speech his eyes now filling with tears and he continued to blink them back. “She always grew so close to everyone she met, Ruby and Nicole quickly becoming her sisters also” he looked down on the two girls as he spoke “I think it’s pretty much safe to say she loved everyone she met, But when she met Romeo her heart expanded and a whole different place of it belonged to him, she really fall for him and everyone could see he felt the same way about Annie, he adored her and showed her all the love she deserved” He smiled down at the now sobbing boy “When this tragic accident happened I did something I should have, I blamed Romeo, but now I see it wasn’t his fault, because he would never have let anything happen to Annie, if he could have I know he would have taken her place in a heartbeat.”

“But that can’t happen, she’s gone, You could say it was too soon, and I would have to agree, she had so much potential for her life, but she’s gone, And she will be looking down on us now and she probably won’t be happy with the amount of tears, but I know we are all sad, but we should be happy about the time we got to spend with her and we should be happy that we even knew her. Annie I love you, and I always will” he said tears falling down his face creating a small pool on the floor.

“Thank you to everyone for coming” he finished and took his seat, there wasn’t a dry eye in the church.

The funeral continued, Annie’s favourite hymn was sung and they showed a photo display of her through years on the screen. At the end Nicole stood up and made her way to the front. “I can’t top what has already been said, but I just wanted to say a few words, When I met Annie my whole life changed, I befriended her to get to her brother, when I was in my em teen days” she laughed a little “But just knowing her and seeing how much of an amazing person she was made me hate myself, I only became friends with her because I had a crush on her brother, but she truly changed me” Nic smiled

“When I did get with Geoff, properly I mean I was a changed person because I knew Annie and we became so close it was just amazing and I really treasured her as a friend, But when I left for the city I made a bad choice, I could have been here spending more time with her, but I never got those last few months with my little sister” Tears fell from her eyes as she spoke, she didn’t bother to wipe them away. “But she brought me back here even after she was gone, And she has made me realise that this is where I want and where I need to be, everything I have is in SummerBay and I never should have left, so I just want to say thank you to Annie Campbell, thank you for being in my life and thank you for showing me where I need to be and looking out for me even when you’re gone” she said “I love you” she took her seat again after that placing her hand in Geoff’s and smiling at him.

The Minister closed the service and everyone made their way out to the grave side, They each put a rose in, when it was Nicole’s turn she opened her bag and pulled out a small teddy with ‘Sister’ on it “Now we both have one” she smiled and dropped it in followed by a rose, a pink one because Nic was always the girly girl in Annie’s eyes always the fashion queen she smiled and made her way back to where the others were standing.

The Minster prayed, each person closed their eyes and thoughts of Annie flooded into their minds.

After the service was over Irene had put on a small tea back at her house for anyone who wanted to come, Nicole and Geoff passed deciding they needed fresh air and a walk instead. They walked along the beach hand in hand in silence none of the feeling it necessary to speak, it was only when they stopped to look at the water when Geoff decided he should speak “When are you going back to the city?” he asked her, although not really wanting to know the answer, but he knew she needed to get back to her life

“I’m not” she said turning to face him

“What?” he asked, checking to see if he was hear things or just hearing what he wanted to hear “You’re not?”

She shook her head, “Did you listen to anything I said, Annie brought me back here and made me realise this is where I need to be, not the city I wanted to be here with my family, My SummerBay family” she smiled and looked up at his face, it was also displaying a large smile, she took a breath and kissed him, it felt right just as she thought it would, like all the things in the past meant nothing anymore “I love you” she said closing her eyes as the kiss continued

Geoff pulled back for a second and looked at her smiling still “I love you too, Annie always had a way of getting people together” he smiled looking up

“She was a little match maker alright” Nic smiled kissing his lips softly once more before burying herself in his arms, they turned around, one of Geoff arms around

Nic’s shoulder and Nic’s arm around his waist and began to walk back along the beach “I should phone mum, and Christian” she said

“Yeah, you should”

“I also need to collect Princess” She laughed “Poor baby has been negleacted”

They both laughed and carried on walking towards their home.


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