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Home and Away: The Kierain Geaney Story

Guest Bobby Forever Missed

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Story Title: Home and Away: The Kierain Geaney Story

Story Type: Long Fic

Main Characters: Kierain Geaney Dan Leitch The Fletchers Alf Ailsa and Roo Stewart Barbara and Celia Stewart Morag Bellingham The Barlows Don Fisher Lance and Martin Dr. Bruce

Genre: General

Does story include spoilers: No

Warnings: Language

BTTB Rating: T

Plot: Kierain Geaney's backstory includes his life in the foster home his Chronic Appendicitis meeting The Fletchers his bond with Pippa and the other Fletchers and people in Summer Bay takes the reader right up to the latest chapter in my other fic "Me and My Friend in Home and Away: The Early Years.

Chapter I: A Thousand Days

“Stay there dear I’ll get you some food and drink” Kindly Miss Molloy said

“Sounds good” 11 year old Kierain replied

It’s November 1981 Wheelchair bound Kierain has been taken into foster care.

“You’ll be sharing with Lynn Davenport” Miss Molloy said handing him a sandwich.

“okay” Kierain replied

Miss Molloy gives him a reassuring smile then exits.

Two girls come in and start teasing Kierain

“haha you can’t walk!” one sneered

“Retard” the second girl added

“LEAVE HIM ALONE!” Lynn Davenport said as she entered

“or what God girl?” the first girl asked meanly

“I’ll get Molloy!” Lynn said

“oooh we’re so scared” the second girl said

The girls walk off

Later at night Kierain’s Chronic Appendicitis goes off (it’s been present since 1980)

“Kierain’s burning up Miss Molloy!” Lynn announced dramatically

“Lynn go get Mr. Pearce!” Miss Molloy instructed

“Where’s the pain Sweetheart?” Miss Molloy asked Kierain

“It’s here on my right!” Kierain screamed

Kierain is taken to hospital but the X rays etc reveal nothing wrong with the Appendix.

“Dammit not again!” Kierain thought

“Don’t worry Sweetie” Miss Molloy smiled

“it’s going to burst one day Miss Molloy” Kierain said

“well when that happens you’ll have plenty of support I promise you that” Miss Molloy replied giving him a hug.

1 week later Kierain is in the home he notices A dark haired man and a blonde haired woman sitting at a table but is too shy to go over to them.

“Kierain we’ll never find you a home at this rate if you keep hiding in here” Miss Molloy said as she entered his room.

“I’m sorry Miss Molloy but I can’t do it what if they don’t like me?

“you’re not giving them a chance Sweetie how can they decide if you keep locking yourself in here?” Miss Molloy asked

“I can’t hack meeting them out there with all the bullies around” Kierain said

“ okay love I’ll work something out” Miss Molloy said as she exited the room.

It’s dinnertime Kierain is yet again being teased

“GO AWAY LEAVE ME ALONE!” Kierain said as he went to his room and slammed the door.

Miss Molloy gives a stern look


Kierain is in his room crying

“I hate this!” he cried to himself.

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Chapter II: Vultures

“ There There Sweetheart” Miss Molloy comforted as she hugged Kierain.

“ Hey who are that man and woman that I keep seeing?” Kierain asked her

“what man and woman sweetheart?” Miss Molloy asked

“I dunno their names but the woman has yellow hair and the man has black hair” Kierain explained

“ oh that’s Tom and Pippa Fletcher” Miss Molloy told him.

“oh good they aren’t my imagination then” Kierain said

Miss Molloy pats his head then exits.

Kierain is in his room at night some boys start teasing him

“Wheelie baby” they chanted

“At least I don’t sleep with my teddy bear!” Kierain retorted

The boys exit

Kierain comes out to dinner later things are better than last night

“Lynn you’re going with The Fletchers tomorrow” Miss Molloy informed her.

“ah cool” Lynn said excitedly

“ah she’s off to bond with an awesome family and I’m stuck in this hole” Kierain thought to himself

Lynn is gone by the time Kierain surfaces the next morning however he runs into a boy called Brian.

“oh it’s you” Brian sneered

“Up yours!” Kierain retorted

Brian nooggies Kierain Kierain hits him with his free hand

“okay, okay uncle, UNCLE!” Brian screamed

“Keep away from me McKnight! Clear?” Kierain said

Brian runs to his mates who refer to him as “Dodge” they go off together

“I better watch out for him” Kierain thought

It’s nearing Christmas 1981 Miss Molloy is putting presents under the tree.

“God bless everyone especially Kierain” she thought

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