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Actor Series - Late Night Entertainment (by luckyrabbit) - comments


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I don't think "awesome" is a strong enough word to describe this fic.

Obviously I'm loving the Chris/Jason "not my boyfriend" stuff, hehehe, but just the stuff with all of them as friends was so cute. Like hanging from the bus railings. And how adorable to think of Jason all curled up on a couch somewhere ^_^

I saw this fic in the forum last night, but I was at a friend's house and about to get drunk, and I didn't want to read it with my attention divided. So now it's the morning after and I have a hang over and limited memories of the night before. Appropriate :P

So where had that bracelet gone now? Jason had probably stolen it. The little bastard.

Love that line :P

Oh! And the stuff about Emily on the Macca's ads, as well as Julia Roberts being her mortal enemy - awesome :D

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:lol: Funny!

"Tammin Sursok!" Nic Bishop shouted at the tv in disbelief. "She's not famous!"
I found that disturbingly funny. And I thought I was a Tammin Fan? :blink:

"That's right! And the only reason people like her is because she has curly hair and a cute smile. I have a cute smile and curly hair!" she said emphatically and Sarah nodded in agreement. "Where's my freaking Academy Award?"

The funniest Lines in the whole Series! :lol: (Off Topic I think Em deserves a 'freakin' Acadamy Award)

Shut up, Nic was a nice touch to the end of the Series :P

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