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Great start Danni! :D

Ben only made a short appearance and I already think he is adorable. :wub:

I wonder what happened to Ruby. :unsure: Why doesn't she want to take care of Callum? Doesn't she realise that her behaviour also affects her mother and stepfather's relationship? And where's Xavier? :unsure: So many questions! :P

Please update soon.

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What happened to Xavier? Is he dead? :( No wonder, Ruby is a mess but she should take care of Callum. He's a part of Xavier too and bonding with him could be exactly what she needs.

Ava made me laugh. :lol: And Ben is the cutest boy ever. :wub:

I'm not liking all the arguments between Charlie and Angelo. <_< I don't know whether kicking Ruby out of the house would be the best idea but things can't go on like this anymore.

More please.

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