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Back To Normal

Guest brady!

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Story Title – Back to normal.

Type of Story – Medium Fic.

Main Characters - Charlie, Ruby, Angelo, Xavier.

BTTB Rating - G

Genre - Romance, Drama, family, hurt, comfort.

Any Spoilers - No

Warnings - None at the moment, but will post at the beginning of each chapter if there are.

Summary – A month after Charlies revelation about being Ruby's mum, Ruby wont communicate with Charlie. But after Ruby is in a terrible accident, Charlie takes her to a center to get better. Will Ruby accept Charlies help.


"The child wasn't born fourteen years ago. It was sixteen years and it wasn't a boy...it was a girl..." Charlie turned to face Ruby, tears streaming down her face, "you're my daughter Ruby."

Ruby kept replaying that memory in her head. That single minute changed her life. Her life changed and so did her attitude towards life. She stopped caring. She became someone she never thought she would become; a person who started to throw her life away.

She moved into Irenes, but hardly never stayed there, instead she went out with an older group. She slept wherever the party was. She didn't speak look or think about Charlie. She just wanted to forget.

Charlie tried and tried but Ruby didn't even acknowledge her. Charlie rang Ruby every day but Ruby never answered. She tried calling around to Irenes but Ruby was never there. When Charlie would see Ruby in the diner or surf club, Ruby instantly walked out of the building. Ross and Morag tried to get Ruby back to normal but every attempt failed.

"Hey Ruby." shouted a 20 year old man when he saw Ruby walking towards them.

"Hey guys, wheres the party at tonight." asked Ruby as one of the guys handed her a drink.

"Abbey Creek." replied one of them.

"OK so what are we waiting for?" smiled Ruby.

Ruby and four others got into a car and started to make there way towards Abbey creek.

"Do you want to come back to mine after the party Ruby?" asked Steve the driver.

"Ya sure." nodded Ruby as she took a gulp from the bottle of vodka in her hand.

"Hey Guys how about we try and make a new world record. 'The fastest journey to Abbey creek." cheered Steve as he began to increase the acceleration.

In a matter of seconds Ruby screamed "Steve look out!" But it was too late, they collided with another car.

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I hate you, I never want to talk to you again!”

Charlie would never forget the last words she heard from her daughters mouth. It had been one month and five days since Ruby spoke to Charlie. Charlie had tried every thing to get Ruby to talk or even listen to her but nothing worked. Charlie didn't want to give up but she knew some day she would. She knew Ruby was going out and skipping school but she didn't know how to make Ruby stop. She thought about counseling but she knew Ruby wouldn't agree.

“Hi Charlie. What will it be?” asked Leah when she saw Charlie coming towards her.

“Just a coffee please.” said Charlie.

Leah gave a smile but Charlie didn't return it. Leah made every attempt to cheer Charlie up since Ruby left but she knew she couldn't fill the void Ruby left. She would sometimes hear Charlie cry but when she asked Charlie about it. Charlie would deny it and leave the house for work. All she did was work since Ruby left.

“So are you doing anything special today?” asked Leah as she handed Charlie the coffee.

“No, just work.” replied Charlie. “Bye Leah.”

“Ok, Bye Charlie I'll see you tonight.”

When Charlie went to work she started by managing the huge pile of paper work. Before she would get one of the younger police officers to do the paper work, but these days she didn't care. Half way through the paper work Watson burst through the office door.

“What is it?” asked Charlie in an angry tone.

“Am am Charlie, senior am...”

“Spit it out will you! I haven't got all day!” shouted Charlie.

“Its Ruby, she was in an accident.” replied Watson.

“What! When? How?” asked Charlie jumping up from her chair.

“I don't know, the hospital just phoned.”

“Look after things here, I have to go.” shouted Charlie as she raced out the door.

When Charlie reached the hospital she found Rachel talking to a nurse in the waiting room.

“Wheres Ruby?” Charlie shouted as she ran towards Rachel.

“Ok Charlie calm down, we're doing our best. Ruby sustained multiple injuries from the car crash. She's in surgery right now.” replied Rachel putting her hands on Charlies shoulders.

“Is she going to be ok?” asked Charlie, tears streaming down her face.

“We're doing all we can.” answered Rachel.

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Hey guys thanks for the comments. this is the last update tonight. im soo tired but anyway here you go!


“Its Ruby, she was in an accident.”

Those seven words kept racing through Charlies head while she paced around the waiting room.

After 2 hours a doctor came through the double doors alongside Rachel. Charlie stood up and rushed over to Rachel.

“Rachel, Is ruby ok?”

“Charlie this is Dr. Andrews he is going to talk to you about Ruby?”

“Hello, Charlie, as Rachel told you I'm Dr. Andrews, I undertook Ruby's surgery today. When she was brought in, she had serious injuries to her right leg. Also she had a bleed in her brain.”

Charlie quickly interrupted him “Tell me she's going to be alright.”

“In surgery we managed to stop the bleed in the brain, it's under control. We tried our best at repairing her leg.”

“She's going to be able to walk again isn't she?” asked Charlie through her sobs.

“I have to take another look, but at this stage it looks like she will have to do intensive hours of rehab to walk properly again.” replied the doctor.

“Can I see her?” asked Charlie

“Yes of course, she is still unconscious but you can sit with her.” replied the doctor.

“Here she is.” smiled the doctor as Charlie and him went through the door of Ruby's room.

Ruby lay on the bed, with an IV drip, breathing tube, feeding tube, and a heart rate monitior around her. She was a shade below white, her eyes were tightly closed and her lips weren't their natural red colour. There was a thick white bandage wrapped around Ruby's head. And her right leg was elevated slightly. Her right leg had a big bandage starting from her ankle making its way up to above her knee. She looked so lifeless.

“I'll leave you alone together, call one of the nurses if you have any problems.” said the doctor as he made his way out the door. Charlie gave a faint smile. She made her way over to Ruby and gave her a kiss on her forehead. She sat down and took her daughters hand and just waited for her to wake up.

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