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Tues 4 May 2010 – Episode # 5067

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” I Knew We Should Have Taken A Left Turn At Albuquerque “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 4 May 2010 – Episode # 5067 ]


Miles gets no response when he knocks on Leah’s back door & window. He is keen for Rabbit to be more specific with what the trouble is – but she insists she can’t. They bail.


When Aden gets off the phone, he tells Justin that the charges against them has been dropped [the DPP have been made ware of their family history etc].

Justin suggest that, with the “cool in a crisis” attitude tat Aden displayed, he’d be great in the Army. Aden soooooooo isn’t keen on that idea.


Colleen tells Miles t Leah & co has headed to the Glenmorgan Caves. Rabbit insists that they have to find them beefer it’s too late. Miles & Rabbit bail.


Elijah tells the schoolkids [incl VJ] the rules bout how to behave etc in the caves.

As the head towards the caves, Brenda [an adult helper, like Leah I take it] comments on how today could be quite stressful. VJ is further encouraged bout the trip when they encounter some people who’ve recently been in the caves [who “talk up” the experience.]


Nicole sooooooooooooo isn’t impressed with Justin – who effectively tells her tat she is holding Aden back. Nicole insists to Justin that when Aden needed someone the most [lat year etc], Nicole was there for him. Nic bails,

Soon after, Aden suggests to Nicole that they should go way for a while in her next holidays. Nicole isn’t so keen on going for longer that a weekend though [with all her studies].

Three’s an awkwardness when Nicole wonders if Aden is happy with his life.


Miles is in his car looking at a map – he looks lost, and Rabbit’s [bugs Bunny impresion and all] “I knew we should have taken the left turn at Albuquerque” doesn’t help. Miles comments once more bout how he wishes that Rabbit’s vision [bout how etc Leah & co are in trouble] was clearer, but she insists that she can’t control what she sees. Miles does a U Turn.


It’s raining, so Elijah, Leah & co are taking cover under some rosk formations – they haven’t reached the caves at yet. A park ranger encounters them 0 tell them the caves are closed, so Elijah & co decide to head back to where there bus is parked [after the rain stops.

When they return to the car park, their bus is GONE [stolen]. Elijah leads the group as they hope to flag down a passing car.


A distracted Nicole bumps into another student. Nicole drops her books when they collide. Liam wonders what’s going on.


After a verbal stoush with Rabbit, Miles agrees with her idea of flipping coin to see whish way to go nest. Rabbit wins – so they go the way she suggested.


Nic tells Lima that she thinks that Aden’s life is directionless – and he’s not passionate bout anything. Nic is worried when Lima suggest that she should ask Aden how he is felling atm – that way she’ll know the sitch.


With a storm about to break, Elijah, Leah, VJ & co enter at unknown barn – to ride out the storm.


Nic is ken to talk to Aden but he’s very tired and just wants to sleep. Nic bails.


Miles is restarted when his car”dies” but when he walk into a nearby field, he sees some ponies – and is intrigued [given what Rabbit had said].

He tries to get into the barn, but it’s locked. He sees that Elijah & co appear to be asleep. There’ some gas tanks beside the barn btw. Miles is finally able to get into tee barn, and wake Elijah & co up. He warns that bout tee gas leak – that caused them to fall asleep.

Once all are outside, Elijah wonders how Miles found them – as Leah & co are in tee middle of nowhere. He tells that that it’s all because of Rabbit. Lea realised that THIS is what Miles was trying to warn them bout days ago!!!!!! Miles looks quite vindicated – as it’s because of Rabbit that these ppl have been saved.



Looks like Rabbit is going to leaves Miles – possibly FOREVER

Aden’s annoyed that people [esp. Nicole] are oft asking is he happy here

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Brenda [cave trip assistant]: purple kinda low cut t/dark long pants


Rabbit: white lacy top – with yellow t beneath


Colleen: dark aqua top/blue & brown tropic themed blouse


Aden: dark [several white sideways squares] t

Aden: white singlet/dark long pants

Cave Fan: red [blue check flannelette shirt/green [unknown motif] t

Elijah: red [white “Abercrombie” logo and 2 tennis racquets] t /dark long pants

Justin: dark t

Justin: grey singlet/dark blue shorts

Leah: light brown [dark floral] top – with white singlet top neath/dark ¾ pants

Liam: dark long pants/white [dark check] button up shirt/leather sleeveless jacket/grey t

Miles: denim jeans/white [brown check] button up shirt

Nicole: SBH uniform

Park Ranger: dark wide brim hat/dark raincoat

VJ: blue primary school button up shirt/dark shorts

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