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Brothers In Arms (by bradyell) - comments


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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek .... it's holiday time!

Two months! Ellen! Although shamefully, it's been a while since I have updated ... oh dear ...

That was an amazing chapter. I must admit, I was sitting here hoping the plane wasn't going to crash ... I was thinking 'She wouldn't so that to us, would she?'

I was really worried you'd write in a bit more drama. Thank goodness you didn't.

& a lovely extended family holiday as well. Love it!

Amazingly written as always & I look forward to more as well.

Well done.

Love Carina xxx :wub:

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Aww! :wub: Just spent the past few hours reading this!

Just a quick comment on previous chapter.

Cant believe that Sean kidnapped her!

Jax is too cute!

Disneyworld! :wub: Aww reminds me of when I went! :wub:

Hope to see more x

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Aden's just.... *sigh* buying everyone balloons. and their villa thing sounds perfect. looking onto a lake! WOW!

“It….it’s…it’s there! The real for really cinerelly’s castle.” Eden whispered.

OMG!!! that was just adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just ^_^:wub:

can't wait for more!!!!!!!

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Wow! Brings back memories when I went.

Obviously being older I preferred the universal theme park & going on the big, scary rides.

But regardless of my age, seeing the castle was magical! I loved it.

& I loved that chapter too!

Aww, it was just so beautifully written & all the children are so excited!

Thank you for the amazing update & as per usual, I look forward to more.

Love Carina xxx :wub:

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<Screams with excitement!> That was so amazing! And the extremely long chapter definitely made up for the gap between the updates too.

It was so perfect, in every way possible. I absolutely adored it. The Adelle interaction was so beautiful. And the family interaction in general was just so amazing.

It was a shame about Sean only getting five years but I'm glad Belle got Aden to see sense that he would never be happy like what they are.

By the way, finishing the goodies before even the trailers are over, is definitely a good thing. I do it too ... at least during the film there's no rustling from you :wink:

Really beautifully written. Absolutely amazing and thank you so much for the sharing the stroy with everyone too!


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