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Fri 23 Apr 2010 – Episode # 5060

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Guardian Angel “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 23 Apr 2010 – Episode # 5060 ]


Angelo & Charlie talk bout what's occurred. Charlie comments that she heard Austin's phoneewhilst they search – and that BOTH Aden & Justin are lookingg etc pretty suspiciouslately..


Aden is annoyed that Justin hasn't changed his clothes as yet, i.e. gotten out of the clothes he was in when they dug up the body. Justin insist ta this is all his faulty. Justin insist Aden insist comments like that are why Justine should do as Aden “suggest”


Rabbit is keen to play chess but miles insist at he has work to do before he goes bask to work morrow. Alf enters as this chat is taking place. After Miles gives a reasonably good excuise as to why he aper to be taklk tyo self, Rabbit commnts ta Miles covered that well.


Angelo & Charlie arrive =- with a warrant to saerch this palce & Justin and Aden's car. Aden lets them the car was stolen when they feel asleep on beach [drunk] last night. When asked, Aden says at he didn't report it as he knew the police wee coming over today.


After Rachel enetrs and says hello, John canlt help bout made a sarcastic coomet bout Tony. After Rachel walks away, John wonders way Gina never goes to diner at his place – esp. since he can mostly cook for himself. Gina eventually agrees to have dinner at his place morrow night.


Marsha is here for diiner – and they are having chops [since Marilyn is in the city]. Once more, Miles has to cover when he responds to comments at Rabbit says.


Angelo asks Aden if he & Justin killed Larry. He also insist that it will be better for them, to confess now. Aden insists that neither of them are responsible. Angelo & Charlie [who'd been talking to Justin] bail.


NEXT DAY – Charlie & Angelo talk bout the case. They're sure tanht justin & Aden arenlt criminal maternminds – and will have slipped up somewhere. They're sure Justin & Aden aren't criminal masterminds – and will have slipped up somewhere. They give handed a forensicsreport – several sourec3es of DNA [hair etc] were found at the grave the police found.


Miles is in a classroom, and Rabbit comments school is boring. Gina hears/sees Miles talking to himself.


When Marsha wonders about Miles, alf tell her he has an imaginary friend.


Gina talk to Miles as they walk the corridors. Rabbit comment Gina is looking at miles same way at Alf did last night. Miles insist to Gina that he has to head to class – an he does so.


Justin is on the phone. When off, he tell Aden tat he's arranged to have abut more time off form et Army [although his boss isn't happy]. Justin is keen to confess bout the murder. Aden thinks its a bad idea – but when justin inist on telling te ploc that and had nting to deo with this, aden insist the aden isnlt worried bojuty himself in this sitch.


Rabbit comment bout how its not a good thing that an English teacher like Miles can't spell [after Miles write in et board “the Quite American” rather than quiet American.

Gina enters and tell Miles she's heard that he was very diatrcted recently in a clas that ibncl xaver. Miles tries to tell Gina at he was talking to himself when she saw him earlier, but she doesn't believe him.


Miles enters and wants a beer. Alf tell him that he can't serve alcohol her until after 4pm. Miles tells Alf at Gina wants him to have a psych assessment. When Alf says that's a goods thing, Miles mockingly calls Alf Michael.

Masrha enetr as miles bails. Alf tell her that miles could loose his job.


After Gina arrives, miles suggest he will have the psych assesment – if all staff do. Gina suspends Miles from teaching – after he tells her that Rabbit is his guardian angel.


Justin wake just as and is heading out. Aden tells him t he is going t talk to Nic. Aden bails.


Angelo & Charlie have a map of te are in front bof them. They talk bout et area that are thinking of search next.

Aden arrives – and tell them at although he didn't kill Larry, he found hte body and buried it. He also move et moved when et police planned to search. Aden insists that he alone is responsible for all this, ie Justin isn't involved at all.



Miles tells Leah & Elijah to stay away form cows & little horses

The police tell Aden & Justin they could be charged with conspiracy to commit murder

sound like Tony & John are ready to rumble

Ruby tells Annie that she is doing the right thing [about Romeo I take it]

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel : green singlet top


Marsha : hot pink [white tropic motifs] t/white short shorts


Rabbit : white [blue floral] dress


Aden ; grey [[dark vert stripes] t

Aden: dark [white kinda alien like motif] t/dark long pants

Alf : brown & white check shirt/bone long pants

Alf : white [blue check] shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Angelo : light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap

Gina : dark [white floral near v neck] elbow sleeves top

Gina : mauve [dark floral] jacket/red top/dark long pants

John : white l/s shirt

Justin : dark t/denim jeans

Justin : grey t/olive green long pants

Justin: dark t/dark long pants

Marsha : dark low cut dress

Miles : dark [white check] shirt/denim jeans

Miles : red [mustard unknown motif] t

Rabbit : white [dark check like] top/red & white skirt

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