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Dieter hopes Golden Mile is Midas touch


ACTOR Dieter Brummer hopes he'll be blessed with the same luck which rubbed off on the stars of the first two instalments of Underbelly, Channel 9's hit ripped from the headlines of true gangland dramas.

Gyton Grantley, who played drug baron Carl Williams in the first series of Underbelly, went on to roles in the multiple award-winning big-screen film Balibo and a role in the critically acclaimed TV series East West 101.

Peter Phelps, who played an anti-corruption investigator in Underbelly 2: A Tale of Two Cities, followed up with a role in the cult Australian road movie Stone Bros and a role in the television drama, Rescue Special Ops.

"Here I am, 30 or so, we'll have to see how it goes," said Brummer, who joined Grantley and Phelps to meet fans at Friday's Jupiters Hotel & Casino at the Star Party hosted by television station Channel 9 and radio station Hot Tomato.

"If audiences like this, if it's well received, well we'll see."

Brummer found fame as a teen playing Summer Bay favourite Shane Parrish in Home and Away. He won two Logies before the character was penned out, dying of blood poisoning in the arms of wife Angel, played by Melissa George.

He famously walked away from acting for a decade as a 19-year-old in pursuit of a normal life.

While George found roles overseas, Brummer all but disappeared from television screens, resurfacing briefly in cult pay TV soapie satire Shark Bay and a TV talent series called Celebrity Circus.

Brummer returns to the small screen in fine style, playing corrupt detective Trevor Haken in Underbelly 3: The Golden Mile.

The new series premieres on April 11.



Dieter defends window cleaning


Dieter Brummer has defended becoming a window cleaner after leaving Home And Away, revealing he wanted real life experience after becoming an actor so young.

The actor was just 15 when he was cast as Shane Parrish in the soap for four years, and though some critics belittled his decision to become a window cleaner when he left in 1996, he insists it is an art in itself.

Dieter told TV Tonight: "People say that I'm just a window cleaner, in reality it's substantially more involved than that - working at heights, it's a relatively specialist trade."

He added: "I just wanted to get a bit of real life experience under my belt, but I'd always intended on coming back to the acting game at some point.

"It was a pretty intense time coming out of high school to receive all this fame and adulation. As great as it was I wanted to prove to myself I could get my hands dirty and sweat for a buck as easily as standing around on set, being primped and preened."

The 33-year-old is now returning to acting as Detective Trevor Haken in the second series of Underbelly, after seeing some of his former Home And Away co-stars make acting comebacks.

Dieter revealed: "I figured Les Hill can do it, Daniel Amalm can do it, and so did quite a few people from the first series I had either worked with or known in the past. I think the Australian public enjoys seeing faces that they might not have seen for a long time. Fingers crossed it does well for those of us who have been around for a while or are rehashing our careers.


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